Smart Smoker

Smartsmoker ReviewSmart Smoker is very affordable electronic cigarette. Check the Smart Smoker review below to make up your mind about the product.

  • Starter Kit Price: $59.99
  • Cartridge Price: not known
  • Free trial: not available
  • Flavors: 2
  • Nicotine level: 4

The Smart Smoker Kit comes along with 2 cartridges, and you also get a bonus of an additional 5 cartridges.

The kit includes an Electronic Cigarette Rechargeable Battery, a High Technology Stainless Steel Atomizer, & Cartridges (with a capacity equivalent to as many as 100 cigarettes), and a USB Charger. You also get a spare battery along with it.

The Mini Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit comes with as many as 50 cartridges.

The Smart Smoker Electronic Cigarette is an almost-real version of a regular cigarette in terms of looks, taste and feel, but does not possess the harmful effects of the real cigarette.

There are two parts to this smoking device: the longer part consists of the micro-electronic fitting and the rechargeable battery, while the smaller part consists of the atomizer, the cartridge, and the mouth piece.

Each of the cartridges can match up to 12 to 15 of the regular cigarettes as per your personal smoking style. You get 7 varieties of strength in the Smart Smoker Cartridges, the 4 regular being the Normal, the Medium, Low, as well as the NO Nicotine, and the other three developed through mixing the above strengths. The cartridges are renewable, and one can last you much longer than a pack of cigarettes.

A complete charge of the battery can make the e-cigarette function for the whole day.

The Smart Smoker product is regarded as being closest to the real thing in the market due to its clever simulating mechanism. It uses an LED device to emulate a lit cigarette, and makes use of a heating coil in its atomizer to produce smoke-like vapor, when the smoker inhales

The product has been checked for quality and is assembled under the United Kingdom regulations.

Warranty: Lifetime warranty

Actual Customer Feedback:

“I ordered the Deluxe Smart Smoker Kit and received my package exactly one week later, which is great considering that with some e-cigarette companies, it can take several weeks to receive their product.”
[Actual user comment by Jane from]

“It is a total life changing product. It can incorporate a life changing experience by helping you to leave the temptation of the nicotine and cigarettes.”
[Actual user comment by unknown commenter from]

“This is a total scam. Do not fall for this. There is no way to contact these people. I am in a dispute with my credit card company now. I never received any product that I was suppose to get a sample for the cost of shipping and handling which is how they got my credit card number.”
[Actual user comment by Calva Ariaso from]

“I got the free trial and at first was pleasantly surprised. But. About a week later that atomizer died. I also got a charge of 87.00 from Smart Smoker Panama on my credit card.”
[Actual user comment by Bob Towsley from]

“Shame there’s no ability for negative star ratings. These ashclowns are crooks. Misleading advertising, underhanded business practices and no customer service. Total Rip-Off!”
[Actual user comment by Winston O’ Boogie from]

“I ordered the “free trial kit” for $9.95 in November from Smart Smoker which turned out to be Smart Smoker Panama. The product is second rate and they didn’t make it clear it had to be returned promptly or they would charge my credit card $99.99.”
[Actual user comment by Luke V from]

“Anyone thinking of trying Smart Smoker electronic cigarettes — DON’T!!! RUN, don’t walk, from these CROOKS!! My husband tried their e-cigs and hated them.”
[Actual user comment by Pamela from]

“I don’t know about any of the others but Smart Smoker is nothing but a scam. They charged my credit card the ten dollars for the free trial offer and never sent it.”
[Actual user comment by Chris Gulledge from]


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