Electronic Cigarette Liquid

Your electronic cigarette either comes with a pre-filled cartridge (cartomizer) that you need to replace every now and then or a separate atomizer and cartridge, which you have to refill yourself. But did you ever wonder what the contents of these containers might be? Read on to find out.

The liquids in you pre-packed cartridges or refill liquids are called under a variety of names (for example e-juice, e-liquid, or nicotine solution). The ingredients are common – 1) vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol, 2) nicotine, 3) flavorings. Propylene glycol is commonly used in medicine, cosmetics and food processing; this is why many people are afraid to use it, although it has been approved by FDA. For example one of the leading brands, Green Smoke uses propylene glycol in their juice. Vegetable glycerin seems more natural, but the taste is a bit different, and some users don’t like that taste that much. Blu Cigs’ juice is based on glycerin.

What are the flavors?

There are loads of flavors available. Generally electronic cigarette has a bit different taste than the regular cigarette stick has. It’s smoother. Most common flavors are tobacco and menthol, which are used by all of the brands.

There are also flavors that are derived from food. These include coffee, vanilla, chocolate, and even fruit flavors like strawberry and orange. There are even exotic flavors like Boston crème pie.

Some manufacturers and developers of electronic cigarette liquids also tried creating flavors close to cigarette brand names like Marlboro (V2 Cig’s Red for example). This can attract people who are very loyal to the brands because of the taste.

What is a nicotine solution?

Liquids also contain nicotine. Nicotine is the addicting property in a cigarette stick that makes it hard to quit smoking. You can still get your daily fix of nicotine with the electronic cigarette. If you want to quit smoking, but finding it hard to do so, switching to electronic cigarettes and using nicotine liquids would be a start.

You can quit the nicotine addiction via electronic cigarette smoking. This is because you can control your nicotine solution levels. The varying levels make it possible for the smoker to adjust until you have absolutely zero nicotine in your electronic cigarette.

What are the types of nicotine solutions?

  • Extra-high. The nicotine concentration is around 24-36 mg per ml.
  • High. High dosages contain around 18-22 mg of nicotine per ml.
  • Medium. The dosage corresponds to around 10-17 mg per ml.
  • Low. This is the lowest level before zero and it contains around 6-9 mg of nicotine per ml.

This is not a standardized chart. Manufacturers differ from one another on what they consider high and low, so it is always best to check the nicotine solution you are buying to correspond with the amount of nicotine you want to consume.

How do you buy these solutions or flavors?

If you are using a cartomizer, you would be purchasing these solutions and flavors in pre-filled cartridges. The advantage is that if you are bored of one cartridge, you can proceed to the next one. If you are using a three-piece design, you will buy these liquids in small 10-20 milligram bottles that have a dropper. You take the dropper bottle and refill your cartridge by dropping a bit of the liquid into the cartridge. Most of the users agree that the pre-filled cartridges are much more convenient and hassle-free. But the three-piece design is a bit cheaper on the other hand.

Electronic cigarette liquids make smoking an adventure. With the number of flavors to choose from, you can try as many as you want, or you can still stick to the classic tobacco or menthol flavors.

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