Best E Liquids - Top Three

There are many things you should pay attention to when buying your first e cigarette kit. E-liquid (also called e-juice) is one of them. With the 2-piece e cig design (pre-filled cartomizers) it is really important to pick a brand that has great juice, as you cannot switch the cartomizers to another brand. But in this article we are talking about juice for the three-piece e cigs. With the 3-piece design you will have a cartridge that you must refill regularily. Many of the starter kits already have some e-juice included. However, if you still want to try a variety of flavors and brands, there are a lot of choices out there.

Here are 3 of the best e-liquids available today. This is in random order. Although, it is not guaranteed that you will like them all, as each person’s preference about the e-juice varies.

Pink Spot

Pink Spot flavors are considered one of the best by many users. They are known for concocting lots of flavors. Over the years, they have created several gourmets, cocktail, sweets, fruits, and many other food flavors. They also have over ten signature e-cigarettes flavors to choose from.

The best thing about pink spot is that they offer their customers a six-pack sample package where they can choose the flavors they want to include. If you are hesitant about a certain flavor, and do not want to waste your money on buying the full size, you should definitely try the sample pack. With this, you would be able to identify which flavors appeal to you the most.

Aside from wide variety of flavors, the company also pride themselves in providing great customer service. If you have been a long-time customer, they will occasionally send you free samples of their new products.

Johnson Creek

Johnson Creek has some of the best flavors for e-juice. Although their flavors are not as many as Pink Spot, they have some of the best classic flavors that many people love. They have a variety of fruit-based, spice-based, and food-based flavors. Their Tennessee cured, French Vanilla, Arctic Menthol, Espresso and Black Cherry are some of their most popular flavors.

Like Pink Spot, they offer a sample pack. The only difference is that the sample pack contains 10 flavors.

Vapor4Life (also known as V4L)

V4L is not only known for their vapors, but also for their electronic cigarettes. If you are using this brand, it is best that you that you stick with their flavors.

They have over 60 varieties of flavors you can choose from. Some examples are coffee, desserts, fruit, menthol, and original tobacco juices. They also have a number of cocktail and tea based juices. There is also a category called nobacco, which is a hybrid of tobacco and a food-based flavor. Some of their best sellers include their premium nobacco juice (hazelnut and tobacco), apple cinnamon cranberry, apple kiwi, and banana. There are certainly a lot of flavors that you could choose from, and they have a mix of your favorite flavor with the classic tobacco taste.

Unlike Pink Spot and Johnson Creek though, V4L does not provide a sample pack.

There are still loads of other brands out there that sell good quality e-juice. People like different aspects of the juice, some like flavor, some like throat sensation. The best advice would be just to try out several brands, as you have to feel the juice “hit” yourself.

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