VaporFi Review

The most exciting feature of the VaporFi range is the wealth of choices for e–smokers. There is a product for every kind of e–smoker from beginner to expert level.

This brand claims to be the number one in the e–cigarette market, and there are many indications as to why that could be so true.

In this review, we’ll be taking a look at several top products from the VaporFi brand. Look through closely and make the most befitting e–smoking choice for you without much hassle.

VaporFi Express Classic Tobacco

Price: $44.99

As a newbie, it’s a sure thing that transcending from a conventional smoke to an e-cigarette could be tasking, particularly without the tobacco flavor.

With this e-cigarette kit, it’ll be hard to tell whether you’ve switched to e-smoking, as the tobacco flavor eases your smooth transition to a better, more reliable flavor.

When you’ve got this e-cigarette tobacco kit, it becomes easier to vape for much longer. Also, you’ll get 5 classic tobacco cartridges to go along with this set for more comfortable vaping.

Highly recommended if you are looking for your first vape!

  • 5 tobacco cartridges included
  • USB-compatible
  • Easy-to-use design for beginner vapers
  • Non-nicotine variant available

Mighty Menthol

Price: $44.99

Just as the name suggests, there’s a menthol flavor accompanying every drag from this e-cigarette. Other than that, it is basically the same, as the Classic Tobacco Kit.

Like the Classic Tobacco Kit, It comes with cartridges that are easy to fill and pack menthol flavoring in every draw. Also, you’d get a 1ml draw of vape juice with every cartridge for that effortless soothing draw you won’t forget in a hurry.

With so many customers having reservations on the nicotine content they want in their e–cigarette, this kit is the e-smokers’ finest choice. It comes in 0 – 24% Nicotine content to make it easy to pick an e–smoke that suits you.


Vaio GO

Price: $44.99

The Vaio GO Starter Kit is the perfect choice for vapers who love being mobile. It's easy to use and confortable, with a range of colors to choose from along with other special features.

It packs with it the finest, slimmest design you can expect from a new generation e–cigarette. At 22mm, it can easily fit into your pocket without much effort. Choose between 6 colors.

The powerful 2000mAh battery delivers amazing vaping clouds.

Rather aimed for advanced vapers, it's nothing difficult for a newbie as well. It comes with a quick start user guide, making it easier to operate the set with no problems.

What is missing from the starter kit, is the e-juice ($15) and spare atomizers ($16). So, to get more value, we'd rather suggest you to purchase the Vaio GO Bundle Pack, that has these included. The price of the bundle is $69.99.

And bear in mind, that if you are a "mouth to lung" vaper, choose the 1.5 ohm atomizers. If "direct to lung", then the 0.5 ohm atomizer is the best choice.

  • Removable mouthpiece added
  • 1.5ohm/0.5ohm atomizer included
  • Instructional guide added for better operation
  • Ability to use a custom vape juice
  • 3ml vape juice capacity tank


Vaio Mini Bundle

Price: $39.99

Searching for a portable, thoroughly satisfying vape set could have been elusive in the past, but with this kit, there’s no reason why you won’t get that mind and body-relaxing vape.

With a custom juice blend, your vapes are sure to be more exciting than you thought. And there’s also more from this e-cigarette that won’t let you drop it without a drag.

It comes with a set of the best blend for soothing your lungs as a beginner. It’s ideal when you need a good amount of drag from your e-cigarette.

There are lots of vapers who desire a pocket-friendly design, and this kit serves the purpose so well your expectations would be easily surpassed.

It’s ideal for setting up a vaping session as quickly as possible with its set of 1ohm replacement atomizers to help you get the vape you sorely need.

It is possible to purchase the kit without the extras (atomizers, custom juice blend) at $19.99, but in this case you will need to buy these items separately anyway, which makes the purchase more expensive.


  • Vape juice included
  • High potential heat-resistant shell
  • LED indicators for easy operation
  • USB Charging
  • Portable design


  • 1000mAh Battery


VaporFi VEX 150 TC

Price: $145.99

If you’ve got a soft spot for a vape from an e – cigarette with so many exciting features, then this should be the choice for you. It comes in a design that’s just simply breathtaking. Apart from the awe-inspiring design, there’s much more this e-cigarette provides.

The vape set is an ideal choice for a beginner with a need for a packed experience right from the get-go. When you’re in need of a long term vaping experience, this is the correct option. It comes packed with a double set of 18650 batteries for that unforgettable vape you’ll get all the time.

The set also comes with many more exciting features such as a heat-resistant stainless steel build that can withstand temperatures up to 6000F. Also, it comes with a range of coil types to help you customize your vaping experience. If you think all these exciting features aren’t enough, then the 30ml custom vape juice attached to this set is sure to blow your mind!

Vaporfi Vex 150 bundle kit


  • RDA, color-changing enabled
  • 30ml bottle of vape juice
  • High quality batteries
  • Temperature control feature
  • Beautiful design
  • 0.96” OLED screen
  • Beautiful ergonomic design
  • Expensive

VaporFi VEX 75 TC

Price: $124.99

With 75 watts of power with an equal vaping support experience, this starter kit isn’t similar to the 150TC kit. Features such as the venom color-changing RDA, 18650 batteries, key lock and more are absent in this starter kit, but it begs the question whether the quality is affected.

It’s a fact that this starter kit isn’t as powerful as the 150TC kit as the omissions of accessories and specs gives its performance a hit.

VaporFi Express

Price: $49.99

Getting to appreciate vaping as a newbie could be trickier than you thought, but with this e–cigarette bundle, there’s no reason why you won’t get the hang of e-smoking in a jiff.

It comes with 3 easy-to-use clearomizers for a more comfortable vape. Also, it comes with a 30ml e-liquid custom blend for you!

With all these exciting features come a VaporFi membership card, a user guide to ensure easy cigarette operation, and so much more! All these are to ensure you don’t find it tricky to leave that old-fashioned cigarette for a more mobile option!

  • Battery included for easier operation
  • 3 clearomizer tanks
  • 30ml e-liquid included
  • Portable design

Air 2 Complete

Price: $34.99

Are you tired of all that harsh smoke burning down your lungs; you’ve got to try this out! This e-cigarette kit comes with 350mAh of battery life for a more sustained and easy-to-manage vape.

With this kit, it’ll become effortless to get that much needed smoke wherever you are.  It comes with a juice tank of 1.5ml for more controlled vapor enjoyment.

Also, you could get more ease of operation with the two air atomizers included and a 30ml custom blend vape juice for a better, more relaxing vape.

This kit is also extraordinarily affordable, so don’t expect a hole in your pocket when you make a purchase.

  • Slender design for easy handling
  • USB-charging compatible
  • User guide for less tricky operation
  • 30ml vape juice included for a better vape

Vape Juices

It’s a fact that after trying out an e –cigarette, you’ll want to explore lots of other flavors as you progress. One thing that could make your curiosity easily satisfied is the abundance of vape juices available.

When you’ve got a vape juice collection from VaporFi, it’s a sure thing that you’ll be spoiled for choice.

If you’re feeling a bit off and want some fruity freshness from your e –cigarette, the Berry bash and Peachy Sunset vape juice will serve you just fine!

You can also select a Pecan Cake, Berry Ice, Maple Latte, Mangonada, and so many more! All these flavors add to the beauty of using e –cigarettes, as you’ll get much more than just bland tobacco for a smoke. 

Also, if you’re still into tobacco and other conventional flavors, then the American Red Tobacco, Fresh Mint, and tobacco menthol will give you that natural cigarette soothing feeling.

There’s so much more this e – cigarette set offers and you can get them easily by accessing the site loaded with the best collection of vape juices right now. It’s a sure thing that one of these flavors will suit your needs.


Just as e-cigs and vapes have transformed the smoking world forever, so has cannabidol (CBD) transformed the way marijuana is used.

It’s no secret that cannabidol is increasingly getting wider attention as a non-harmful part of the cannabis plant, and there’s so much VaporFi currently has on offer for buyers.

When you’ve got it bad for CBD, you’ve got dozens of CBD VaporFi products to satisfy your every need.

You can get the Amazing Mango CBD Vape Juice for your e –cigarette, or get the Ultimate CBD cravings bundle that’s got everything CBD for you.

Apart from having juices and CBD packs, you can get CBD gummy bears, relaxation shots, CBD oils, CBD balms, and much more.

As if this isn’t enough, there’s enough something for your pets from VaporFi! You could easily get dog treats made with CBD for more relaxation for your furry friend.

Final Word

And to crown it all off, VaporFi markets the finest quality, most affordable CBD products on the market to make it effortless for you to place an order. There are so many exciting and helpful features from VaporFi, and they’re all available for you, provided you’re at least 21yrs of age.

Get a product today, and make the most of the advances in tech for a more comfortable smoke, and so much more!

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