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Ecig-reviews.net was created by 2 electronic cigarette enthusiasts, Norm and Tony. We are both ex-smokers and have tried everything possible to quit smoking. The only thing that worked for us was e-cigarette. But choosing the right brand at the beginning was a nightmare. There is so much false information out there on the internet. We both tried several brands before we found the ones that were actually useful. By now we have tested dozens of different e-cigarette brands. We are constantly publishing new reviews as well.


  • Jason April 26, 2018 at 4:07 am - Reply

    Stop selling Njoy, they are a rip off, they don’t give half the “puffs’ they advertise, ecigs die after one day of use.

  • Matthew Presland March 21, 2018 at 4:45 pm - Reply

    Hi, I had been smoking from around 16 years old, now for several decades, I had always wanted to give up the smoking but never set a date as I tried once years ago and it was too much for me.
    Last year, my partner tricked me in to visiting a vape shop (she smoked too) whilst on holiday and under protest, I tried vaping. From that day on I continued vaping and gave up the cigarettes.I was amazed how fresher everything was and looking back I cant believe that I actually smoked. My partner quickly went from 6mg to zero but I decided early on to stay on 6mg for as long as it took, no point in putting myself under pressure was the thought, the benefits of vaping were good enough in any case over smoking.

    About 7 months in and I reduced to 3mg and didn’t really notice any difference for about 3 weeks, I am now mixing 3mg with zero and will run on this for a few months. Hopefully by the summer I will go to zero but I am happy to stay on 1.5mg for a year if need be, I will know when I am ready to go to zero and will just reduce to lower or no nicotine on the day it pops in to my head. Also a single drop of 3mg in a tank full of zero for a while is planned before the final nicotine free. I have found vaping to be a miracle in supporting me giving up the cigarettes. I have had about three cigarettes in 7 months whilst vaping but all of those occasions have involved having no vape available, late at night and being drunk, I will never buy a packet of cigarettes again, best of luck.

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