Emist Cigs

Emist ReviewEMIST cigs claim that they do not have the overhead that most companies have so they can offer the best price for their two piece electronic cigarettes. Read on the Emist Cigs review to see if this is a suitable company for you.

  • Starter Kit Price: $59.99 (the "Classic" kit)
  • Cartridge Price: Cartomizer $4.95 per 5 pack
  • Flavors:Tobacco, Menthol, Mint, Rum, Apple, Clove, Mango, Cohiba, Red Cow
  • Nicotine level:11mg, 16mg, 24mg
  • Free trial: Not available
  • Bonus code: EMIST001 - to get a 15% discount

Emist Cigs have recently changed their owners and they are now offering their two piece e cigarettes for just $59.99. The "Classic" kit includes 2 batteries, 6 cartomizers, 1 wall charger, 1 usb adapter and 1 car charger. Emist Cigs have 9 flavors to cloose from and the nicotine level goes up to 24mg, which is quite a lot.

With one cartridge you should get around 400 puffs, which is equal to 2 packs of regular cigarettes. The battery is quite strong as well - 280 mAh.

The lenght of the Emist electronic cigarette is around 3 inches.

Warranty: 30 day money back guarantee

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