VaporFi Jet

NB! Production of this model is discontinued. A replacement product is the VaporFi Rocket (starter kit costs $119.99), but we'd also suggest you to read our review of their Pro Series, which is another great product with a great price ($49.99).

The VaporFi Jet (previously Vapor Zone) Starter Kit is just one of the types of electronic cigarette that the brand offers so we decided it deserved a little review of it’s own. To be fair, after all is said and done you will see that this is something that will rival the very best names out there but first let me introduce it!

Starter Kit:

You’ll get the Jet 650mAh battery in the smallest box you will ever find. When it arrived on my doorstep, I was so confused. How could that massive thing on the website fit into that tiny box. All I can say is they are incredibly eco-friendly. The BIGGEST e-cigarette I’ve ever tried and it turned up in the SMALLEST box I’ve ever seen.

Don’t get me wrong, there is some truth in the fact that good things come in small packages because the box was sturdy enough to hold it all together without breaking it (something I clearly couldn’t manage) and it was actually very well presented.

On top of the battery, you’ll get one cartomizer, a couple of spare atomizers, a USB charger (it has a cable), a wall charger and a mouth piece cap to keep things all clean for when you want to put it in your mouth.

The box will set you back a fairly hefty $79.99 but before you dismiss the idea entirely, give it a chance!


This thing is a beast. I wanted to hate it from the very second it arrived. It’s massive. It looks like something a drug addict would use. It’s a nice sleek black, almost-triangular shape but still, it’s too big. I can’t fit that in my pocket. It would just look obscene. I couldn’t get away with discreetly smoking that at work when the place was quiet and we had no customers in.

Now, this is where things took a turn. I started using the e-cigarette on a Thursday night. I’m not sure how much charge it had on it when I took it out of the box but on Friday morning, I gave it a spin at work. Friday night came and I was still using it after my dinner, watching some TV before bed. It wasn’t until Saturday morning at about 11am did it die and I’ve found this to be consistent of a full-charge of the battery.

If it’s staying power you’re looking for, this is the one to beat!

The battery has a small screen that shows you how many puffs thou have managed to get out of it so far as well as how much juice there is left in the battery. I soon found myself missing this screen on my other e-cigarettes. You are always prepared - you know when it needs charging rather than just getting to the end of the charge and conking out like other e-cigarettes do. It’s nice to be prepared.


These are designed to be refilled so they sell e-liquids as well. You’ll save on shipping by ordering everything from the same place which is a double benefit! You can get your hands on a 30ml bottle of e-liquid (which will last the average smoker, refilling a tank-style cigarette about 2-3 weeks) for $14.99. There’s a pretty impressive array of flavors to choose from and we’d be here for a while if we were to list them all. In total there are 15 different flavors to choose from including Cuba Libre, Totally Tobacco, Key Lime Cheesecake, Decadent Drip and even custom blends that you can create yourself. Pick your favorite flavors and mix them together to come up with new and unique sensations to enjoy. If you fancy a bit of Blueberry Cheesecake, simply mix blueberry and cheesecake together. Although I’m not a big fan of flavors, I definitely had fun playing around with my own ideas.

The thing that I loved most about the VaporFi Jet e-cigarette was the fact that you have a clear cartridge so you know when you need to refill. There’s nothing worse than the surprising shock of having the nasty taste of a dry cartridge in your mouth. It’s nasty, trust me.


One of the first things I noticed in the accessories section of the VaporFi website was the gift certificates they offer. I don’t recall seeing any gift certificates elsewhere on the other e-cigarette brands I’ve tried and tested. This is a great idea to gently persuade someone to quit smoking :)

Oh and it definitely works too!

They don’t just offer gift cards either - you can get your hands on a number of different colored batteries, empty refillable cartridges, variable chargers, carry cases, lanyards and more! It’s all very exciting really! (And all useful stuff; none of these blinged-up t-shirt stuff)


With the exception of their so-called “clearance” items, you’ll get a ninety day guarantee/warranty on whatever you buy. They do make this very clear on the website too - this is something I was impressed by.

The cartridges and liquids are not included in this warranty. You should probably know that…

Added Extras

There were a few more things to boast about with the VaporFi Jet e-cigarette. There’s the 30 day money back guarantee that we spoke about earlier as well as the refer-a-friend scheme where you will $15 for every friend that you refer. There are better loyalty and referral schemes out there but it’s not bad. At least they give you an actual gift certificate rather than a bunch of points that you have to collect a million of before you can redeem them on anything remotely interesting.

In Conclusion

The VaporFi Jet e-cigarette is one of the best e-cigarettes on the market but you do need to bear in mind that it is MASSIVE (not comparable to brands like Green Smoke). I broke the first one of these that I had simply by having it in my pocket. It’s too big to keep in there anyway.

Despite the whole size thing, the VaporFi Jet e-cigarette is one that gives an incredible amount of throat hit and vapor, has a better battery life than all of the other best e-cigarettes put together, and shows you how much liquid you have left in your cartridge, as well as how much battery is left before it needs to be charged. What’s not to love about that? If they just bought the prices down a touch and introduced a better warranty than just 90 days, they would definitely be a five-star e-cigarette. For now, I am going to award them 4.5 stars.

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