Disposable E Cigarette

If you have been reading about e-cigarettes, you probably already know about the 2 popular designs of this device: the two-piece (with the cartomizer) and thee-piece (with the cartridge). Aside from these, there are also disposable or one-piece design e-cigarettes available.

What is the  disposable electronic cigarette?

A disposable electronic cigarette is basically a version of the electronic cigarette which you can use once and dispose off after use. This is most similar to the regular cigarettes that you smoke, which you discard after you are done with them. With that in mind, you might ask, “why not just buy regular cigarettes then, if they are so similar?” The answer is that electronic cigarettes pose less health threats to your body. Disposable electronic cigarettes are also very convenient if you want to try electronic cigarettes first just to see if you’re going to like them.

What are the similarities of and differences between disposable, two-piece and three-piece designs?

Well, for one, they are all electronic, so they are all battery powered. However, you must note that even the different designs from the same brand may not use the same battery. With the disposable electronic cigarettes you cannot re-charge the batteries or replace them with the two-piece or three-piece batteries.

Besides the fact that you cannot recharge the disposable electronic cigarettes like the other designs, there is another great difference - cost. The disposable one cost less than the regular refillable ones. This makes it really good for people who just want to try it out.

Since these are disposable, you cannot refill them with your e-liquids and you have to rely on the prepared solution and flavor on the stick. You have to order the flavor that you want. As with refillable ones, you can easily change atomizers to switch flavor. With this, once it is the set flavor, it would remain that way until the product wears out.

According to many users, disposable and refillable e-cigarettes produce the same sensation and can produce the same flavor as well.

How long will a disposable electronic cigarette last?

One of the best reasons why people purchase disposable electronic cigarettes is because they are really very convenient to use. You can use a single stick, and when it runs out, you simply just take another one to use. One stick usually last for about the same amount of time you consume 20 tobacco sticks (or in other words - as long as one cartridge of e cig lasts). This means if you were on a working day, you can continually use this, and will have it finished by the end of your shift. The vapor remains the same, also the strength while you use, just suddenly it will be out when the batteries dies.

The price of disposable e cigs

In long run it’s not wise to use them, as they will become  more expensive than the 2 or 3 piece ones. But to try it out, it’s not that expensive. You will get Green Smoke’s 6-pack for $57.99, V2 Cigs’ 5-pack for $29.95. However, if you do some research well enough, you will find that there are some brands that offer a one-stick trial version for disposables. This would allow you to test it out and see for yourself whether you like e cigarettes or not.

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