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Site AuthorHey, this is Norm, I’m an ex-smoker and an ecig enthusiast. I created this site as I wanted to share my years of vaping experience with the world. I’ve personally tested all the brands you see listed here. All the reviews are also written by me. Let me know if there are any questions, I’d be glad to help 🙂

The vaping industry is such a competitive one now that you will find thousands of companies offering you the newest and improved e-cigs with all sorts of flavors and vapor hits under the sun. It can be hard to make your decision on the best e-cigarette when you don’t have all of the information so that is exactly what we want to help you with – we will give you the very best and very honest ecig reviews and hopefully, you can learn from the experiences of us and our team to make the perfect e-cigarette decision for you!

Whether it’s a funky looking product from Halo, an old-fashioned kind of appeal from SmokeTip, or just a decent quality product like Green Smoke; we have all the electronic cigarette reviews on all the products that you may be considering buying. We just hope that we can help you with your new e-smoking decision. So guys and girls; what are you waiting for? Take a peek to see if your newest e-cig is on the list and learn from the professionals – we try and test and review them so that you don’t have to!!

Here are our reviews:


V2 Cigs Ex Series

Green Smoke

Halo G6

Halo Triton Tank

VaporFi Pro

South Beach Smoke Storm

V2 Cigs

VaporFi Jet

South Beach Smoke

White Cloud

Blu Cigs

Vapor Couture



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