The Many Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

Let’s be honest about this, you’re searching for electronic cigarettes for a reason, right? You want to reap the benefits that your friends, family and work colleagues are talking about. You want to save all that money and have all those health perks!

E-cigarettes, personal vaporizers, vapes, e-cigs, e-smokes… Whatever it is that you want to call them, they certainly come with their fair share of positives. Fancy taking a closer look?

You WILL Save Money!

By making the change from regular cigarettes to their electronic counterparts, you’ll be saving a small fortune. Smoking regular smokes will set you back about what, $10 per day? Smoking e-cigarettes could cost as little as a couple of bucks per day and if you’re going to play things really smart, you can save even more with our discount codes, refilling your own cartridges, and making the use of sale seasons and events.

If you eventually end up using a tank-style personal vaporizer, the savings you could make are incredible. You can pick up a starter kit for just $50-$60, and an extra battery is generally under $20. This, plus a couple of bottles of 30ml e-liquid, will be enough to see you through at least three months or so, depending on how much and how often you use the e-cig. after that, it’s just a case of adding more e-liquid as and when you need it, and perhaps adding an extra battery every few months to keep things going along nicely.

You Can Stay Social!

No longer do you need to be banished to the outdoor ‘smoking’ area of a public place to smoke with the rest of the dirty smokers. With an e-cigarette, you can happily smoke wherever you want to, to a certain extent. Although there are some places and companies that have banned the use of electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers, you can still get away with puffing away if you are discreet enough, plus the places that have banned the use of e-cigs in public are few and far between. Just one example however is in London, UK where e-cigarettes and personal vaporizers have been banned from all forms of London public transport such as buses, tubes and trains. Philadelphia is another example, and e-cigarettes are treated the same as regular cigarettes which means they can’t be used in public places.

e-cigarettes allowed

Different states have different laws although if you keep your eye on the news, you’ll soon find out the way the rules lie in your state.

If you’re in any doubt over whether or not you can get away with smoking your e-cigarette, always ask management of the place you’re in, or ask a person in authority. With the little ‘membership cards’ that often accompany e-cig starter kits, you can soon explain that your cigarette isn’t a real one to anyone that asks, but it might be worth having a quick Google to see what the laws stand where you are.

You can better your health!

Clearly anything that involves you actually stopping smoking those regular cigarettes is going to be a major plus point but with e-cigarettes, technically you’re getting the best of both worlds.

What’s the point in inhaling all those nasty chemicals if you don’t need to? When you smoke a regular cigarettes, there are over four thousand chemicals being inhaled right into your body. Out of that 4,000, fifty are said to be known causes of cancer (carcinogens),and there are even a couple of well-known poisons; actual killers of man and woman.

With good quality e-cigarettes and e-liquid, you are inhaling ingredients that are considered to be safe. Although not FDA approved themselves, most high-quality e-cigarette brands only use FDA approved ingredients in their liquids and components, most of which are also used in various food products and beauty treatments already. If you can slap it on your skin, why wouldn’t you inhale it?

You’ve got PG or Propylene Glycol in there. That’s normally found in things like leave-in conditioning treatments and styling products for hair as well as in shampoos too. In e-liquids, this is quite thick and normally gives you the ‘throat hit’ that satisfies your smoking urges. There is normally a quite high percentage of this in most e-cigarette liquids. You’ll usually find it’s around 80%.

The FDA have deemed PG to be GRAS – Generally Recognised As Safe. Just so you know. 

You’ve also got VG or Vegetable Glycerine in there. This is what adds some sweetness to the flavor of the liquid, and also gives you the vapour that you exhale to mimic the act of smoking. It’s quite a thick liquid and generally the rules the thicker the liquid, the more vapor you’ll get. Sadly, at the same time, the thicker the liquid, the faster the cartridges or tanks die, in my experience. They get clogged up and start to taste foul, and you’ll also notice that the liquid goes a much darker colour.

VG and PG tend to be the ‘base’ of the liquid, although you’ll find that most e-cig brands have a combination of both. You can always check the ingredients to be sure. If you can’t find an ingredient list, step away from the website and choose another one.

No ingredients = no proof you are using and smoking safe e-cigarettes or e-liquid. 

Nicotine is another component of your e-liquid and there will be different amounts depending on the strength you have bought. You’ll find that they come as a percentage – 24% or 24mg, for example. The higher the number, the higher the strength so 24mg would be the equivalent of a regular to strong cigarette.

You’ll also find flavorings in the e-liquid. That’s what gives it the specific flavor you have ordered, much like with processed foods really. Thinking about it, e-cigarettes are basically the same as microwave ready meals 😉

Most high-quality e-cigarette brands will again, only use FDA recognised safe flavorings too.


There are so many benefits to making the change from regular cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, and when you start thinking about them seriously, you can soon appreciate how life could change for the better. Various members of our team lost weight when they made the change. They didn’t binge eat because they were trying to kick the habit as with e-cigarettes, they still had something to do with their hands. They also found that they had more energy as they weren’t strangling their bodies with crippling levels of carbon monoxide (another side effect of smoking regular cigarettes) and used this increased energy in the gym, walking instead of taking the car, or just being a bit more active. After a while, the pounds started to drop off.

I was a perfect and classic example of this exact side-effect of making the change. Over one hundred pounds lost in just over a year when I first quit with e-cigarettes… Just saying.

You won’t be standing around in the rain, desperately puffing away on your cigarette as quick as you can. You won’t smell like a dirty ashtray, and you won’t taste like one either. Plus it’s cheaper to smoke e-cigs that it is to smoke regular ones, so you’ll save an absolute fortune too.

What’s not to love about that?

To find out more, or to read some of the reviews and pick your first starter kit, have a peek around the site and remember – this will NOT be as difficult as you think it will be! We are a whole team that have managed to do it! I’ve personally been cigarette-free for almost one year in total now. Zero cigarettes!

Our secret… Electronic Cigarettes!

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