Everything You Need to Know About Variable Voltage Batteries

Every day, something new and different seems to be coming along in the electronic cigarette and vaping industry, and one of the newest technologies to reach our hands (and our mouths) is the variable voltage battery, otherwise known as the variable wattage battery.

Just as the name suggests, the voltage on your battery is variable, normally through a button that would allow you to set it. It sounds like a pretty pointless feature to have, but let’s take a closer look.

The variable voltage could be a game-changer…

You know when you wake up first thing in the morning and your breath doesn’t smell great, your face doesn’t look great, and your mouth tastes like the inside of your own shoe? Before you’ve woken up, well before I’ve *properly* woken up, I don’t like a really strong vaping experience. Just like when I smoked, I never really liked a strong cigarette first thing in the morning. However, with regular cigarettes, you don’t have the option of switching things up like you do with their electronic counterparts… Just another benefit that works in their favor, of course.

With a variable voltage battery, you have the option of turning down the power so that you get a much smoother, softer smoke. With the V2 Cigs Pro Series 7 for example, you have the option to choose either 3.7v, 4.2v, or 4.7v. The smaller the volt number, the lesser your vape will be.

On the other hand, after dinner in the evenings, I like a good, strong hit from my electronic cigarette - one that mimics that really enjoyable cigarette after a full plateful of food. That’s why I love the V2 Cigs Pro Series 7 - the 3.7v works for the morning vape, the 4.2v works for the daytime vape, and the 4.7v is perfect for my after-dinner vape.

Not just good for changing the voltage (and therefore your vaping experience), the button with the three voltages also gives you different temperature options, making it also great for things like loose leaf tobacco, and even wax.

You see, variable voltage batteries are opening the way for a brand new way of smoking.

These VV batteries let you completely customize your smoking / vaping experience, and even makes it even easier than ever to use your vaping gadget when you are out and about. I know that I sometimes get some hassle for using my electronic cigarettes in places where you wouldn’t normally be allowed to smoke, so by turning down the voltage, I can turn down the throat hit AND vapor, making things much more discreet. The fact that the Series 7 doesn’t look anything like an actual cigarette, and most variable voltage batteries don’t, certainly helps.

There are a few things you’ll need to know before you start diving right into the variable voltage scene. Firstly, when you turn the temperature (or voltage) up on your e-cig, you’ll be pushing a higher temperature through the coil and heating elements of your device. This means that the higher voltages will generally go through not only your e-liquid quicker, but also the coils too, if they are replaceable. This is why I would always advise to change the voltages up - stick with the medium or low ones until you go for the higher options only when you need to.

When you are a beginner to the world of vaping, things like variable voltages couldn’t be further from your mind but honestly, I would say that these clever batteries will change the way you think about vaping. When you first start using it for example; quitting the ‘regular’ cigarettes entirely, you’re going to want a strong hit - something that really get you through your nicotine cravings. This is when I would suggest going for the higher voltage. When you are starting to move down the e-liquid strengths to quit and ‘wean’ yourself away from the habit entirely, I would suggest moving down a voltage level. Not just good for customizing your smoking habit, the variable voltage battery could even help you to quit!

There are a number of brands now offering variable voltages, and the V2 Cigs Pro Series 7 is just one example. You may also want to check out the Halo Triton Tank which comes with a variable voltage range of 3.3 to 4.8 volts. The VaporFi Pro also offers a variable voltage option with a whopping 1100mAh capacity too!

The moral of this story is that the e-cigarette brands themselves are jumping on the variable voltage battery, and maybe it’s time you took a closer look too…?

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