Finding the Best Vape Mod With Today's Selection

One type of electronic cigarette is the a very popular style called a "mod". They get the title of “mods” from the earlier models of vapes that were hacked and modified from items such as flashlights cases, which were then fitted to accommodate an atomizer and battery letting the user have greater control over vapor production. Now, mods have become a class of their own in the vaporizer world, breaking away from the larger and clunkier styles from the early years of vaping and evolving into a massive array of shapes, designs, and allowing for greater customization. Finding the best vape mod for your style is getting easier and easier thanks to this category of vaping growing in popularity.

Vape Mods came into existence because some vapor enthusiasts wanted more power and heavier hits from their vaporizer. More power translates into larger clouds and an increase in flavor in the vapor. As this technology has improved, features which were only possible for an electrician are now at any one's disposal, and at a much safer cost.
One reason these models are becoming so popular and replacing smaller vape pens is the increased safety and ease of use of vape mods. Mods have caught up with larger devices regarding the maximum power they can produce and the better quality of vapor they can make. They are also now being made with more control features for tailor-making your vapor experience.

The four main types of MODs

  1. Vape Mods. These units have regulated circuits, extended battery charge life, great vapor and flavor production, and they are safer than mechanical mods. Many times, these mods have the shape of a tube or thick pen
  2. Box mods. These devices are similar in design to vape mods, but they are square or rectangular in shape. Box mods are a highly customizable style of vaporizers, and give the user the greatest control. Box mods can have one, two and in extreme cases, up to three batteries in one mod.
  3. Vaporizers for Herbs. These are specially designed for loose herb or tobacco products and are called "herbal vaporizers". These typically focus on temperature control and non-combustion.
  4. Mechanical mods are unregulated (just a on/off switch, no power regulation) devices which usually lack controls. They are the largest of vaporizers and they require technical expertise to build and use.

The production of vapor clouds generated by a mod is larger than with other kinds of e-cigarettes. Heavy tobacco smokers like these models because they have bigger tanks for the e-juice, better battery life, and more vapor production than e-go type e-cigarettes.

Mod type vaporizers come with cartomizers, clearomizers, tank, and an atomizer which sits on top of the battery. Mod vaporizers have features like rebuildable drip atomizers (RDAs). Many also allow for variable wattage and voltage adjustment, and even temperature control so you can pick just the right temperature for the flavor you want.

Voltages start at about 3 volts and are then adjustable in .1 volt increments up to about 6 volts maximum. Variable wattage types can range from 3 watts all the way up to 50 watts. Less wattage means less draw of power from the battery. This effects the temperature in the atomizer/heating element, but this is also a factor of the resistance level of the cartomizer.

The biggest plus of a vape mod is the element of control you have over how the device heats. You can also check the battery life and the resistance level of the coil. Resistance is measured in Ohms. Different cartomizers available on the market have differing resistance levels. There are both low resistance (LR) models which produce more vapor and high resistance (HR) models which produce a more mellow vapor quality. A more popular way this is described is LR falling under the category of “sub-ohm” vaping.

When resistance goes down, the heating element can get hotter. For example, an LR atomizer will produce a higher temperature at 3 volts than an HR atomizer at 3 volts. This puts you in control of setting the perfect range of voltage and heat for whatever e-liquid you are vaporizing.

You can lower the voltage on a mod and still produce a high temperature from the heating element, if you have an LR cartomizer. But, doing this can cause the e-juice to develop a burned flavor and it can burn out the heating element more quickly than using an LR at a higher voltage.

If you are still looking for the best vape mod for the best electronic cigarette experience, a mod vaporizer could be just what you are in need of. They are not always the most attractive devices (they can be a bit fat and ugly) but those who use them say they are worth it anyway, because they produce a vapor that rivals analog cigarette smoke.

Here are features to look for when you are out finding the best vape mod for yourself:

  • • Adjustable volts and wattage,
  • • LED display screen for reading the battery life and wattage selection,
  • • Extended battery life which will keep you going for many vaping sessions before you need a recharge,
  • • Detachable battery for charging
  • • Temperature controllability

Vape Mods are perfect for heavy ex-smokers. These are the devices of choice for anyone who wants the power of a mechanical mod without all the hassle. These are the heavy-hitters that will give you the throat hit you need for staying off of tobacco. They also produce bigger and better vapor clouds than other types of vape pens. Big batteries make them last long while they are giving you the satisfying vapor experience you want.

Finding the best vape mod experience is easy when you get a starter kit. Starter kits come with everything you need, and they often even contain a sample of e-juice. If you already have a tank, invest in the mod by itself as the majority of vape mods (tube and box styles) use the same 510 connection and are compatible with a wide array of ejuice tanks.

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