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Blu electronic cigarettes have gone through some great changes lately. They have abandoned their 3-part design (now just 2 parts) and changed their e-juice for a safer one (they are using a USP grade glycerin in their US made juice, not a mix of glycerin and propylene glycol, which is a controversial substance used by most other brands). But, some users don't like this taste. So, rather try it out on a disposable one before buying the starter kit. Also, you might need to buy more carts, as these don't last as long as with competing brands. Read on the blu cigs review to understand the product better. Although, there are 5 other e-cig brands rated better than Blu Cigs on our site. 

  • Starter Kit Price: $69.95 to $89.95
  • Cartridge Price: $12.00 a 5-pack (buy 4 five packs, get each for the price of $ 9.60)
  • Flavors: 5 (Classic Tobacco, Menthol, Java Jolt, Cherry, Vanilla)
  • Nicotine level: 4 (up to 16mg)
  • Bonus code: currently not available

Product Description

Blu has been one of the leading brands in the e cig market for a long time already. But from the beginning of 2011 they starter making some really big changes with their e cigs. Their new 2-part design produces a great amount of vapor and the batteries quite last long. But the best thing is that they pay a lot of attention to the juice quality. They produce their juice 100% in the US. They are not using propylene glycol in their ingredients, which is stated to be a controversial substance, instead the USP grade glycerin is used. Although, from the negative side - some users don't like the taste of blu's juice.

The Blu Cigs cartridges are patented for their design to produce more and a consistent amount of smoke-like vapour throughout use. There are also 4 great flavors which are unique to Blu and which are produced in the States, using American ingredients (Johnson Creek). You can choose from the cartridge strengths as per your liking, from a range of Full-flavoured cigarettes to the Non-Nicotine cigarettes. The Full flavoured cartridge has 16mg of nicotine, the Light has 12mg, while the Ultra Light has 8mg. A single Blu Cigs cartridge can match up to a whole pack of the regular cigarettes. But here's another negative side - other brands (like Green Smoke and V2 Cigs) have longer lasting carts. With Blu, you might run out of juice quite fast.

The Blu Cigs batteries are also uniquely designed for a longer-lasting life. These are available in white and black. Also, the plastic used in the product is environmentally friendly.

Blu has 3 starter kits available:

  • Original Starter Kit ($69.95)
  • Premium Starter Kit ($79.95) - includes Social Features*, 2 mini batteries
  • Premium100 Starter Kit ($89.95) - includes Social Features*, 2 large batteries

*Social Features: When some other user of blu cigs will be within 50 feet, the pack starts to vibrate and logo lights up, which is a great ice-breaking opportunity. No other e cigarette brand has such a cool feature.

Blu has also disposables available. A 4-pack costs $39.95. These are great for the first time users.

The Original Blu Cigs Starter Kit consists of 5 cartridges, an electronic battery along with a spare one, and a portable USB charger as well as a wall charger. You can choose cartridge strength as per your personal smoking trends.

There are new models of Blu Cigs packs available - with a black or white matte finish. These can hold 5 cartridges and a battery, so when you are away from you charger, you have always a fresh battery or new cartridge when you need it.

The product is popular among smokers since it is economical and doesn’t need a big investment at the start. The best aspect of Blu Cigs is that it comes with a battery that can even be charged on the move. Every battery has a good capacity of 6 recharges. The product also stands out from its contemporaries due to the blue LED device, unlike the Red LED device that can make other cigarettes look exactly like the real thing. The LED also acts as a battery alert.

Finally, since it provides spare parts on most of its components, a single kit of Blu Cigs can last you longer. They also provide free shipping on all orders.

Warranty: One Year and a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

If you have already tried blu cigs, please do submit your own blu cigs review below.


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