Best E Cigs - Top Seven Brands

When people are about to buy electronic cigarette, the first thing that they check out are the popular brand names that have impressive track record in the industry. These brand names have grown a large following and known how to offer high quality e-cigarettes that give you 100% satisfaction. This is why, buying from these companies always means peace of mind.

Below are the 7 e-cigarette brands that are worth checking out:

V2 Cigs

V2 Cigs is continuously rising to the top of the lists of many consumers. Their designs are very sleek. There are currently six different versions of their starter kit, which is the main selling point of the brand. Consumers love the idea that they can choose from these versions based on their preference and budget.

V2 Cigs are only available in two-piece design (cartomizer). There are about 13 flavor options and you can choose the strength level of these flavors. Another good thing about the V2 Cigs is that with some kits they have a battery pack of three. With three batteries, your electronic cigarette can last longer. Customers also find that the customer service of V2 Cigs to be superb. They attend to your needs in a timely manner and the support staff is courteous.

V2 Cigs tag prices vary depending on the type of e-cigarettes and accessories that you want to buy. The starter kit price starts from $24.95  to $149.95. Cartridges retail for $1.99 each. Shipping fee is usually $5 to $6. Disposables are also available for the price of $24.95 (3-pack).  They also offer a variety of coupons that you can check out in order to save from your purchase.

White Cloud

White Cloud is one of the most expensive brands in the electronic cigarette market as they’re known to use the highest, best quality materials so you can be assured that you get exactly what you pay for.

White Cloud cigarettes are made of sturdy metal that protects the inside of the device so your electronic cigarette would be protected to last a really long time. The look/design is very classy. Because of its sturdy material, even if you misplace your e-cigarette and drop it or step on it, the device would still come out in one piece.

Many people liked the fact that White Cloud cigarettes charge really fast.  The fast charging does not equate to fast battery drainage. In fact, it can last very long. A lot of people also liked the full vapor and cartridges that last a long time. There are also 8 flavors to choose from.

The price ranges from $189.95 to $289.95 which is quite expensive compare to other e-cigarettes available in the market but it’s worth the investment. Cartridges retail for $3.99. Cartridges last about 2 packs of regular cigarette. The company ships for free. There is also coupons available that give you free chargers. If you are looking to invest in an e-cigarette that would last a long time, White Cloud is your perfect match.


Premium offers one of the most affordable tag prices for their high quality e-cigarettes. Unlike other brands,  they do not invest too much in their advertising campaign but they have a loyal fan base. Word-of-mouth advertising is basically their way of getting the word out about their business and products.

Many people liked the batteries of Premiums as they can last up to four hours and would not wear out until you had about 300 charges. The vapor produced by the brand is good enough, but many admit that it is not as good as the more expensive brands. They offer 20 different flavors.

The price starts from $29.95 to $119.95 so they’ll definitely have something for you no matter how small your budget maybe. Cartridges retail for $2.50 each and they last one pack or 200 puffs.  The shipping fee is also free and there are also a coupons for this brand.

South Beach Smoke

South Beach is one of the most affordable electronic cigarette brands on the market. The brand features two and three-piece designs. The design looks incredibly similar to a normal cigarette.

The vapor produced by the electronic cigarette is good but some customers find the volume too thin. However, the taste is excellent. There are only five flavors to choose from but all flavors are highly raved about because of their great taste.

The best thing about South Beach is their value for money. All kits have a $100 gift card included, regardless of what kit you purchase. They also provide a lifetime warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee, if you feel it’s not the brand for you.

Prices start from $29.99 to $144.99. Cartridges retail for $3.99 each and are equal to one pack of cigarettes. Shipping is free. Coupons are also available.

Safe Cig

Safe Cig is one of the most consistent brands in the market. It is quite limited with only three starter kit types and ten flavors to choose from. But all these kits and flavors are of rather good quality. Many customers really like the versatility of all the kits. Prices are also reasonable.

The device from this brand is quite compact, with only 5 ½ cm in length, so it is ideal when you’re travelling.

Price ranges from $69.95 for the starter kit to $137.95 for the starter kit deluxe. Cartridges are priced at $2.50 each and they say you can have about 400 puffs with them. Shipping is free, and coupons are available.

Pure Cigs

This is one of the latest brands in the market. They are supposedly very similar to the V2 Cigs brand but a bit cheaper.

Many people liked that the batteries of Pure Cigs last a really long time compared to more popular brands. There are five flavors of e-liquids to choose from. The flavors are great and the vapor density is also quite good.

Price ranges from $19.99 to $79.99. The cartridges are sold at $2.50 each and they last up to about 2-3 packs of regular cigarettes. Shipping is not standard and it varies with location. Coupons are available.

Green Smoke

Green Smoke is by far the most popular brand out of all the electronic cigarettes in the market. They are consistent when it comes to releasing new products with good quality.

Green Smoke is popular for producing a good amount of vapour. It also looks really similar to a regular cigarette. Many consumers also like the fact that each cartridge come with a new atomizer, so your atomizer never wears out in time. The flavor selection is not very wide, as Green Smoke only offer about 7 flavors. Nonetheless, the flavors are all super. The deliciousness of the flavors is one of the reasons why there are so many Green Smoke users out there.

Green Smoke kits are priced from $9.99 to $59.90. While it is more expensive than many starter kits from other brands, the consistency of the product makes up for your money. They also offer a money back guarantee in the case you did not find satisfaction in using the kit. Cartridges retail at $2.95. And one cartridge lasts much longer that other brands. The shipping is free and there are always coupons.


There are still a lot of other brands being offered in the market. When selecting for your e-cigarette, consider the kind of results you want, as well as the budget you have. You can also try the brands with a money back guarantee if you wish, so you can get the electronic cigarettes for testing out. Remember to also read reviews across the web so you can find out the experiences of other smokers.



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