EGO Electronic Cigarette

The EGO electronic cigarettes are manufactured and produced by Joyetech. Popularly known to e-cigarette smokers as “Joye”, the company prides itself for being the inventor of several top designs of this device. Several critics agree that Joye is one of the top innovators in this industry.

EGO is a brand series from Joye. Several types of this kind of line exist and the most obvious difference is the size of the device. Many consumers are convinced that Joye’s electronic cigarettes are the best. Because of this, a lot of their competitors have been trying to copy their designs. Their cigarettes are known for good vapour production, long battery life, and for their durability.

What are the types of EGO electronic cigarettes?

1. EGO-Tank (EGO-T)

The EGO-T is one of the most acclaimed models from the EGO series. The tank system of the e-cigarette can hold up to 1.2 ml of e-liquid. There is no absorbent material where the juice is stored. You can see the juice floating in the tank, and it passes directly to the atomizer. The starter kit of EGO-T contains one atomizer and five TANK cartridges.

2. EGO-W

This brand is called EGO-W because of the clear glass window strip it has on its body. The window allows you to see the liquid levels. The EGO-W also looks more like a pen than a cigarette.

3. EGO E-cigarette

This one is handy, compact, and it has longer battery life compared to average e-cigarettes. This is most recommended for people who frequently travel and for those who do not want the hassle of bringing around a large kit. It’s neat, complete, and sleek.

4. EGO-C

The EGO-C version is almost the same as the EGO-Tank version except that it features a modded version. The atomizers can be easily replaced, and it has the same Tank system. It is very popular for its no leak design.

5. E-cigarette 510

This is one of the basic models for e-cigarettes. It is a manual cigarette that requires a button to be pushed in order for it to work.

6. E-cigarette 901

It is almost the same as the 510 model, except that it looks more like a natural cigar than the 510. 510 models usually come in black.

There are also MEGA models for each of the models in the series. The models in this series usually are longer or bigger, and they carry the MEGA-EGO battery line.

Most of the models carried by Joye are available in various colors, mostly black, white and stainless versions. The starter kits usually contain a 10ml e-juice in regular tobacco flavor.

Each time Joye releases a new EGO design, many users find that it is more improved than the previous models. In the past, some of the models disappointed consumers because of the faulty design. Some of them had leaks and the designs are not convenient nor attractive. However, as time goes by, Joye designs are becoming more and more innovative.

The electronic cigarettes from this brand are also known to be cheap. Compared to competitive brands, a full starter kit which has all the things you need, cost much less.



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