E Cigarette Safety

E-cigarettes, just like other electronic gadgets, can pose harm to users when not handled properly. For example, if the device falls and if the cartridge breaks, it can harm the environment, pets and also your children. If batteries are not handled correctly, they could even explode in your mouth. Well, this incident has actually happened just once in the e cig history. :)

But in addition, there’s no proper way to dispose electronic cigarettes as of this time, which is not very environment friendly.

It all starts when you buy the product

Practicing safety and exercising caution should start when you have decided to buy an e-cigarette. Right now, there are different manufacturers and sellers that you can choose from. It’s important that you do not make the price the sole determining factor, as cheap tag prices are usually associated with low quality materials. For your own safety, go with brands that have been around for years and those that have lots of loyal fans (for example Green Smoke, White Cloud, V2 Cigs). Research the web and get a list of most trusted brand names. Although they can get a bit pricey compared to other e-cigarettes available online, you can be assured that they’re safe and more durable.

What do I when the package arrives?

First of all, keep receipts or any records of purchase in a safe place. Just like with your any other purchases, you’ll need proof of purchase for warranties and in case you’re not happy with the product. Keep the company’s address, their phone number, and their website address, if there’s any.

Check the package and everything that comes with it once it arrived. You would want to make sure that there aren’t any leaks. Also, inspect the charger and see if it’s working properly. Next, check the cartomizers and cartridges. Again, you do not want leaks on these. In case of leaks, carefully wrap them in a piece of paper or plastic to prevent any more liquid from coming out. Do this away from the children and make sure the liquid won’t get in your mouth or eyes.

Next, check the attached batteries. These are the most important part of the device. The batteries lithium ion batteries which are generally sturdy, but they can be a bit dangerous as well. Make sure there are no leaks before you use them.
Lithuim ion batteries can be very sensitive. Make sure you do not open your package in a room with very hot temperature. They are also prone to explosion or burning, so make sure you have no flammable materials at hand.
Do a general check on the device. If it seems like nothing is unusual, then it is safe to use it.

Things to look out for when using your e-cigarette

Once you’re sure that everything is okay, you can proceed and use the device. Notice if it gets too hot when you turn it on. If it does, it is a sign that the lithium batteries are faulty and must be replaced. Stop using it, as overheating batteries have the potential to explode. Check also if the cartridges have no holes or leak as this can cause problems when the liquid gets into your mouth (could irritate the skin).

It is important not to overcharge the batteries. They will last much longer if you always remove the battery from the charger as soon as it is charged. Don’t leave the battery in the charger for a longer period than 10 hours.

Most importantly, read the instruction manual that comes with the package. In here, you’ll find complete information about your new e-cigarette. You’ll get a how-to guide with images on how to assemble the device and how to change battery. In the manual you will also find information about what you should look out for your own safety. You’ll also find the company name, address, and phone number should you have question or should you need assistance.

Keep in mind that each electronic cigarette brand or kit is different from one another. If you happen to purchase a new and different brand or even just a different kit of electronic cigarette, read the included user manual. As they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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