E Cigarette Free Trials: Are They Worth Your Time?

A lot of people would like to switch from regular cigarettes to e-cigarettes due to health issues. However, some of them are not really sure if this move would work for them. The one thing that they want to avoid is to lose money while trying to figure this out. “What if I spend hundreds of dollars on one e-cigarette and it turned out that it’s something that I do not want?” If this is one question hanging over your head, you maybe have thought if there are free trials of e cigs available. Well, yes there are, but you need to be very careful with those. As you know, nothing is free. They will offer something for free if they can charge you more later.

More and more companies are now producing and selling e-cigarettes. Due to stiff competition, these companies are always looking for ways on how they can entice more people to buy from them. One of their most common strategies is giving our free trial to potential clients. Some offer disposable e-cigarettes. If you just want to try out an e cig, we would strongly suggest you to get yourself a disposable one. It costs a bit (but much less than a regular ecig), but you can be sure you won’t be scammed. By taking advantage of the disposable one, you’ll know if this is something that you’re going to like without putting too much of your money on the line.

If you are still convinced you would like to get a free trial, our word of caution: Not all companies offering free trial are trustworthy. Right now, there are a lot of stories about identity theft online. Some scammers would offer you free trial in exchange of your personal information. You don’t need to worry if they’ll just ask you for your name and shipping address. But if they ask for billing or credit card information, email address and password, and other important info, you should be worried. Other signs that would raise a red flag are the following: the company is asking for huge shipping and handling fee, and if they’re asking for “security bond” that they’ll refund if you’re not completely satisfied with the free trial. Also, you should be suspicious if they don’t have a phone number or physical address.

When getting yourself a free trial e cigarette, it is vital to read the whole agreement very carefully. It is a common practice that in very small letters it is written that just the first month is free and then you will be automatically billed (insane amounts of money) every month.

The key here is knowing when the offer is legit. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Another thing that you can do is to research the company that offers free trial. Most often, other people have already done business with the same company and you’ll learn from their experience and stories. For example on our site you can read how unhappy the customers are with the free trial offers from Royal Blues and Smoke Assist. Although you would want to get a free e-cigarette, you would want to safeguard your personal information first. As long as you’re not being asked for something very sensitive, you can go ahead.

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