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UPDATE 2020! Green Smoke does not sell e-cigarettes online any more. Our best advice would be to switch to Mig Cigs. They are in a similar price range, have a great quality and a wider range of products available. Read the review or visit Mig Cigs website.

Green Smoke is one of those e-cigarette companies that always gets good reviews. Rated in the top two or three on most websites, it is a company that has been around for a while and certainly seems to promise a lot. We decided that it was time for us to take a much closer look and report back to you with our findings.


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Green Smoke is a company that offers a nice, clean, simple, easy to use product. The box was simple and easy to understand, the products clearly labeled, and everything just looked… nice. It comes in a box that seems pretty generic with e-cig companies these days – a flip over lid with a magnetic hidden closing panel, and foam inserts to keep everything nicely in its set place.

The same design goes for the cartridges that come with the batteries that are not only blister wrapped in foil, but also have rubber stoppers at both the top and the bottom of the e-cig to retain the flavor. We like this very much – too many e-cig companies forget about this.

Green Smoke Ultimate KitWe went for the Pro Kit at $74.05 (discounted from $142.44) which gives you:

  • 3 x batteries – one long, one short and one of your choice
  • 10 x cartomizers (cartridges) – 2 five-packs
  • USB charger
  • Mains charger
  • Car adapter/charger
  • Carry case

There are other Green Smoke starter kits that you can purchase if this isn’t what you are looking for:

Express Kit at $46.72 (discounted from $90.62) – this gives you one USB charger, one long/short battery (your choice), one mains charger, one USB charger, 5 cartridges and a carry case.

Pro Kit at $74.05 (discounted from$142.44) – this will give you one long and one short battery, one USB battery, the carry case, USB charger, mains charger, car charger and a pack of five cartridges.

Essentials Kit at $ 18.49 (discounted from $34.76) – the most basic of all e-cig starter kits, Green Smoke offers you one battery, one cartridge, one USB charger and 2 cartridges of either Absolute Tobacco or Menthol Ice. Very basic indeed, and definitely not enough to start you on your way.

The prices aren’t bad at all. In fact, the prices used to be much higher a few years ago, but because of the competition they’ve gone down. Gladly they’ve maintained the quality 🙂 In my opinion the cig is good enough to even warrant the higher price than what you would have normally wanted to pay.

The V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit, for example, is $149.95 and gives you one less USB battery, one less carry case and 10 less cartridges than the Love Birds Kit.


BatteryA replacement battery will set you back around $19.97 for both the long and short version, and gives you the option of a lovely dusky pink color alongside the generic white one.

Around $20 seems to be standard pricing when it comes to replacement batteries, although we felt it was a bit odd than the long and short versions seemed to come up with the same price when we were ordering.

The long Green Smoke battery will last us for a full day at work. Usually, we will begin to use it in the morning when we wake up (around 8am) and by the time we get home from work, (6/7pm) we will need to pop it on charge. We will work for 6-8 hours of those days, having an hour lunch with almost continual puffing, and the odd few puffs here and there, possibly once or twice an hour. With the shorter battery, we were finding that we needed to replace the battery slightly earlier, but only by a couple of hours.

Designer BatteriesYou can get your hands on designer batteries from Green Smoke these days, giving you 8 different design options, but you will find that these are slightly more expensive; normally around $25 a piece.


Flavors & Cartridges

The FlavorMax cartridges are very well sealed – they are in blister packs, foil wrapped, and have rubber stoppers at the top and bottom of the cartridge. When we took our first few drags of them, we were pretty impressed by the flavors, vapor and throat hit! In fact, this was one of the best e-cigarette reviews we have written and it is a well deserved review too!

CartridgesAt the moment, there are only eight different flavors that you can choose from:

  • Smooth Chocolate
  • Signature Red
  • Mocha Mist
  • Menthol Ice
  • Southern Gold
  • Classic

This isn’t the largest selection of e-cig flavors that we have come across, and it certainly isn’t the most exotic, especially when you compare it to the likes of the flavors offered by Vapor Couture and V2 Cigs, but they do offer five different strengths whereas most companies offer three or four:

  • Strong – 2.4%
  • Full – 1.8%
  • Light – 1.2%
  • Ultra Light – 0.6%
  • Zero – 0%

They also only offer two different flavors in their disposables – Menthol Ice and Absolute Tobacco.

Although the flavors weren’t the strongest or most exotic that we have come across, they were comfortable enough to use. They produce a decent amount of vapor and in fact, in our opinions, this has been the best e-cig for vapor so far. The throat hit was impressive too. In fact, the strongest nicotine variety was too strong for some of our team and we had to take a step down straight away to the next strength down.


First and foremost, before we even get to the warranty, we feel that it is important to make you aware that with Green Smoke, you have a 30 day money back guarantee to take advantage of if you are not happy with their e-cigs. We don’t think that you will be using it; we certainly didn’t feel the need to.

The warranty itself was a tad confusing but we shall try to make things as simple as possible for you:

Within the first year or purchase, you have a full warranty meaning that your battery can be replaced at any time if you can show that it is faulty. This means that you will need to buy a replacement to send the faulty one back, in order for them to send you out a warranty replacement. Hassle, much?

After the first year is done, you are allowed to have up to three further replacements of your battery but ONLY if you have made a purchase for cartridges in the last 90 days leading up to your claim.

Added Extras

Green Smoke offers a decent amount of accessories which is always an added bonus. You can make your pick from leather cases, rubber tips to share your e-cig with others, carry cases, gem-encrusted carry cases, USB batteries and more. It’s not a bad selection but some of the items are a bit on the pricey side.

They also offer a recycling program which does make sense, but unfortunately doesn’t give you enough back to warrant recycling the cartridges in the first place. This could do with a little work but still encourages people to recycle, which is never a bad thing!


In short, we found Green Smoke to be a very good brand of electronic cigarettes and we are pleased to announce that, for now, Green Smoke is one of the best rated products I have ever had the pleasure to try. A smooth and easy throat hit combined with just the right amount of vapor, a good price and a nice array of flavors have touched a soft spot within me. Even their shipping impressed me – I paid for delivery within 10 days and the very next day, the item arrived on my door step. Also, when I emailed them with news of a faulty charger, they replaced it the next day and didn’t even request that I send the faulty one back. This was impressive customer service and it certainly made my day!

24 thoughts on “Green Smoke”

  1. Hi: I want to find an e-cig similar to the NJOY dailies. After hearing local Walgreens is soon to stop carrying them coupled with their decline in quality, it is time to switch. This was the first product that did not make me cough and still had a nice throat hit with the 6 percent nicotine level. So, I am looking for a replacement and frankly I am overwhelmed at the choices Just want a replacement for cigarettes with simplicity similar to the Njoy dailies.Thanks for the detailed info I had nit heard of most of these. Also is there anything that does NOT come from China?

  2. I am Very upset with Green Smoke!! I placed an order with free shipping and it was supposed to be here within 5to8 days. If it should arrive on Monday that will be 10 days! When you have run out that is very upsetting! The worst part is when I placed the order it set in Opa Locka for SIX days before it was sent to Miami then to Jacksonville!?!? Its Time for Me to CHANGE BRANDS!!!!!

  3. Virginia christine

    I have used green smoke ecigs for a year or more but the past few orders of the ecig cartridges are terrible. Most of them don’t last but a few puffs and some none at all and I do make sure my batteries are charged. So I am switching to another brand. GS costs double what cigarettes cost.

  4. Ana

    I quit smoking in 2012 when I found Greensmoke. I got a starter kit and haven’t smoked a cigarette since!! I had been smoking over 40 years. The stuff is like smoking and your lungs should clear when the tobacco smoke stops going in. Not perfect but better than tobacco. The only issue I have is they discontinued my favorite flavor last year. Things aren’t as good since Alteria bought the company but still better than others I have tried.

  5. Hello, my name is Ana. I have been smoking since I was 15 and now I am 35. Twenty years. I am highly addicted. I think I will die if I don’t smoke. I know that the opposite occurs. 🙂 I have to quit bc of a health problem. So I bought the patches. It’s my fifth day today. I ve never made it so far! But….I couldn’t do it if I hadn’t bought an e-cig too. I got my self the green smoke red label with 0% nicotine bc I get enough nicotine from the patch. I m having a hard time anyways but the e cig makes it a little better. I take smAll puffs bc I noticed if I take a short one I m choking and getting a cough. ‘My concern is if the e cig are safe for us. What do they contain? If I get addicted to that will it be a danger to my health still? Thank you

  6. I was happy with gs until the end of 2016. They emailed me that they were discontinuing the 2 lowest nicotine cartridges. My last order the cartridges only lasted half as long as previously. Since I am trying to get nicotine out of my life I have said good bye gs. That last order just sealed it.

  7. Nice to have come across this review and couldn’t agree more. I’ve been a loyal customer for about 2 yrs now, and I can attest, the customer service is above par, the product has been a much better alternative for me over cigarettes (I no longer smoke them, and if I try, it’s gross and I just want to puff my ecig!), they offer excellent reward programs in the form of points from purchases and recycling program which gives you back more than enough points to purchase a pack. Save your cartridges and send them back! It’s worth it! You will receive a prepaid shipping label to do so, so all it costs you is throwing your depleted cartridges in a baggie as opposed to the trash can! I regularly recommend GreenSmoke to friends who are looking for an alternative to harsh and deadly cigs. Great flavor and vape! No stench! Can smoke it anywhere! Highly recommend!

  8. Very disappointed that you do not deliver to other countries, i brought green smoke three years ago but wasn’t ready to give up then, have been using old one i havent had a smoke for 6 weeks but need more cartridges

  9. I’ve tried a few different types of e cigarettes over the years and they hurt my throat. I’m not sure what ‘throat hit’ means. Is it smooth or does it hurt a little?

    1. Throat hit is what you feel when you inhale nicotine. It irritates your throat, but most vapers like it, as it gives similar feeling to smoking a regular cigarette. Normally, the higher strenth, the bigger irritation, but also different brands irritate on different levels. Maybe you’ve tried not so good quality brands before? Green Smoke juice is deffinitely a really good one, you can’t fo wrong with it.

  10. I love this product. i tried several others and each one i bought was a waste of money.Found customer service very friendly and helpful.

  11. Green Smoke is almost like smoking a real cigarette. I gave up real cigarettes because of Green Smoke and Blu ecigs. I really like this website. Very informative and very thorough. You guys put alot of effort in your reviews. I appreciate that. Thank you!

    1. Hey Debra,
      I asked Green Smoke and here’s the answer they gave:

      All Green Smoke® e-vapor products are made in China, like most consumer goods nowadays. Everything is done under the strict supervision of Green Smoke® Quality Assurance.

      We have conducted extensive testing and feel that our product lives up to the highest standards expected by our clientele.

      Our cartridges contain Tobacco Derived Nicotine, except for the 0.0% NBW cartridges.

      Our products can be purchased from retail locations! Please click on this link to view our Green Smoke® Store Locator:

      This tool will allow you to search for retailers within 100 miles of the area you have selected! All you need to do is enter your Zip Code or click “Find my closest store using my device’s GPS”.

      You can also buy a variety of products directly from us. Please note that Green Smoke® e-vapor offers free shipping on domestic orders and we are always happy to provide you with a great deal.

  12. Up here, see? This is Green Smoke.

    Down here, see? This is everybody else. Green Smoke can’t pound the competition into the ground, so sorry. They’re too busy soaring above them.
    Love Green Smoke & thank Heavens I found them, plain & simple.
    One thing – MOBILE SITE PLEASE? Pretty please?
    Love – Nancy

  13. After researching e-cigs, Green Smoke had the best reviews, so I went with it. I think they are great! Last night I went to a tavern with some friends, and was delighted to be able to enjoy a “smoke” with my Scottish ale. My friends were amazed at the realism of the cig and the vapor, and the waiter didn’t even question it. I think I made a few converts. The quality is excellent, vapor very rich and flavorful, and a good jolt of vitamin N. I’m not a heavy smoker, but smoking real tobacco was starting to bother my throat and bronchials. This is a great product! Now I can relax and enjoy a good smoke without feeling guilty about it, and do it anywhere I want. Thanks!

  14. I rate this e-cigarette a 5 star product. There pricing is very reasonable for such quality. They offer a large variety of flavors that are fun to try and there customer service is EXCELLENT!It’s the best investment I ever made. I get the satisfaction of a regular cigarette without all mess and horrible odor. I can enjoy my nicotine anywhere now. What a relief!

  15. Fast delivery . I get used to the greensmoke and the soft and sweet taste on the top of the tongue . Yet i cannot replace the normal cigartte completely .

  16. Green Smoke is the #1 brand that I have tried and I’ve tried many…way to many, that it ended up costing me alot of money. Green Smoke has many great flavors, nice throat hit, lots of vapor and longest lasting battery out of all that I have tried. My favorite is the Mocha Mist, Red Label and Chocolate. I havent had any problems with anything I have received from Green Smoke and have been a customer for over 5 months. The quality of this product and nicotine satisfaction is awesome! I did try what was my first product that I bought at Walgreens and is very popular on TV and I will have to say that I was almost reluctant to buy another brand it was so bad but I kept trying. And finally I found Green Smoke and have been extremely happy with them. Plus you get points for each purchase you make so you can get free stuff after so many points. I havent had any problems with cartimizers…no leaks and flavor last till its gone and they last me a day and a half and I use to smoke a pack a day. This product might be alittle more in price…not by much but you do get what you pay for! Very Very Happy Customer 🙂

  17. First off I have to say your page on Green Smoke here is very nicely laid out and has all the details. I think this may be the first e-cig review site I seen so far that has accurate up to date information about the product! As far as my review goes I can give a quick overview of what I have experienced in my 9 months of being a loyal customer of this company. The best Customer Service I have ever experienced hands down. Not just with e-cigs but with any product or shopping experience period. When I call they answer, if they are busy they call me back within minutes. Problems are resolved in a fast friendly manner. I own the Pro Kit. I have had to have a battery replaced and it was shipped the same day before I even sent the defective one back. It has saved my life from the evil clutches of the tobacco cigarette. No smell, no deadly smoke, no harmful 2nd hand effects to my family. Best of all the cartridges taste better and last longer than any pack of tobacco I have ever purchased. Not to mention the ridiculous amount of money I continue to save on a daily basis. There prices were high, now they are getting lower and the company is growing stronger. I find it fun to interact with them on twitter and see the new things they come out with. Needless to say I love Green Smoke and I love telling others about it. They are great people making product that not only saves lives but creates and enjoyable experience. That’s my quick take on Green Smoke. Thanks for reading it. Happy 4th of July!

  18. Green Smoke does not compare to any other e-cig in the market. I have tried 4 other brands and choose GS. Their quality and customer service is unparalleled. Their flavors especially the absolute tobacco flavor is the only thing that comes close to a real analog! Just wish their cartridge pricing was more in-line with other vendors! Kudos to Green Smoke for an excellent product!

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