Why Does My Disposable Vape Taste Burnt?

Why Does My Disposable Vape Taste Burnt?

Disposable vapes are supposed to provide a convenient vaping experience for those who don’t want to have to hassle without worrying about a plethora of features and continued maintenance. But while disposable vapes can streamline the vaping experience, they can still come with their fair share of issues. One issue that you might encounter while you’re vaping is a burnt taste. But what does this mean, how does it happen, and what can you do about it?

Here’s what you need to know about your disposable vape if your vape juice suddenly taste like it’s burnt. 

burnt coil on an elf bar bc5000

Key Takeaways

  • Disposable vapes can taste burnt when there are issues like burnt coils, low levels of e-liquid, or overheating due to overuse or something wrong with the battery itself. 
  • If you notice that your disposable vape tastes burnt, take some time to look over everything from the build of the device to how you use it in order to determine why you’re getting a burnt flavor. 
  • A disposable vape that keeps producing a burnt flavor may be fixed by letting it rest or letting the e-liquid settle at the bottom of the cart or pod. 
  • You can avoid burning in your disposable vape by buying high-quality products, taking your vape sessions slow, charging your device correctly, and priming your coil before you get started. 

Why Does My Disposable Vape Taste Burnt?

If your disposable vape tastes burnt, it means that there’s something going on with the heating element that’s making it so your e-liquid ends up tasting much more bitter. That being said, there are multiple causes that could be the culprit behind this taste. Here’s why your vape might be burning. 

reasons why my disposable vape tastes burnt

Burnt Coil

Have you been using your device for a while? If so, you might be dealing with a burnt coil. When you first start using your disposable vape, your coil is ready to go, heating up and burning the vapor perfectly. However, over time, your coil’s quality becomes compromised with continuous use and with the buildup of debris on it.

This can cause a burnt taste when you go to hit your vape. Unfortunately, not much can be done about a burnt coil. You’ll have to either replace the whole unit (if the cart or pod is firmly attached to the battery) or get a new cart or pod for your rechargeable battery. 

Not Enough eLiquid

Are you nearing the end of your disposable vape’s puff count? This could be a major cause behind a burnt flavor coming out of your vape. All vapes require the coil’s wick to be saturated in vape juice. After all, it’s the heating of this liquid that allows you to take hits out of your vape. If your e-liquid is so low that it doesn’t fully immerse the coil, your coil is likely burning without properly vaporizing the e-liquid, resulting in burnt vapors and flavors with every hit. 


Overheating is another potential issue that many with disposable vapes don’t know about until they encounter it as overheating can cause a host of issues for these types of devices. Some of the reasons a vape may overheat are because you take continuous, rapid hits from your vape that cause your coils to overheat, because you’re charging it improperly, or because you’re using a device that’s either faulty or is a black market device that wasn’t manufactured correctly. 

Regardless of why your device is overheating, this increase in power can cause the wick and e-liquid to burn, resulting in undesirable hits that continue to occur until you fix the underlying issue. 

vape burnt flavor

What To Do If Your Vape Tastes Burnt?

If your vape tastes burnt, it’s important to take a moment to consider all of the potential issues that could be contributing to the burnt e-liquid you keep vaping. Let’s walk through a list of questions to ask yourself if you find yourself hitting a vape that doesn’t seem to be giving you the right flavor and vapor output. 

Where Did You Buy Your Vape?

Did you buy your vape from a reputable vape shop or online vendor? Or, did you get your vape from a source where the origins are dubious? If you purchase vapes from someone you can’t trust, the quality and construction of the vape could be compromised (although this may happen very rarely with trustworthy vape devices too).

How Do You Treat Your Vape?

Are you someone who keeps your vape upright in a cool, dry place? Do you make sure it’s not introduced to extreme heat or crushed by other objects? How you treat your vape plays a role in its quality, especially as it pertains to the battery, which can contribute to overheating. 

burnt vape coil

How Long Have You Been Using Your Vape?

Is your vape brand new? If so, it could be an issue that may be related to the build of the vape or your use of it. If not, a vape that’s near the end of its life may just be producing burnt flavors because it’s time to buy a new cart or pod. 

What Does Your Vaping Process Look Like?

Those who slowly enjoy their vapes rather than chain vaping are going to encounter substantially fewer issues with burnt flavors. If you tend to hit your vape often and a lot each session, keep in mind that this could be the driving factor behind why your vape tastes burnt. 

    If it’s necessary to replace it, it might be time to get a new disposable vape. That being said, there might be some things you can do to fix your vape so you don’t have to go out and purchase another one just yet. 

    How to Fix a Disposable Vape That Tastes Burnt?

    There may be some ways you can fix your vape if it tastes burnt. Here are a few fixes worth trying out yourself. 

    how to prevent your vape coil being burnt

    Clean the Mouthpiece 

    A clogged mouthpiece can lead to you trying to take longer hits in order to get more vapor. This leads to you having to activate your vape more, which can overheat the coil and cause burning. If you tend to put your vape in your pocket or in a bag where it can get stuffed up with lint and other debris, check and clean your mouthpiece for proper airflow. 

    Let it Sit Up Straight for 2 Hours 

    Vape juices will move depending on the orientation of your vaporizer. If your vape is constantly on its side and is low on e-juice, it could be moving away from the coil and sitting right against the glass of your pod or cart. Let it sit straight up for a few hours so it collects at the bottom and coats the coil again. 

    Tips on Preventing Burnt Hits 

    The best strategy to navigate burnt hits is one centered around prevention. Here’s how you can greatly reduce the chances you encounter burnt flavors in your disposable vape. 

    Take Less Hits

    Only take as many hits as you need to get the effects you want, and never take a ton of hits in quick succession. The more you keep heating your coil in the same vape session, the higher the likelihood that your hits will taste burnt. Take fewer hits to keep the experience enjoyable. 

    Don’t Overcharge 

    It’s important that you don’t overcharge your vape. At the very least, this can cause your battery life to dwindle much faster, requiring you to replace your unit much sooner than you should. At worst, it causes overheating and even puts you at risk should the battery explode. 

    Buy Legit Vapes

    There are plenty of high-quality disposable vape manufacturers out there. Don’t buy black market vapes or vapes from unknown manufacturers. These may come with major defects that result in burnt coils and other issues you may run into from the moment you start hitting your vape. 

    Prime Your Coil 

    It’s important to not immediately go to town on your disposable vape as you need to prime your coil, which could be another contributor to burnt vapors when you pull your vape out of the box. Give things time to heat up by taking a few puffs without inhaling so that way you can get your vape started. After this, you may notice that the burnt taste is gone and that the vape tastes like it should. 

    Disposable vapes can taste burnt too, although it can be a bit more frustrating with these units since you can’t take your vape apart so easily or replace parts to improve the experience. If you’re running into burnt flavors, use this comprehensive guide to find the cause and figure out what you can do next to effectively deal with it. 

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