E Cigarette Starter Kits: What Would You Expect To Get

Your E-Cigarette Starter Kits: What You Would Expect To Get

E-cigarette (or electronic cigarette) is the single, most efficient way to satisfy your urge to smoke without putting yourself and your health at risk. If it is your habit to smoke but you are worried about the harmful effects that smoking brings, using an e-cigarette as a substitute is highly recommended. It has the same effect as smoking a regular cigarette but it is free from any harmful substances. You’ll also be happy to know that unlike a regular stick, e-cigarette wouldn’t stain your teeth and make your smile unsightly.

What do you need to use an e-cigarette?

Interested to trade your regular cigarette? Well, to start using e-cigarette, you will need a starter kit. This includes all the things you would need like your chargers and batteries. The starter kit also contains materials that you would need to replace over time such as the cartridges or cartomizers.

Generally, the following items are included in the starter kit:

  • Batteries. E-cigarettes are battery-operated. While some kits come with just one battery, there are those that contain 2 or even more. These are rechargeable so you don’t need to think about replacing them every now and then. Depending on what you want, you can get the manual or automatic batteries. Although automatic batteries are much more hassle-free, manual batteries let you control the amount of vapour you get.
  • Cartomizers. Most people who start using e-cigarette start with just cartridge + atomizer until they realize that refilling their cartridge with e-liquid every so often is just too much hassle. This is where cartomizer becomes useful. This is an atomizer + cartridge device that is directly connect to the battery. It’s very convenient especially if you’re going to drive or if you’re just too busy to squeeze in e-liquid refilling into your schedule.
  • Charger. Just like other portable power units, e-cigarette is powered by lithium-ion rechargeable battery. This is the largest component of the product and it usually contains electronic airflow sensor. Batteries are charged with the charger included in the kit that can be used on AC outlet, as USB for your computer, or on your car.
  • User manual. All electronic products come with user manual and e-cigarette is no exemption. This contains useful information on how to properly use the device, how to change cartridges and refill e-liquid, etc. Carefully read and understand everything written here and you’ll enjoy the full benefits that your e-cigarette can offer.

Getting started with e-cigarettes is one of the best things that you can do to avoid the harmful effect of regular smoking.  Getting your first kit is easy as this product is widely available on specific retail stores and over the internet. Just make sure that before you place your order, you know exactly what you want. Are you going with atomizer + cartridge device or do you prefer getting cartomizers? Whatever it is you choose, you’ll never lose. You’ll still get to smoke without putting your health on the line!

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