Halo Triton Tank

Halo has 2 awesome products - the Triton, which is a tank-style electronic cigarette and the G6, which is the cig-a-like. In this review we are talking about the tank style personal vaporizer we ordered and tried out.

It seems that tank style personal vaporizers are all the rage these days so we went with that one first out of the range on the website. The Halo Triton Tank is an impressive sounding bit of kit and in all honesty, the website was pretty impressive too. There’s a decent range on a simple to use website, and with good word of mouth, it seems that Halo Cigs can do no wrong…

Halo Triton Tank Starter Kit

I went with Jet Black although there are a whole bunch of colors available. There’s Iridescence, Yellow Jacket, Electric Lime, Emerald Green, Deep Purple, Princess Pink, Titanium, Midnight Blue, Demon Red and even Mocha…. One for all the family, your friends and more!

At $64.99, it’s definitely not the most expensive tank-style e-cig we’ve come across and one thing stands out above everything else here… Finally! There are two batteries in the starter kit!

One tank battery will see you through the day if you make a smart purchase and use it wisely, but with two batteries, things will last a lot longer and your life will be a lot easier. On top of those two batteries you’ll also get 2 tanks, a cone to make it interchangeable with the Halo G6 cartridges and tank-minis, a wall charger, USB charger, and a super awesome case that is small enough to throw in your bag or in the car, but big enough to carry everything you need!


You can choose from either 400mah or 650mah in the starter kit, but there are 900mah and 1300mah options available too. They start at $15.99 and go all the way up to $19.99 with the 1300mah beast being the most expensive.

Batteries available at Halo Batteries available at Halo[/caption]

Price-wise, Halo are already some of the greatest value for money e-cigarette companies we’ve found so far.

I went with the 650mah battery for my starter kits, and I found that this relatively small in size design was packed full of energy. One battery was enough to last me all day from about 7am when I first started using the ecig, right through until about 2/3pm in the afternoon when I wasn’t at work. When I was working and was only using the e-cig intermittently, I found that it lasted me right through until about 5/6pm and sometimes even later. I can only imagine how long the bigger battery capacities will last! Maybe we need to give them a shot and find out!

Did I mention the nice and simple 60 day warranty on the battery too?


The Halo Triton tanks are transparent but still come in a range of funky colors - red, purple, blue, green, yellow, smoke, and clear. These replacement tanks will cost you $6.99, and you can also get replacement tips and coils too.

The more ‘bits and pieces’ you can buy, the cheaper your e-cig will end up being. Instead of replacing the entire e-cig when it seemingly conks out, after a little bit of usage, you can get a good feel for it and it won’t be long before you are diagnosing and then fixing faults with your kit. I liked the good range of ‘stuff’ that Halo had on offer, and most of the team were in agreement with me. Just one guy thought that it made things ‘too complicated’.

With a 2.4ml capacity, they hold just the right amount of liquid. You aren’t refilling every five minutes but at the same time, it’s not too big that it’s impossible to conceal in a pocket or your hand.


The team love it when the brands we try sell tanks and personal vaporizers as well as the classic two-pieces because it gives you the chance yo save some money on the shipping costs by purchasing everything from the same place. Halo offers you free shipping over $75 so by the time you’ve spent $64.99 on the starter kit and added a bottle of e-liquid, you’re pretty much sorted.

It’s American-made; none of this Chinese crap. Plus it has these smart child-resistant caps that some of the adults in the team couldn’t open un-assisted, and there’s a great selection to make your pick from too. They are easily separated into easy-to-understand groups.

Liquids available at Halo Liquids available at Halo[/caption]

You’ve got the generic tobacco flavors that include Tribeca, Turkish Tobacco, Prime15, Torque55, LongHorn, Midnight Apple, Captain Jack, Voodoo, HX3, Tiki Juice, Freedom Juice and Southern Classic.

These are all very different tobacco flavors which means there is going to be one that suits you. The LongHorn was far too rough and aggressive for me to enjoy and constantly made me cough. the Voodoo one was a taste I can’t quite explain but it wasn’t entirely pleasant. I really enjoyed Turkish Tobacco though, and the Midnight Apple was a real delight.

You’ve got the menthol flavors too but I’m not a fan of those if I’m being honest. There are a couple of guys in the office that tried the menthol ones - Menthol ICE and SubZero to be precise, and said they were really enjoyable and fresh to smoke.

One of the nicest flavors I had the pleasure of trying was in the gourmet flavors section - Belgian Cocoa. It disappeared far too quickly for my liking and half the office were filling up their dripper bottles with the stuff when I wasn’t looking. It’s just like smoking the nicest hot chocolate drink you’ve ever had… And it smells delightful to those around you too. Every time I used this flavor in a public place, I received nothing but compliments about the scent that followed me!

There are sample packs if you’re not really sure which flavors you fancy going for, and you’ll find them in a decent range of strengths too going from the bottom of the scale with 0mg, all the way up to 24mg with a couple of levels in the middle - 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg. If you’re looking to quit smoking, Halo Triton tank is a great idea because you can wean yourself down the nicotine levels gradually.

Throat Hit & Vapor

I’m going to be honest about things here - I really enjoyed smoking this PV. The vapor depends on the liquid you’re using which sounds a little odd. When I used Turkish Tobacco, the vapor was a decent amount - just enough. With LongHorn, however, I found that I had more vapor being produced. Either way, it was a good smoke - a good imitation to a ‘real’ cigarette.

The throat hit depended very much on the strength of the liquid itself. I was using 24mg for the majority of the time I was using this ecig, but I did trial the slightly lower levels - 18mg and 12mg to be precise. 12mg wasn’t enough for me as an ‘average’ smoker, but 18mg wasn’t a bad one to go for.

In Conclusion…

We all really liked Halo Triton Tank and feel that it could soon be one of the biggest and best names in the e-cigarette industry. It’s a powerful little ecig for such a compact one, and it packs quite the punch too - it has become a firm favorite for a couple of the guys in our team, and I’m one of them!

Bearing everything in mind, we couldn’t help but rate Halo Triton Tank with a whoppingly impressive 5 stars out of 5! 

AMAZING value for money! And a really good quality product!

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