do disposable vapes expire?

Do Disposable Vapes Expire?

When you’re purchasing a disposable vape, you’re probably most concerned with how long your battery will last or how much use you’re going to get out of it before you need to buy another one. However, there’s one question that some may ask if they’re stocking up on vapes or only vape from time to time: do disposable vapes expire? 

Let’s take a look at how long disposable vapes should be expected to last and how to know if yours has finally reached the end of its lifespan. 

expiration date on disposable vapes

Key Takeaways

  • Disposable vapes can last a while, but they don’t last forever. Like any other piece of technology, disposable vapes do have expiration dates that you’ll need to pay attention to. 
  • Disposable vapes expire two years after manufacturers date. This is due to the e-liquid inside of the cartridge or pod, which can go bad if left too long. Keep this in mind when you purchase disposable vapes. 
  • How long disposable vapes last depends entirely on how they’re designed and how you use them. Design elements like e-liquid capacity and wattage and usage factors like draw length and storage can all contribute to a disposable vape’s lifespan. 
  • You can tell that a disposable vape has expired by how it functions, what the e-liquid looks and tastes like, and whether or not you’re getting the same impact and effects that you would if you were drawing from a brand-new disposable vape device. 

Do Disposable Vapes Expire?

Disposable vapes do expire about two years after the manufacturers date. However, they don’t technically go bad like other products. If you purchase a disposable vape, your product will likely have an expiration date listed on the packaging. It’s important to pay attention to this for the many reasons that we’ll list below. 

expired disposable vape

How Long Do Disposable Vapes Last?

Disposable vapes may last longer than a year, but it’s important to note that this depends on a wide range of factors. These include the battery of the vape as well as the vape juice stored in your cartridge or pod. It’s a good rule of thumb to buy products you’re going to use or to only stock up on good deals when you know you’re going to go through your disposable vapes relatively quickly. 

Does the Battery Run Out or the eLiquid?

An issue with the battery running out is within the realm of possibility when it comes to a disposable vape expiring, but it’s highly unlikely that this will happen first. The thing you should be most concerned about when it comes to disposable vapes and expiration dates is your e-liquid expiring. E-liquid is subject to degradation, whether that comes in the form of the flavor and potency starting to go downhill or the ingredients separating and starting to become rancid. Regardless of how the expiration process goes, you likely aren’t going to enjoy inhaling expired e-liquid. 

What Affects How Long Disposable Vapes Last?

Speaking to how long these devices last, it depends on both how you use them and how the device is designed. Here are some of the factors that will play a role in how long your device may last. 

eLiquid Capacity 

Disposable vapes with higher amounts of e-liquid are naturally designed to last longer than those with only a small e-liquid capacity. Consider how frequently you want to purchase disposable vape products and how much use you will get out of them before you commit to any one product.

expiration date on eLiquid 


Some disposable vapes come with battery units that are firmly fixed to your pod or cartridge. Once they’re out, they’re out. Others are detachable, making the disposable part the cartridge or the pod. The latter can be more desirable as you can recharge your battery, but those who are new to vaping might want a whole unit they can throw out once the battery is finished to get a better feel for whether or not they like vaping. 


Devices that use a low wattage use less battery power, extending their lifespan. Vapes that have more modes or presets you can choose from will have a varying lifespan depending on how use them. Think about how wattage will play into your experience when you purchase a disposable vape. 

Puff Count 

Some disposable vapes may give you a solid idea of how many puffs you can get out of your device before the battery runs out and you have to throw your device away. Check to see if the manufacturer has included this information on your disposable vapes so you can better track how much use you’ll get out of your chosen disposable device. 


Are you someone who likes to take long draws, or do you prefer to inhale only a little bit at a time? If you fall into the former category, taking longer draws will naturally wear your battery out faster, leading you to have to replace your disposable vape more often. 


Improperly storing your device in areas that are damp or way too hot for the unit to handle could easily cause the device to malfunction or fail to work entirely. Store your device properly regardless of if you plan on leaving it at home or taking it along with you. If you leave it in extreme heat or cold for too long, your vape may have auto-firing issues. This is where your vape keeps working and blowing out vapor without you taking a puff.

How to Know Your Disposable Vape is Expired

If you don’t hit your vape for a while or if you have one tucked away that you are just now getting to, there are signs that your vape is no longer any good. Here are a few ways to know that your disposable vape is expired. 

Burnt eLiquid Taste 

If your e-liquid has a burnt taste to it (something that’s not supposed to happen with disposable vapes), this is a major sign that something is off. Replace your disposable vape device or disposable vape battery.

Burnt Coil

One of the first signs of an expired or old disposable vape has a burnt taste. It tastes really bad and will make you gag, if not wanting to take another hit for an hour. It tastes like burnt popcorn. 

Check Packaging 

The best way to tell if your vape has expired is to check the packaging for an expiration date. If it’s past this date, it might still be good to hit, but keep in mind that the flavor or potency can be off even if there are no signs that something is wrong. 

Bad Smell or Flavor

Vapes are designed to feature enjoyable flavors that both taste good and smell great once you exhale them. If that smell or flavor is off, you could be vaping expired e-liquid, which is hardly a desirable experience. 

Weak Hits

Weak hits can point to an issue with the vape juice and with the device itself. If you’re used to stronger hits from your device and there’s no clear issue like a clogged mouthpiece, this could be an indication that your vape has officially passed its expiration date. 

Discoloration of the eLiquid 

E-liquid can go bad, and the first sign that it’s no longer good is a discoloration of the liquid, which may indicate that it’s now rancid. If you’ve noticed that something has visibly changed in the cartridge or pod of your disposable vape, don’t vape from it. 

Disposable vapes expire like anything else, but it’s nice to have a better idea of how long you might have before they do and what you can expect to see if you pick up a disposable vape that’s no longer good. Use this guide to keep tabs on the status of your disposable vape and plan ahead if you like to buy disposable vape products in bulk. 


Can I Use an Expired Disposable Vape?

The answer is, it depends. A vape that has only just expired may still be usable, although the ingredients and the flavors of your vape may be starting to degrade. However, some vapes have rotten e-liquids and other issues that can result in a very undesirable vaping experience. Make sure to inspect your product before you decide to take a hit once it expires. 

What to Do When Your Disposable Vape Dies?

If your disposable vape dies, it’s time to get a new one! If you have a unit where the e-liquid chamber and the battery are fused together, you’ll have to get an entirely new unit. If you have a unit where your pod or your cartridge is replaceable, you can simply buy new ones and continue using your rechargeable battery until it dies. 

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