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White Cloud e-cigarettes look good – you can’t deny that. However, does the vapor live up to the appearance? What about the price? Is White Cloud too expensive or just right? We decided that it was time to find out more and delve into the world of White Cloud cigarettes for our next e-cig review.

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Starter Kits

There are a whopping five starter kits that you can pick from with White Cloud and this automatically earns them brownie points!

  • Cirrus 2 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit at $49.95
  • Cirrus 3 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit at $63.96
  • Cirrus Variety Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit at $87.96
  • Cirrus 3X Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit at $95.96
  • Phantom Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit at $159.96

Clearly the Phantom Kit is designed for men with its matte black exterior and manly design about it. It would seem that you don’t get an awful lot of bang for your buck with this brand either – the kits themselves seem sparse in comparison to other e-cigarette brands and we weren’t all that impressed. The Cirrus 3 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit, for example, costs a rather hefty $63.96 and only gives you 3 batteries, USB charger, quid USB charger and five cartridges. There are other brands that offer more for less and it might be worth shopping around.

The look is almost Apple-inspired with the sleek white contours and bright blue color effects. They have recently reduced their prices too, which bodes well for White Cloud – they are clearly listening to their customers. At the same time though, they could do with dropping them a little further to keep in touch with the other bigger and better brands.


A spare battery will set you back anywhere from $19.95 to $29.95, depending on the length and style of the battery and we have noticed that they don’t seem to offer manual options – something that didn’t go down well with our team. Some of us love that button and some of us hate it, but we sure don’t like it when a company doesn’t offer us a button!

The battery is a good battery and holds a decent amount of battery life but we often found that the inhale was slightly delayed – we had to puff for a few seconds before anything started happening. We also found that the vapor give off wasn’t as strong or as much as that offered by the likes of EverSmoke either. Not bad, but not good either.

White Cloud boasts that their e-cig batteries will last, on average, five times more than the average e-cig offered by other brands and although we agreed it did last longer, the statement that it could last up to five times more seemed a little farfetched. It definitely didn’t last that long.

Flavors & Cartridges

White Cloud offer so many flavors that we didn’t really know where to begin. They certainly offer more than most companies out there:

  • Diablo
  • Clove
  • Kick
  • Chocolate
  • Espresso
  • Strawberry
  • Snap
  • Moscow Mule
  • Lime & Coconut
  • Bad Apple
  • Peach Pit
  • Vanilla
  • Bora Bora
  • Apache
  • Cinnamon
  • Menthol
  • Regular

You will also find four strength options available:

  • Double Extra
  • Extra
  • Full
  • Light
  • Ultra Light
  • Nicotine Free

For flavors and strengths, White Cloud definitely rules. What it lacks in vapor, it makes up for in taste!


At the very best, the warranty offered by White Cloud was at least honest. You only get a measly 6 month warranty. The good news is that they don’t pretend it’s a lifetime warranty with lots of terms and conditions…

It would appear that you would void your warranty if you were to use e-liquid in your cartridges rather than using White Cloud cartridges so you will need to give this some thought before you make your final decision on which is the best e-cigarette to buy. You can buy an extended warranty for your e-cigs but this will cost you.

Added Extras

There were some varied accessories for White Cloud but we did find that they were fairly pricey and there wasn’t a great selection of stuff. They do regularly offer coupon codes which could bring the price down, but paying full whack for these will get costly over time.

You also have the option for various battery colors which we did like – sometimes we like to switch things up!


In short, we felt that White Cloud go off to a great start but went downhill from there. The product looked good and the flavors were varied but they didn’t last long, the battery certainly didn’t live up to its “five times longer” promise, and everything was just a bit too expensive for our liking.

When you add to this that the e-cig didn’t produce enough vapor for our tastes and not all flavors were available in all nicotine levels and you will find that more and more flaws are poking through with this brand of e-cig. They offer the smallest battery in size but no manual option, and with the highest nicotine strengths, you might find that it is a bit too strong.

17 thoughts on “White Cloud”

  1. I have been using a variety of white cloud’s products for over six years. I absolutely cannot stand anything else but white cloud. This company is always incredibly helpful. They always replace my broken batteries and chargers! Last night, I had my package stolen and a woman named Miranda was very sweet and helpful. I absolutely LOVE this company. I will use all of their products for as long as possible!

  2. I have had a number of interactions with customer service. They have been responsive, helpful and professional. I have used their products for over six years and am very satisfied. Yes, they have had some battery issues, but they resolve them quickly for me.

  3. I love it. I’m guessing you chose to respond to this, and only this comment because out of all of them that’s the only one where white cloud might come across as not so bad. I have found white cloud to have the worst batteries in existence and it’s kinda fun betting how many cartridges won’t work out of a certain number. Emails to white cloud completely ignored. My fault for ordering from an American company. Always pay more and always vastly inferior. Greed does that

  4. 280 puffs from cirrus 2??? More like 40. And after about 10 the battery is so weak it barely works. 10-25% of cartridges don’t work at all. The double extra strength is great but between these terrible batteries and hit and miss cartridges it’s definately advisable to try a different brand. I’d return them but from what I’ve read that’s nothing but a hassle at customers time and expense. Overall I’d sat 3 out of 10. I’m very poor and am kind of stuck with white cloud as any money I could save to try another brand is spent on extra cartidges to make up for non functional ones and the fact I need more batteries.

  5. Have used White Cloud ecigs for over SEVEN years.

    Yes, their vapor is minimal. I prefer more discreet clouds. Just enough to be realistic.

    Menthol flavor does diminish before cartridge is empty, but I’ve learned when to change them out.

    Yes, I have had a few ‘dud’ cartridges…..will not activate, pull apart from the core wick, leaking, will not thread on the battery.

    BUT, customer service has always been responsive, courteous, and helpful.

    Haven’t tried any other brand so can’t compare.

  6. I agree with Chris. I have purchased ALOT of disposable Flings over that past several years. I order them in 100 packs, most always espresso regular strength. I spend $500/ mo. on their products. Quality control has become terrible. I have had many “dud” ecigs in the past but never bothered to send it back for refund due to all the hassle. They cost over 5 bucks each. Recently, it’s not just the duds but it is the quality of the product itself that has become an issue. I just received a 100 pack of espresso, and they are just horrible. The flavor is just a straight chemical / rank taste that burns the back of your throat. Just absolutely nasty. There is no espresso flavor. This is certainly not the first time the whole batch has been bad. I am sick of spending so much money on this inferior product.

    1. Hi. OMG. Just read your comments on the white cloud products being an inferior product. My son was just telling me about his last shipment of the vanilla flavor, stating they taste like a chemical. We have bought them for years and never had this problem. We are having it more and more and I’m getting mad spending all this money. Just glad to know we are not the only ones. Something has Definitely changed with their product. I will be calling them again. Thanks for sharing

      1. Of course they’re going to have a chemical taste. Did you really think that REAL vanilla would be used in a product like this?

    2. It is not surprising that you’ve lost your sense o taste. The only problem in your case is the amount of it you’re using. It is extreme…

  7. I loved White Cloud, at first, 2 years back. Since then, their prices and cartridge defect rate have both increased to an unsatisfactory level.

    Their return process is intentionally difficult; requiring forms and shipping at your expense.

    Their claim analogizing cartridge packs to a carton of cigarettes is demonstrably false.

    Lastly, I commented here because their site moderation prevents the posting of less than glamorous feedback such as this (yet it’s entirely fact-based). Compare their site feedback (Excellent) to reviews not controlled by WC (far short of Excellent).


  8. My first e cig was the V2. Their highest strength was just not strong enough for me at 2.4% nicotine…I was going through 2-3 cartridges a day. I recently bought the Cirrus 3x with Double Xtra Strength cartridges and there perfect. A single cartridge lasts me 1-2 days and the hit strength is consistent throughout the life of the cartridge. I just purchased a 50 cartridge refill pack and plan on being a loyal customer. I love their product and hope their service lives up to my expectations.

  9. I had ordered cartridges UPS says left at front door after speaking to a rep he told me to go to UPS to file a lost package and would probably take a week to figure out but had the audacity to say you can order more now. After paying for a product that I did not receive he wants me to pay more money and shipping that’s ridiculous. I even gave this company a second chance after they calleD a family member who ewas using the product a liar about her purchasing a warranty from them. It’s horrible customer service since they have removed local kiosks…would not recommend this. Now I have to find a place locally so I don’t have to wait for delivery that doesn’t show up. I am very disappointed in this companies customer service

    1. Sounds like deja vu.
      And yes, try getting them to
      Rectify the problem?
      You can wait or buy MORE while
      Your waiting.
      Companies greediness will eventually be
      Their downfall.

  10. I purchased a kit from this company the day after thanksgiving they have not once honored their warranty at all. I have 2 broken batteries and a broken charger and when I tried to exchange they said I am not in their system. I have paid $80 for a kit to have it break in 6 months and them call me a liar when I called to get help. This company has ran out of their cigarettes for weeks at one point, they are now all online and so I can’t even go to a kiosk for assistance. I would not recommend them at all

  11. I just received my flings yesterday, I am very happy with them so far I love the espresso no nicotine. I don’t care for the cinnamon honey. I am so glad I came across white cloud e cigs. I am hoping I will be able to stay away from regular cigarettes from now on. Looking forward to trying the other flavors in the flings.

  12. I received a shipment of cleardraw2 cartridges recently. 80% of them leaked. I called customer service and they admit to having product flaws with the cleardraw2 and advised me to return them for exchange. But lo and behold the company’s “testing procedure” determined that all but 3 were functioning properly and my replacement request has been refused. So how is it that my experience is so different? And why has the company argued with me at length over $20 worth of merchandise? I can only speculate but take heed, this is not a company that you want to do business with. Integrity and customer service are sorely lacking in my own personal experience. I hope this letter will help you avoid my experience.

    1. We are sorry to hear of the poor experience reported by Shawn. We have a record of a complaint in regards to faulty ClearDraw 2 cartridges on Jan 16,2015. Shawn stated that several cartridges purchased on Jan 13th had a problem. We immediately shipped two replacement packs of cartridges, 1 to replace her purchase and 1 as a courtesy for the inconvenience. We shipped these replacements on Jan 16th via 2nd Day Air so they would arrive quickly. This equals 10 cartridges. We did not require the return of the cartridges before shipping replacements.

      On Jan 28, 2015 we received a package from Shawn containing 11 cartridges requesting replacements. We did test the returned cartridges and out of 11 cartridges returned 3 were found defective. We emailed Shawn with this information along with what cartridges we were replacing and the cartridges we were happy to return back to her. We sent a shipment on Jan 28, 2015 for the replacements.

      Since Shawn was not satisfied after we replaced a total of 13 cartridges, we shipped an additional 6 cartridges on Jan 29th, totaling 19 cartridges replaced. We also shipped a Fling Original as a substitute for a particular flavor not available in our ClearDraw 1 cartridges as Shawn did not want the ClearDraw 2 cartridges.

      Shawn purchased a total of 12 cartridges (5 of which are free with the starter kit purchase) and we sent replacements totaling 19 cartridges plus a Fling Original. We are saddened with this complaint after Shawn did in fact receive all replacements plus additional free product.

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