How Do Electronic Cigarettes Work?

The electronic cigarette is a revolutionary breakthrough technology that allows people to smoke without putting themselves and their health at risk. The use of such device instead of a regular smoke can greatly reduce the risk of lung problems and related conditions. But what is the genius behind this great piece of technology?

How does the electronic cigarette work?

The electronic cigarette is powered by a lithium ion battery that is rechargeable. The nicotine cartridges serve as reservoirs for the nicotine solution. There are different flavors you can find in the cartridges. The nicotine solution usually based on propylene glycol, which is the key ingredient used in medicine, cosmetics and even food.

At the end of an electronic cigarette, you would usually find a colored LED light, that imitates the cigarette end. It indicates whether the device is on or off. The cartridges can be refilled or replaced as needed.

Electronic cigarettes work almost the same as regular ones. When you “smoke” (or “vape” to be more precise), you inhale the water vapor and then blow it out, just like the normal cigarette (except for the odour and taste). Vapor is the result of the atomizer/vaporizer being activated. The mechanism comes in contact with the e-liquid, and is heated using a series of coils, producing the vapor. The heat is just enough to produce vapor, but not to heat the device. When the user draws, the electronic cigarette lights up at the end. When the user is not using it, there is no light. In fact, no smoke at all is generated when the device is not used, not like when you place the regular cigarette on the ash tray.

What is the difference between the two-piece and three-piece design?

The two-piece design has the atomizer and nicotine refill cartridge combined. This is commonly called the cartomizer. With this type of electronic cigarette design the user has to replace the cartomizer when it becomes empty. One cartomizer is usually equivalent to one pack of regular cigarettes. The good thing about this type of design is that you can easily take the cartomizer off and replace it with another one. For instance, if you do not feel like using the regular nicotine-filled cartridge, and would like a strawberry-flavored one, simply unscrew the cartomizer, and screw in the cartomizer with the preferred flavor. It is not possible to refill the cartridges. This is why users of the two-piece design have to buy new replacement cartridges after they have worn out.

Interested in refilling instead? The three-piece design contains three parts – the battery, the atomizer and the cartridge. The battery is connected to the atomizer. The atomizer can be screwed or pushed to fit the cartridge. This type of design is not that convenient, but it gives more possibilities for playing around with the e-juice (different types of juice can be used, juices can be mixed up). After the cartridge becomes empty, you don’t have to buy another cartridge but can refill the cartridge with the e-liquid instead. Like the cartomizer though, it is advised you replace the cartridge every 6-12 weeks. Usually the 3-piece design is a bit cheaper. The drawback of this design is that it is not that convenient.

Do electronic cigarettes contain nicotine?

Yes, they do. If you wish to go healthier, the good news is that nicotine levels can be controlled, and strength levels can be adjusted. You can start with a higher level of nicotine and slowly reduce it. Finally you are most likely able to vape the non-nicotine cartridges.

Electronic cigarettes work quite simply. If you still doubt that you can easily use it, you can read the instructional manual included in all your starter kits. Try this revolutionary innovation now!


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