Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

Are Electronic Cigarettes Really A Safe Alternative?

Are e-cigarettes safeEveryone knows that smoking cigarettes in playing Russian roulette with your health, but are electronic cigarettes safe when used as an alternative to tobacco cigs? The dangers of these devices may not be fully known yet, and a cautionary approach may serve the public better than just jumping on the ecig bandwagon. Although, we here at Ecig Reviews have are all fans of e-cigs, as we have personally felt the vitality coming back to our bodies after switching over to the electronic alternatives of smoking. But let’s continue with our short analysis.

Falling Victim To Marketers

Advertising is an absolute science these days and unfortunately, marketers may be intentionally or inadvertently targeting children and non-smokers with enticing ads and flavors that sound like dessert or candy. Caramel, chocolate and mint are just a few examples of the distinct choices offered and could be convincing youngsters and those who have never had an interest in smoking alike. Given this dangerous trend, along with the fact that there is no evidence of harmlessness, marketers may be enticing an entirely new breed and generation of nicotine addicts, as nowadays you can buy e-cigarettes basically from anywhere.

What’s In E-Cigarettes Anyway?

Popularly referred to as “vaping” by those who enjoy electronic smoking, there is a growing opinion that this activity is completely harmless. With ingredients like Tetramethylpyrazine, nitrosamines and good old nicotine itself, it’s virtually impossible to conclude that there is no real danger. Although studies are inconclusive or nonexistent thus far, most health experts agree that no real good is going to come out of using them. Dragging on an electronic smoke for the recommended 3-5 seconds can actually result in the inhalation of liquid nicotine, which is conclusively damaging to your health.

Why Are Some Countries Banning Electronic Cigarettes?

No credible medical group is rushing to endorse these imitation smokes, despite potential advantages to health over normal cigarettes. Additionally, electronic cigarette smoking is believed to contribute to heart problems, causing even greater apprehension about them on a global scale. This has led to countries like Canada implementing a ban on their use until further studies can reveal the true nature of these devices, what role they play in causing illness, and if e-cigarettes really are safe.

Keeping Smokers Hooked

e-cigarettes allowedThe electronic cigarette gives smokers the opportunity to get their nicotine fixes in theaters, restaurants and other places where traditional smoking is prohibited. Many smokers also replace the occasional tobacco cigarette with an ecig and both instances give people the false impression that they are doing something good for themselves. More and more smokers are putting off quitting, believing that this new form of puffing away isn’t hurting them at all. While electronic cigarettes may not be as blatantly dangerous, they are not going to be saving any lives if people continue to use the real thing in conjunction, procrastinating the end of their relationship with the deadly carcinogens. Whereas the benefits of cold turkey quitting are well-established, too many smokers use ecigarettes to nurse their habit along and avoid facing the need to quit.

Although in all probability they are a safer bet than real cigarettes, you need to weigh all of your options after becoming fully educated about electronic cigarettes. Only time will tell if electronic cigarettes are safe and these devices truly do not pose a serious risk to your health, but who wants to find out then? Your best approach may be a good attempt at quitting smoking completely when all evidence is brought to light.

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