Halo G6

As you may have seen, we already took a peek at the Halo Triton Tank and we felt it would only be fair if we gave it’s smaller brother, the G6, a shot too. Did it turn out as happy as the Triton fairytale? Let’s take a closer look in the Halo G6 e-cigarette review!

Halo make a lot of promises with their G6 model of two-piece electronic cigarettes. They promise to give you Anti-Burn Filler Technology in the cartridges to ensure that you don’t ever face that terrifying burning taste that you know will turn your stomach. They also promise an enhanced battery life. Finally, they offer a smooth vapor. Excited to find out after having such a good time with the Halo Triton Tank, we ordered our little starter kit and patiently (or not so) waited for it to arrive…

Halo G6 Starter Kit

Looking at it, you’d expect this starter kit to have a hefty price tag attached but its actually not as bad as you first may have thought. The kit is only $44.99 and you really do get a lot of bang for your buck - it’s filled to the brim with stuff!

Halo G6 Starter Kit - Jet Black

There’s two batteries. Then there’s a five pack of pre-filled cartridges. There’s the USB charger. There’s also a wall charger too. And it’s all neatly packaged together in a gift box-style container that even doubles up as a handy case.

Price-wise, it hold its weight against some of the biggest and best names in the e-cig industry.


You get to choose from one of two batteries in the Halo G6 starter kit - 78mm and 65mm. Both are available in manual and automatic varieties which made everyone in our team very happy.

We went with Jet Black for our kit, but there are a whole host of options to choose from. Just take a peek at these beauties:

Halo G6 Starter Kits

If you wanted to add more batteries to your order, you can choose from the same colors that the starter kits are available in, and you also have another size available too:

  • 65mm (Mini)
  • 78mm (Standard)
  • 102mm (XL)
  • The batteries are $12.99 which again, won’t break the bank, but for the XL one, you will need to add another $1 to the price. 

I got the 78mm batteries in my kit and I’ll be honest, they are decent enough. There has only been one or two guys in our team that have resorted to buying the XL battery… As a generalisation, most of us have found that the standard one works just nicely. It lasts for the majority of the day, and when we go to charge it up at night, we switch to the second battery and put the first one on charge. There has only been a couple of times where I have been caught short but luckily, I’ve still got the Halo Triton Tank to fall back on should I need it.

The enhanced battery system they promised seems to have done the trick quite nicely! 

Cartridge Refills

There are nine flavors available in the cartridge refills - Turkish Tobacco, Malibu, Tribeca, Prime15, Belgian Cocoa, Torque56, Menthol ICE, HX3 and SubZero.

These come in four strengths - 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg. The highest one is comparable to most ‘regular’ cigarettes although it wasn’t long before I dropped down to 18mg. The flavors are really great in the cartridges, and just as with the Triton Tank, the Belgian Cocoa soon became a clear favorite within our office.

I’d say that one cartridge would probably last you for about a third of your regular day. It’s not quite enough to see you through the whole day, but you’re not really using up two cartridges in a day, if that makes sense. This isn’t actually that bad - most other e-cigarettes that we’ve tried with pre-filled cartridges come in at around the two-per-day mark so this is a massive improvement. Perhaps it’s to do with all that smart technology they've got on side?

At $9.99 for 5 cartridges, they are pretty reasonably priced, and bottles of e-liquid won’t break the bank either. Why not have a peek at the Halo Triton Tank review for more information on those. I wouldn’t want to repeat myself! :)

Halo G6 E-Liquid - Belgian Cocoa

The good thing about Halo is that they offer miniature tanks with their two-piece design batteries giving you the best of both worlds. The helpful little cone that you get with the larger tank style e-cigarette also means that you can use the cartridges and mini-tanks from the G6 with the Triton tank too. This means that you have more ways to save money as you can mix and match between the two - the charger works for both the G6 and the Triton e-cigs.

We all loved the mini-tanks, although the rubber-stopper lid was a bit of a concern at first. You don’t need to unscrew the top, it’s just a rubber stopper-type so we felt that it might easily pop out in a pocket or handbag but so far, no problems seem to have arisen… It’s actually a very well built e-cigarette!

Oh and just so you know - the anti-burn technology they promised you appears to have worked…. We haven’t experience burning tastes with any of the Halo G6 kit we’ve used!

Throat Hit & Vapor

I’ll be honest, I was perfectly happy with the Halo G6 and the amount of throat hit and vapor it produced. It wasn’t too much and at times, I almost wished there were more. I think there’s a fine line and if there had been any less vapor, it wouldn’t have been good enough for me. Perhaps it’s that smooth flowing vapor technology working just as it should be! ;)

The throat hit with the 24mg cartridges was pretty decent enough for me and as I mentioned earlier, it wasn’t long before I hopped down to the 18mg strength which I found much easier on the throat… and lungs!

In Conclusion…

With free shipping on orders over $75, I would suggest buying one of each kit if you can afford it. That’s what one of the guys in our team ended up doing and he’s never looked back. With the exception of buying a couple of new mini-tanks and blank cartridges for the G6 model, he hasn’t had to replace a single battery as he alternates between the two Triton batteries and the two G6 batteries, and aside from a couple of bottles of e-liquid, that initial upfront cost for the two kits is the only thing he has needed to pay out for in almost six months!!!

The Halo range of e-cigarettes, both the Triton tank and the G6 models included, have proved themselves to be reasonably priced, reliably built, a pleasure to smoke, and with great flavors too. The interchangeable accessories make it one of the most affordable ways to quit smoking by using electronic cigarettes, and not one person in our office had a bad word to say about either of the two kit that we bought.

It wouldn’t be fair of us to rate the Halo G6 e-cigarettes anything less than 5 stars out of 5! 

Worth every penny you’ll pay for it!

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