What Is Boost Mode / Turbo Mode on Disposable Vapes?

What Is Boost Mode / Turbo Mode on Disposable Vapes?

Today’s disposable vapes come packed with a host of exciting features that make it easier to customize your experience. Whether you’re a fan of flavor, clouds, or a blend of the two, you can generally find a way to make it so that your vape does exactly what you want.

One such mode that you might find on your disposable vape is a turbo mode or boost mode. But what is this, how does it function, and why or why shouldn’t you use it? Let’s take a closer look at this enhanced mode to better understand what it is before you go switch your vape presets. 

turbo mode boost mode on disposable vapes

Key Takeaways

  • Many modern vapes offer another setting known as turbo mode or boost mode. 
  • Turbo mode or boost mode is a mode that can be activated on the vape to ramp up the amount of power that’s sent to the coils inside of your disposable device. 
  • When more power is introduced to the coils, it can result in much bigger cloud production and stronger flavors, which is attractive to many disposable vape users for whom the experience of vaping is just as important as the compounds in their vape juice. 
  • Keep in mind that turbo mode or boost mode can come with some disadvantages, like draining your battery faster or decreased puff count. 

What Is Turbo Mode / Boost Mode on Disposable Vapes?

Turbo mode or boost mode on disposable vapes is essentially a more powerful setting that allows vape users to enhance their vape sessions. Whereas some disposable vapes have only one setting that dictates the vapor production and flavor experience, disposable vapes with a turbo mode or boost mode can do even more, offering something different for those who may not be fans of traditional settings. 

How Does Boost Mode Work? 

Boost mode or turbo mode typically works by pressing a button on the vape in order to switch presets. Once this is done, pressing and holding the button or inhaling to activate the vape results in more power being used, which creates stronger hits for those who enjoy them. Boost mode will vary between some devices. For example, some reportedly change their airflow in response to activating boost mode rather than the user having to modify the airflow settings themselves. 

If boost mode or turbo mode is something you’re specifically looking for in a disposable vape, make it a point to research your options and see what different vapes offer in terms of turbo mode or boost mode. You might find that you prefer one vape over another based on this feature alone. 

regular mode 11 watts vs turbo mode 22 watts

Features of Turbo Mode?

So, what exactly defines turbo mode? Let’s take a look at some of the characteristics that make this so popular with many fans of disposable vapes. 

Increase Power Output

The increased power output is what gives turbo mode or boost mode its power. When you activate it, they will then heat up both coils (these vapes need to have coils that are capable of heating to such a degree without dying or failing early) to really get the vapor production going. Just keep in mind that there are pros and cons to increased power output that you will need to consider prior to activating it. 

Bigger Vapor

Is your current vape preset not giving you enough vapor? A lot of people are fans of big clouds, which is why having a turbo mode or a boost mode can be more desirable on a disposable vape. When you activate it, you get much more vapor per hit, allowing you to get the most out of your disposable vape. 

Powerful Flavor 

Continuing with the above point, turbo mode or boost mode on a disposable vape isn’t just designed to improve how big your clouds are. Since you’re getting bigger hits with each draw, you’re also getting more flavorful hits. The only time this may not be true is if the disposable vape was poorly manufactured (causing the coils to start burning and affecting the taste) or if your airflow is adjusted in such a way that you’re not getting your hits the way you like them. 

Not everyone vapes the same way, so why should devices be built for only one type of vape user? Boost mode and turbo mode give you the ability to increase the power being sent to your coils so that you can get more powerful hits, bigger clouds, and stronger flavors each time you take a draw from your vape. Just make sure to consider the pros and cons that accompany this additional preset on your disposable vapes, and do your research to know that the vape you’ve selected is designed with you in mind. 


Does Boost Mode Give Me Less Puffs?

Yes, boost mode or turbo mode comes with the disadvantage of draining your battery faster. Even if you have a rechargeable battery and a disposable pod or cartridge, you’re going to run out of vape juice long before other users will. Let’s say, for example, that you have a disposable vape with 18,000 puffs like the ELUX Cyberover. If you decide to turn turbo mode on each time you vape, you’re likely cutting your total puff count in half. This can impact how much nicotine you’re getting per hit (if applicable) and how soon you’ll need to replace your device. Consider how boost mode might impact your experience before you start using it. 

Does Rage Mode Affect Your eJuices Flavor?

A common question that’s asked in regards to increased vapor production is whether or not it affects flavor. While flavor might be affected to some degree, most disposable vape manufacturers take this into account and try to design their vapes so that flavor isn’t compromised when more power is introduced to the coils. Take a close look at user reviews for disposable vapes with turbo modes to see what consumers have to say about what the flavor is like and if the manufacturers strike the perfect balance between massive clouds and solid flavors.

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