E-Cigarette Batteries: How to Choose

When it comes to picking a battery for your e-cigarette, it can be damn hard work. Once you have already established that you will be buying e-liquid, it’s a case of finding the right e-cig and this, unfortunately, means picking the right battery for you.

V2 CigsV2 Cigs, for example, offer the Long V2 Battery for $22.95 and with an approximate 300+ puffs per battery charge, it is okay to be impressed. When we tried the battery, we did indeed find that it lasted us from 8am in the morning when we woke up, through our working 9/10am-6pm day, puffing approximately a few times per hour when we took a cheeky break in the office, through our chain-puffing lunch break, and right through until we went to bed that night at around midnight. We put it on charge overnight so we aren’t sure if it would have lasted right through until the next morning, but it’s still a pretty impressive battery. It does take a whopping 4 hours to charge, and occasionally found that it was even longer than that, so an overnight job is definitely necessary.

See, the V2 Long battery is great for constant usage throughout the day but it’s a really long battery. Measuring in at a whopping 11cm, 14cm if you include the cartridge, it is very much like smoking a magic wand. We often found that we sacrificed the long battery for the medium sized ones during the day to make it easier to get away with a few sneaky puffs so it might be worth considering getting this one for home use.

That’s the thing about the batteries with your e-cigarettes; it is all very good and well looking for the longest lasting battery you can find but you need to remember that this will mean that the battery is often longer in length too. Do you want to be smoking a small magic wand?

There are a few important things that you do need to remember when choosing the right battery or brand of battery for your e-cigarette usage:

  • Quality – the battery is going to be the thing that keeps your e-cig going. It will provide you with the vapor, the taste, the throat hit and the experience so the wrong battery is going to mean a poor e-smoking experience. If the battery feels cheaply made, there is a good chance that you will have a bad experience with it.
  • 2 or 3 piece design – there are pros and cons for both sides of the debate but it would appear that the 2 piece designs are a lot easier to deal with in everyday life.
  • Manual or automatic – the ones with the button (manual) generally help to ensure that you don’t waste battery life. It only turns on and becomes active when you press the button. Some of us found that we kept forgetting to press the button as we were smoking, therefore getting nothing from the inhale. Others within our team preferred the button. This is a personal preference thing.
  • Charging options – there are a lot of ways that you can charge your e-cig battery and you should make sure that the brand you are using is going to give you the best option. There are USB chargers, mains chargers, car chargers, charging cases, straight USB chargers, squid USB chargers… the list is almost endless. The squid charger offered by White Cloud gave you the option to charge more than one battery at a time, and also meant that it wasn’t sticking right out of the USB port on the computer or laptop. There has been plenty of times that I have personally been sat at my desk, tapping away and I move my chair slightly, hit the USB charger that was in the front of the computer tower in the bottom half of the desk, and broken the charger. It’s a very frustrating experience. Thankfully, the new squid style charger ensures that the battery falls down vertically, rather than sticking out horizontally. Especially with longer length batteries such as those offered by V2 Cigs.
  • USB cigarettes – these are worth getting if you spend a lot of time at a computer and you find yourself chain-puffing as you are tapping away and working hard. I like to puff away on the e-cigarette that I am reviewing; it helps me to remember everything I loved and loathed about each e-cig. The e-cig means that I can be charging my other e-cigs that I will need to use when I am out and about, but I can still have the USB e-cig plugged in, ready for me to puff away on it as and when I need to.
  • Compatibility – it is very wise to remember that not all chargers work with all batteries, and not all cartridges are compatible with all batteries also. Recently we have reviewed Green Smoke, V2 Cigs, Vapor Couture and Blu Cigs and not one of them were compatible with the others. There is always something different about each and every one that makes them incompatible with each other. Always make sure that your cartridges will be compatible with your battery.
  • Warranty – always make sure that you read the warranty of the company that you are buying your e-cigarette batteries from. Some companies offer a very odd version of a “Lifetime Warranty” and when you look at the prices of the batteries to buy, you will find that replacing them can be costly if the warranty should fall through. It is also wise to remember that using e-liquid with some companies will void the warranty. The terms and conditions, although boring, are always helpful to read to make sure that you get the bigger picture.
  • Maintenance – you should remember that all electronics will require some sort of maintenance in order to function properly, and with the e-cig, there is no exception. Failing to preserve the battery you have purchased will just make it a total waste of money. You should always ensure that you let the battery cool down for a few moments when you have puffed hard on it for around 8-10 puffs. Also, you should be sure to keep it away from anything magnetic as this could cause the internal components of the e-cig to malfunction. These are the basics to maintain your e-cig but there are some companies that require you to do more with theirs. Again, always read the small print.

Hopefully this will have made life easier for you when it comes to buying new e-cigarette batteries. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, and always shop around and read our reviews before you buy. We do the hard work so you don’t have to be disappointed.

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