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We already tried the VaporFi Profrom the e-cigarette brand, and rated it quite high. We decided to give the VaporFi Jet a try, mostly because a couple of our friends had tried it, and had nothing but good words to say about it. We went ahead and purchased the starter kit, and that’s where our tale begins…




VaporFi doesn’t produce the Jet any more. Head over to the VaporFi Pro review – this is a much better product that the Jet.


Starter Kit

For the humble price of $79.99, you’ll get everything you need to kick-start your journey:

  • 1 x 650mAh Battery
  • 1 x Cartomizer
  • 2 x Spare Atomizers
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Wall Adapter
  • 1 x Mouthpiece Cap

For a start, we lost the mouthpiece within twenty minutes of opening the box, and still haven’t found it to this day. Secondly, this MASSIVE electronic cigarette came in the smallest box we’d ever seen in our life! It was ridiculous. We kept pulling bits and pieces out of it, and were constantly amazed by how much one company had managed to cram into the smallest box possible. Well done for being eco-friendly VaporFi, that’s all I can say!

You’ll need to add a bottle of e-liquid in your order too, otherwise you’ll have nothing to get going with when it arrives. We opted for American Red Tobacco in the 30ml bottle, and this cost us $14.99.

For your information, the amount of e-liquids that you can buy on the VaporFi website is incredible, and they are one of the cheapest we’ve managed to come across so far. With the generic tobacco flavors, you’ll find a whole host of minty flavors, fruit flavors, and even desert flavors including Butter Pecan which seemed to go down rather nicely with the girls in the office. With SIX strengths available from the highest – Bold at 3.6%, to the lowest of Zero nicotine at 0%, the more flavors and strengths meant the more variety for us, and that’s something we loved right from the start.


We were super excited to get our hands on this one, mostly because we had been so impressed by the Pro and secondly, because it looked super cool. It didn’t look anything like any of the other e-cigarettes we had tried and in our opinion, a new look meant something special.

The long, triangular design was quite bulky to touch, and it was pretty heavy. Not something that you could easily or discreetly smoke in public, that’s all we’ll say on that just now.

We screwed everything together and filled the cartomizer up with the liquid. Thankfully there was an atomizer already attached because we needed to watch a YouTube video to work out how to change it later on. It just felt like a lot of work, when all was said and done, and everything worked out to be quite fiddly. Luckily, a friend of ours had the same struggle when they first got their VaporFi Jet, so they were able to show us. Perhaps we will share this information with you soon!

We started puffing on the e-cigarette and things were going rather well. There was plenty of throat hit – almost comparable to a strong (ish) cigarette. There was a lot of vapor as well; not quite as much as what is given by the VaporFi Pro, but enough to keep us happy.

Although it was quite bulky and difficult to handle at first, we soon learned the right ways to hold it. This is made easier by the automatic button on the front of the e-cigarette battery, and the small screen which shows not only how many puffs you have managed to get out of it so far since the last time it was plugged in, but also how much battery you have got left until you need to plug it in again.

We absolutely loved this feature on the e-cigarette. Not only could you see through the cartomizer to see how much liquid was left and avoid the nasty burning taste of empty cartridge, we could also see how much battery was left to ensure we plugged it in and switched batteries in time. You are basically in total control the whole time, and for ease of mind, there’s nothing better.


While we are on the topic of the battery, we feel we should let you know that on the first full charge, we managed to get over a day’s worth of puffing from it. This was chain-puffing in the morning and on an hour’s lunch break. Chain-puffing through two lots of fifteen minute breaks, and chain-puffing in the evening when we got home, from the point we finished dinner to the point we went to bed. We lead a very boring life, it would seem! 😉

Despite the massive 650mAh size of the battery, it actually only took about two hours or so to fully recharge. This seems bonkers to us when you consider that the largest V2 Cigs battery took about the same time to charge up and barely gives you half of that battery power. Well done VaporFi! Things seem to be working well in your favor right now!

The Experience

Sadly, we broke our first VaporFi Jet e-cigarette. We aren’t exactly sure how we did it, but the black ring between the cartomizer and battery split, resulting in us getting covered in liquid every time we tried to fill it up, or smoke from it. After a bit of a superglue botch job, we agreed to admit defeat and pronouns the e-cigarette dead. We emailed VaporFi who offered us a replacement Jet battery as a good will gesture. Wow! That’s customer service for you! They did, however, send us a rather snotty message that said these e-cigarettes WEREN’T designed to be kept in pockets, and that is probably what broke it.

The second VaporFi Jet e-cigarette turned up, and we were merrily using it AT HOME ONLY. We didn’t want to run the risk of taking it out in a pocket or bag and break it again. We made sure that it was looked after, and never dropped or banged it and a few weeks later, the exact same problem happened with the second battery. Either we have some pretty bad luck, or this isn’t a very well made design.

Upon further researching, it would seem that there were a few people whose VaporFi Jet e-cigarette suffered the same fate as ours, so this was lead us to believe a design problem over anything else.

This was unfortunate because, up until this point, VaporFi Jet had score very highly with us. There were a lot of good things that we found ourselves saying about it, but the one biggest flaw was the fact that we couldn’t seem to make one work for longer than a few weeks, and upon looking around, realized that other’s were encountering the same problem.

The VaporFi Pro had set some high expectations here, and for a higher price, you would have expected the Jet to be of higher quality. It might have given us the smoking experience we had been lusting after, but it didn’t go the distance which meant we had to sadly mark it down.

Once in the running, VaporFi Jet is now no longer in the lead in the hunt to find the best e-cigarettes.

Added Extras

Of course, before we end we feel that there are still more good things to say about VaporFi Jet e-cigarettes. Firstly, there is a wide range of accessories from which you can make your pick, and with a 30 day money back guarantee, plus a clear-cut 90 day warranty on everything other than cartridges and e-liquids, we were very happy about the service we received, and the product we had tested. Up until the point it broke, of course. The customer services representatives, although a bit snotty, were very helpful and as a good will gesture, sent us a replacement battery even though we could have broken it ourselves.

In Conclusion

Although a FANTASTIC product, both batteries we had for the VaporFi Jet broke within a couple of months of starting using them, which leads us to believe (when adding the other reviews we read saying the same thing) that there is a slight design flaw with the makeup of the e-cig. Everything else about the e-cigarette was amazing, to the point where we could have happily used this e-cigarette for the rest of our lives with no complaints, but when you are needing to replace the battery every few months, it just isn’t worth it. We would advise you to head on over to the VaporFi Pro review and have a read – that one we had much better luck with!

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  • Maria Padron Miami March 26, 2015 at 5:04 pm - Reply

    I purchased mine on the 12 and by the 28th had alreaady spent 204 dollars replacing parts. Everything in glued. If lay it sideways flows up and you are swallowing more juice than inhaling. The juice last very little time and since it stays warms for a long while, it evaporates more liquid. They are a rip off and overpriced. They just want you to go back and sell you more and more parts. No refunds and 90 days warranty which really just means come in and we will blame you for the problem and sell you more parts, never again. I will also post everywhere I can on social media and facebook.

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