E-Cigarette Money Saving Tips

Let’s be honest about this – most of you want to quit smoking, or at the very least make the switch to electronic cigarettes, because you want to save some money. There is something very intriguing about saving potentially thousands of dollars per year. If you wanted to make the whole thing even cheaper still, there are a few money-saving tips that you can utilize:


If you want to save money with cartridges for your e-cigs, you should definitely take a look at how much cheaper it could be if you refilled your own cartridges with the assistance of some e-liquids.

You will find that some companies, such as V2 Cigs offer e-liquids alongside their electronic cigarettes but these companies are few and far between. You will find a massive selection of e-liquid websites however, and just by typing the words “buy e-liquid” into any internet search engine, you will be met by thousands of results. One 30ml bottle will generally last us around a month, sometimes more and sometimes less. It depends on what is going on and how much we find ourselves smoking.

Shopping around can often help and although you won’t find many interchangeable cartridges, there are some websites that offer empty cartridges that you can refill yourself which can again, be even cheaper, especially when it comes to replacing your burned out cartridges or cartomizers.

If you do choose to buy from one company, such as V2 Cigs, you do need to remember that you will only pay one amount of shipping, rather than two so you will save money again, and another thing to bear in mind is that many companies will offer free shipping  when you spend a certain amount of money so buying everything that you need, including e-liquid, in bulk will often work out to be a lot cheaper in the long run.

Should you choose to buy cartridges rather than refilling, you should consider the many places that offer variety packs of cartridges giving you a combination of flavors and often, a discounted price the more you buy.


To save money on shipping, there are plenty of tips. The first of which we have already mentioned – buying in bulk will often give you free shipping which can, in the long run, save a lot of money. Look for the companies that are offering you free shipping – these guys are the best.

What’s the point in paying for shipping if you don’t have to?

Coupon Codes

You will very often find that both the larger companies and the smaller companies that make and sell electronic cigarettes will have regular sales, meaning that you have the potential to save a small fortune. One prime example of this was something that we came across in the UK recently – the local coupon code applications that you can get on smart phones were filled with money-off vouchers for the larger e-cigarette companies. Many companies in the states also offer this. Joining forums on the topic of e-cigarettes will give you a heads up for all the best offers, so it is well worth checking these websites out, and you will learn the best companies to use by the experiences of others to make things even more interesting. But actually, you don’t have to look very far, we have also listed the current e-cig coupon codes on our site.

Recycling & Loyalty

If you are planning on using the cartridges supplied by the companies that sell electronic cigarettes, you should check out the recycling schemes that they can offer.

Green Smoke, for example, offers a pretty decent recycling program where you send so many empty cartridges back and in return, you get points which can then exchange for free stuff from the site, including more cartridges, batteries and more. When this is combined with the loyalty schemes that sites like Green Smoke have to offer, you have a pretty impressive mix that could, in the long run, save you a fair bit of money.

Speaking of the loyalty schemes, you will find that most sites offer their own little take on things. As we have mentioned, Green Smoke is just one of the companies that offer the loyalty schemes but you will find that many brands offer something special. V2 Cigs, for example, offers the Smoke4Free referral system where every time someone buys through your referral code, you get a $15 voucher that you can then spend on e-cig stuff. It’s not a bad deal at all and we were very impressed by this. When you consider that most sites and brands will only let you earn points, and you will normally need a fair amount of points in order to get anything half decent for free, it made a refreshing change for a loyalty scheme to give you back actually monetary value.


When you buy an electronic cigarette, make sure that you learn the warranty that the brand you are looking at buying offers you. There are some companies out there that offer a pretty bad warranty considering the price of their products and when you consider that you are more than likely going to need to get a replacement battery at some point, whether it is through a lot of usage or because it is faulty, you need to start weighing up how much each company will cost you. Some companies request that you send the faulty battery back first before you can get the replacement, and this will often mean that you will need to buy a new battery before you send the faulty one back, and in the long run, this could cost you more, even through you will be left with an extra spare battery out of it.

Spreading the Cost

The one thing it might be worth doing to cut down costs in the short term is to buy things bit by bit as you need them. You don’t even need to buy an e-cigarette starter kit if you don’t want to. You can easily kick things off with two batteries, a charger, a set of five cartridges, and a bottle of cheap e-liquid. This will easily see you through until your next pay day if you don’t want to have to pay out for everything up front. You can try a few different brands in this manner too! You might find that one place offers cheaper e-liquid, but you like the batteries from another company. Short term, you may find buying things bit by bit will work better for you than making sure you have everything up front.

Check your Emails

We find that many companies that we have purchased e-cigarette stuff from have sent us follow up emails with money-off offers and only the very best deals. We have managed to save a lot of money on e-liquids, batteries, chargers, starter kits, cartridges and much more by using the discount codes that are sent out in the emails. Rather than disregarding it as junk, it is well worth reading before you delete.

So there you have it – a few helpful hints and tricks to make the switch to electronic cigarettes even cheaper for you. What more could you possibly want? A cheaper alternative to smoking PLUS even more ways to save $$$!


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