Royal Blues

Royal Blues ReviewRoyal Blues lets you ‘Save Money | Live healthy’, as it claims through its tagline. Before you buy it, find out in our Royal Blues review what the product is all about, and what users have thought of it.

  • Starter Kit Price: $99.95
  • Cartridge Price: monthly supply of 15 cartridges $49.95
  • Free trial: Available (10 days)
  • Flavors: not known
  • Nicotine level: not known

The Royal Blues E-Cigarette Kit consists of an electronic cigarette, supplemented with 2 cartridges and a portable USB charger. You also get a Lithium Ion Battery, rechargeable to keep your cigarette running for days.

Royal Blues is an electronic cigarette product to cut down on all the negative effects of smoking. It looks exactly like a regular cigarette, sans the harmful ingredients the latter contains.

It consists of a rechargeable battery, an atomizer to vaporize the nicotine, a microprocessor that controllers the atomizer, a cartridge that contains the dissolved nicotine, and an LED device.

Charging your Royal Blues Cigarette completely can make it last all through the day. Every filter contains the capacity of as many as 20 regular cigarettes.
The product is designed to produce simulated smoke every time you exhale, so as to duplicate the feel of regular smoking.

It is stated that it is clinically tested, and is completely safe for daily use.

Warranty: Product Guarantee of 30 days

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