Using E-Cigarettes to Quit Smoking

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Quitting SmokingRight, let’s get to the point here. You want to quit smoking. You are sick of trying patches that don’t work, nicotine gum that gives you hiccups within five minutes of chewing it, and weird inhalers that don’t give you quite the hit you need to make it through the stressful ten minutes without a “real” cigarette.

You’ve decided that you now want to try your hands at electronic cigarettes, mostly because you’ve seen other people using them, and some of your friends have actually managed to quit smoking by vaping? I’m glad you’ve finally come over to the “light side”… Life is very different over here. I don’t stink like an ashtray for one! 😉

Can you really quit smoking with electronic cigarettes?

Quitting smoking using e-cigarettes is really easy, and is literally a process of weaning yourself away from the nicotine addiction by combating the physical addiction to the nicotine drug addiction at the same time. It doesn’t make a lot of sense right now, but it will in about five minutes, I promise you.

When you first get your vaping device – from that very first moment you clock eyes on it on the website and decide to add-to-basket, you will want to go for the very strongest, highest level of nicotine strength you can get your hands on. This is an approach that is quite smart to take, mostly because you’ll appreciate too much nicotine a lot more than not enough… trust me!

Comfortable? Take the next step…

Nicotine Strength StepsOnce you’ve been using the e-cigarette for a while, and you think you have got comfortable enough to use it properly, you should consider dropping down a nicotine level. It’s a scary thought, and I’m not saying you won’t notice the difference because you probably will, but it’s a small price to pay. Just imagine changing brand of cigarettes, or going for a lightly “lighter” tobacco, and you’ll have the right idea. Just like the changes to your smoking habits you made in the past, you and your body will soon get used to it. It’s just a matter of time.

I only stuck with the high level stuff for a month or so before I decided to change down to the next lightest nicotine strength, and I would suggest doing it when you feel comfortable. If you are trying to get used to a lower nicotine level while using an electronic cigarette you can’t quite get the hang of, you’re going to find yourself getting agitated. If it takes you a couple of months to settle down and get the hang of things, so be it. Wouldn’t you rather take your time, doing things properly than rushing in, trying to get to the end point too soon, and failing because you didn’t show a bit of patience?

Anyway, the point I am trying to make is when you feel you can do it, make an order for new cartridges or liquids, but instead of going for the high strength stuff, choose to order a lower strength instead, such as medium.

Taking different e-liquid strengths into consideration…

Electronic cigarette's e-liquidObviously, some e-cigarette companies will have strengths available over others, so if you want to do it in more, slightly smaller stages, feel free to go for one like V2 Cigs that offers a wide range of strengths. White Cloud is another great e-cig company to opt for also, and they have the highest strength liquids and cartridges we’ve come across so far.

When you order the medium liquid, use it for a couple of months again. The first time I quit smoking with vapes, this second phase; the medium phase, lasted me just a month before I decided to go onto the lower strength of cartridge. To be honest, I think this was too fast, for me at least. I’d give it a couple of months on the medium stuff before you head down to the low strengths. At least 8/9 weeks anyway.

When to hit the low e-liquid.

Vaping no nicotineYou’ll know when the time comes to finally start hitting the low strength stuff anyway. That’s how it went for me…I started leaving my e-cigarette at home. I wasn’t as reliant on it as I had been at the start, and although I still craved nicotine, I didn’t freak out quite so much when I realized I was going to need to wait almost an hour before I was home to smoke it. There were a few times I left it in the office overnight too, and had to resort to using an old backup kit I had bought many years ago. Once you start forgetting it, you’re not reliant on it – your brain isn’t constantly thinking about it. You should embrace it because it’s not a bad thing!

When you go onto the low strength stuff, you should deliberately start leaving your electronic cigarette at home. When you head to work, pack it in your bag and whack your bag in the trunk so you can’t get to it. Do the whole journey without it and see how you feel. Try not to smoke it on the way to school with the kids in the morning. Leave it at home rather than tucking the e-cig in your pocket when you leave to go to the grocery store. The trick is to get used to being a non-smoker and sometimes that literally just means being a non-smoker, even if it is only for a couple of hours at a time.

Low strength is just one more step away from being a non-smoker. Very soon, you will be on your way to being nicotine-free. Imagine the money you could be saving, and the health benefits you could be reaping. Studies have shown that quitting smoking could boost your quality of life in many hundreds and even thousands of different ways. Isn’t it time that you started enjoying life as a non-smoker again? Imagine the money you’d save on air fresheners for your smoke-ridden home!

After another couple of months on the low strength nicotine cartridges or liquid, and a few attempts at deliberately leaving it at home or in the car when you go out and about, you should start thinking about going to zero…no nicotine.

Zero Nicotine (It’s not as scary as you’d think!)

It’s a scary thought but if you decided to quit smoking, you must have known this day would come… The day that you would finally be free of the nicotine-chains you have been held by for the last few years, even decades in some cases. Buy a couple of bottles of zero strength liquids to refill your cartridges with, and have them to hand. Don’t make a date for it if you don’t want to. That can be too much of an intimidating thought for some. One day you’ll more than likely wake up and say “today is the day”and make the switch anyway. Again, that was the approach I took and it worked well for me. The liquid turned up and I put it in my drawer of e-cigarette paraphernalia, planning to forget about it for a while. Three days later, I put the low strength stuff in the drawer and took the zero strength stuff out. Apparently, that was the day.

I did about two weeks on the e-cigarette on the zero strength cartridges before I put it in the drawer and didn’t take it out again…For two years. I had a particularly bad day at work and the e-cigarette wasn’t going to be enough to curb my cravings. I bought a pack of ten cigarettes and smoked again for three weeks before I went back on the e-cigarettes and started the process all over again. The second time, I gave up smoking for about seven months. It just goes to show it works. Perhaps I just don’t have enough will power yet? Still, even with smoking the e-cigarettes you’ll be saving money on regular cigarettes, so you can’t really complain!

The trick to getting it right is…

The trick to quitting smoking by vaping is to do things slowly. I found the faster I tried to quit, the worse my attempt was. The third time I quit with e-cigarettes, I only spent three or four weeks on the various strengths before sliding down to the next one. Within five months I had gone from smoking to zero strength, and within three more months, I was back to smoking.

The longer I took in the various stages, the better the length of time I gave up for. My best attempt was when I took about eight months to quit from start to finish. Maybe that’s the sort of time frame you should be looking at yourself?

The one thing I do know is that you’ll never know how well you will do if you don’t give it a shot. For a little under a hundred bucks, you could have all you’ll need to smoke for a month, saving yourself two hundred dollars, and already boosting your overall health. What is it exactly that you are waiting for?

Next step? Get yourself an e-cig!

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174 thoughts on “Using E-Cigarettes to Quit Smoking”

  1. I dont normally comment but i had to..
    Reading all your amazing stories has made my day honestly.thought id share mine aswell.

    I started during my O levels around 2012.
    Smoked for about 8 years. Graph increased exponentially. Started from 1 a day to 15 a day.
    Smoked all 8 years, maybe a 2-3 months hiatus.

    But whether i was sick or healthy i smoked. Evrry freaking day.

    Towards the end i felt like cigs were killing me.
    I lost me taste buds. My sense of smell.
    I was completely overwhelmed by the fucked up smell of cigs. I felt my heart beating irregularly
    My whole body crumbling (towards the end).

    I decided to finally buy a vape. I was scared to buy one cuz i thought they blow up or someth ig
    I never thought id go without cig a day. Its been a week now. I dont think about cigs anymore.

    I just hope and pray one day iget meself rid of all sorts of smoking.
    Since vaping im is beautiful again.
    I can smell. I can breathe. I can taste. I can eat.
    I can gain weight. Im connected to higher power
    It seems like.

    Life is good. Alhumdullilah.

  2. Everything is better than regular cigarettes, there is no doubt. If vaping works for you to quit smoking, it’s ok. But Would you be able to quit this habit eventualy? In my opinion e-cigarettes is not an answer, because you’re not stoping the smoking habit, so even if you’ll get rid of the nicotine, you will not be completely free and with big chance for relapse.

    1. That is a valid point. I myself did manage but it takes a lot longer than cold turkey as it’s drawn out more. Quitting all the addictive chemicals first then stopping the habit of hand to mouth, this was the hardest part in my opinion as it’s a repetitive movement that becomes muscle memory and a learnt behaviour. However this is by far the better way in my opinion because cold turkey can cause an overload of signals in the brain.

  3. Quitting slowly is the key. I used to smoke 30cigs a day (pack and a half). Got my first vape device (joytech). The first 24hrs I only smoke 3 cigs. I was impress but still found myself wanting to smoke. So i would only smoke when i got really agitated but i made my own cut off limit. That limit was 5 cigs a day. Then 3. I stayed with 3 cigs a day for a while. Then i started to feel that was to much. So i went to 2, then 1. Now Im only smoking 1 cig every 2-3 days!!! I started with a 6 level strength ejucie but had to increase it to a 12 level nicotine strength. I also vape salt nics (stuff inside the Juul pods) at a 50 level nicotine strength. I was a heavy smoker and would find any excuse to smoke and chain smoke. So for me vaping has tremendously help me wean off cigs, again 30 per day to 1 every 2-3 days.

    Like the article above, start slow, start with a high nicotine level, get 2 devices just to get a different delivery system. Start with simple devices (pods devices or “all in one” devices). Your craving for cigs will drop slowly but impressively. Dont feel bad when you do smoke because i promise you, youre smoking habit will be far and few in between. Youll feel great.

    After 3 days without smoking i gave in and smoke 1 cig. Ill easily go the rest of the day without smoking and im sure i can go through the 2nd day, but we’ll see on the 3rd day. Stay the course my fellow ex-smokers and keep the faith. We are NOT SMOKERS any more!!!

  4. Hello fellow soon to be non-smokers!!! I’ve sat here and read all the comments and makes me even prouder of what I’ve accomplished. I’m 44 years old and live in God’s greatest state of Texas. Smoking was always in my life from family and friends to working in the pressures of the oilfield. Never thought I’d quit after trying over 50 times since becoming a full time smoker 26 years ago. I quit for 6 months one time and had some family tragically had they’re lives ended abruptly and I began again only smoking almost 2 packs a instead of one as I always had. Not much of a successful story but was very proud of myself then deep depression and self critical when I went back to smoking. So 2 years ago my now 18 year old son showed me a article about ecigs and I rolled my eyes and said I’d rather smoke than be addicted to a machine lol. But after a couple weeks we went to Amarillo and I jumped in with the highest dose available. I went too high thow and quit using cause of headaches and bad taste. Figured it out and got it right. That was 3 years ago and in that 3 years I smoked honestly 2 cigarettes. When I got to my 6 month mark my wife son and senior in college had a huge party and cookout surprise for me. I was so overwhelmed I cried when my daughter started while hugging me and whispering how proud she was of me and how she always remembered me never giving up and trying everything. What moved so deep was I didn’t know they were secretly keeping track and supporting my wins and losses over the years. Knowing how much my will and determination reflected so positively upon my babies and wife something inside me left that had always been there. I haven’t used the vape for 6 months and haven’t smoke a cigarette in 2 and a half years. My breathing has improved so much that now I bike ,run and love playing golf again. I don’t miss things I used to stepping outside to smoke while children were young and I no longer take blood pressure medication and have more of a appetite also because u really do taste foods more and that and the breathing I caught right off. I’m 6’3 44 years old and weigh a perfect 194 pounds for my age and height so the blood pressure issue I’d developed was 100% smoking related which really brings in reality think I may have had a massive heart attack by now. So my advice to everyone is never give up it’s your life and I decided my life’s harder to take away than a habit winning against me. To this day I’ll smell someone smoking and sometimes it’s umbareably discusting or the opposite it smell like heaven so still have in mind but it’s so deep it ain’t winning. Stay the course your gonna slip that’s because it’s one of the highest addictive drugs known to man kind so it’s work but please don’t wait start work today. We work everyday of our life for financial security yet don’t give half the effort on something like your life ending habit. Choose what works for u and my son is who I give the credit for my immediate transformation which is the hardest month the first one. He wouldn’t let just give up wed research it together and we are closer today for it. Not only him having more respect for me but me seeing my youngest show me a glimpse of the man I’d raised and how much he learned before even approaching me. I did something right in my life both my children are unbelievable and never smoked in they’re lives cause I never smoked around them always went outside, they’ve seen me smoke just never made it look cool or told them it’s good. All I ever said was never try never start it was the dumbest decision I ever made. So I’ll leave y’all just stay the course and remember it’s very important it’s your life let’s all die of old age and on our terms. Pay it Forward?!! PS. I’ve also help 3 good friends kick cigarettes also but noticed not one case is the same and none were successful right off but keep people around encouraging u. But do investigations yourself get the right vape and dosage play around with it makes all the difference in the world. Don’t put demanding deadlines either because it’s already a stressful process why add chances of feeling as a failure for missing a dated goal. The goal is to eventually being a non-smoker not a 90 day non-smoker. Just in short don’t put scheduled dosage reduction or different goals cause u and your body are set on time and dates. Also your 80% more likely to return to smoking not giving yourself time to heal mentally and physically. Thanks God be with you and don’t give up

  5. Hi ,
    So thankful to have found this site .I have been a smoker on and off since 13 ,so about 36 years .sounds crazy when I put the number out there .My sister died a year ago from lung cancer ,she was only 62 .I am determined to conquer the battle with the cigs!! I am using the juul 5mg ,only really use it in car when driving and at night with my beer or wine .. otherwise the patch seems to help . It’s been 12 days tomorrow and it is so nice to not real of cigarettes..I hope to get off the all evenetually but one step at a time ..Good Luck to all of you !☺️

  6. Hi there im sure this thread is old but id just like to put this to light i stoped cigarettes 3 days ago and started vaping it was hard i cryd the first 2 days im good now though upped my nic but im shocked at how little good things are said about vaping. Ive been smoking for 16 years im 30 now i have 3 kids smoking was killing me every smoke i lit hurt my chest like a burning pitcher stuck tgew a lung. i knew it was time! i only stoped one time before this and it was not easy im planning on leaving the vape aswell i think whats driven me is the kids its hard make no mistake tge habbit of sitting outside smoking or coffee and a smoke is now gone it makes me feel stupid for needing that but i just have to go without i really found this inspiring thanks so much

  7. Just came across this forum and it was incredibly inspiring. I have been a hard smoker since I was 17. Im not 44 years old and am having the artery replaced in my lower right leg. Its in part due to a collapsed muscle crushing the artery but it scared me pretty bad and made me want to quit. The thought of quitting is terrifying in that its my only vice and life long crutch! I bought a couple of vaping devices and use the juul sticks the most. The dose is only 5mg which is low and im still going through withdrawal pretty good but its definitely helping me do this! If it wasn’t for vaping I honestly would have never considering quickly. I absolutely know that cold turkey, medication, gum or “the patch” doesn’t work for me and I failed quitting many times. Im not 2 full days without cigarettes and although its super hard and this morning I reached for one, I threw it in the trash and hit the vape stick. Im doing this and vaping is a godsend. If I do not quit smoking its going to kill me like it did my father. Hang in there everyone….if I can get my first 48hours in everyone can. I LOVE smoking and never dreamed i could do this. god bless vaping!

  8. I have now been using a vape for almost two weeks now I started on 6mg but found I was still smoking so I have upped it to 12 mg for the last week and not one cigarette!
    I have found an amazing fruity liquid that I love, I did have a bit of an irritated throat to start with but with persistence this has gone. My mouth now tastes human I don’t smell and all in all I feel a sense of achievement and general wellbeing.
    I cant imagine ever going back to smoking.

  9. Good honest article, with some excellent advise. I bought my vape kit one week ago, for some weird reason I can’t kick my 11pm cigarette, but do not even crave one any other time of day. I bought a good brand cool fire IV, and it is perfect, am trying not to use too much, and after starting on 18mg I hope to go down to 16 next week and see how I go. Also plan to stop the 11pm cigarette, good luck everyone, this has to be 100 % better than smoking

  10. I’ve come to my senses finally, I’ve decided to buy a lot of nicotine just in vape or patch form. i will try not to use the patch but what I’ve found helps is 0 nicotine in the middle of the day. then 6 % for morning and evening the times when i enjoyed smoking the most. its been 2 days, this is my first real effort to stop after ten years of a tiring habit nearer the end.

  11. This is such an encouraging read, and the comments are so helpful.
    I want to share tips, tricks and some psychology behind the smoking habit.
    I still carry an empty pack of cigarettes with me.
    I put my vapor suorin teardrop in the box, and I put a lighter in it too. I keep the rituals involved with smoking cigarettes, but without cigarettes.
    I keep paraphernalia on my habit table. I would sit for hours on my patio, smoking cigarettes, watching tv, while playing mini games on my tablet.
    I still do the same rituals. I fire up my lighter, hold the teardop vape in my hand, puff and play games. Same habits but they are healthier.
    All of my paraphernalia sits AT my left hand on the table. And when I run out of the house, my cigarette box goes into
    My pocket, just like before. I smoked since 13, now I’m 40…that’s 27 years. ! Btw, I burn a bay leaf with that lighter. It calms the anxiety and stress. My 18 milligram will drop down when I’m good and ready…at least I’m not smoking! Peach mixed with watermelon is pretty good! Good luck all. We’re doing it! Healthier.

  12. Hi all,
    I had been a heavy smoker for 25 years, with many failed attempts to quit using patches. I was pretty much convinced that there was no hope I would ever quit. Bought my e-cig eleven fridays ago at 10am, stamped on the packet of cigarettes i had bought only an hour earlier, and have not smoked a cigarette since.
    I won’t lie, I’m massively dependent on my vape, however, no more chronic asthma (my inhalers are gathering dust), I sleep all night (no more middle of the night cravings), my bank balance is healthy enough to finally book a great holiday for the kids.
    Good luck to you all, it’s really worked for me.

  13. I only started smoking when i was 20. My flat mate smoked and encouraged me to have one. I hated it but was hooked and started my 10 a day habit. 5 years later i was on 20 a day and 10 years later 30 a day. I’m 49 now and smoked 40 to 60 a day. The cost is mind blowing and the dependency soul destroying – i felt it had taken over my life. 3 days ago i bought a vape kit and a few flavors at high strength as my cigs were very strong and superkings. My first vape felt the same as smoking and the different flavours keep it interesting too. 3 days without a cig after nearly 30 years of smoking is unreal and each day i feel better for it. I agree with everything you said. I didnt plan to buy the vape kit i just went in and got one when i was ready. I’m not planning to lower the strength but i know in a month or 2 i’ll buy a lower strength when i’m ready and after that zero nicotine and after that i’ll stop but i’m not worried about that now. In fact i’m actually not even thinking about it. I’m too busy enjoying life without smelling bad. Mentally i no longer feel the need to stop a car or get out of a building to light up a cig. Just knowing i have the vape on me is assurance enough subconsciously for me not to go out for a vape even. Theres been a few occasions i have needed the vape “urgently” and within a few seconds and a few vapes the desire goes away again. Cant recommend strongly enough and if it works for me on up to 60 cigs a day and smoking for 30 years then it should work for anyone…. Go for it.

  14. I smoked for a little over three years on and off(stopped for pregnancy). Saw that my O2 was at 88 (bad!). Stopped smoking that day and switched to vaping.High nicotine at first. Took about 2 months to stop wanting cigarettes and switching completely to vaping. A year and a half later I vape a 6mg pen and go without for 12 hour shifts and trips around town. No more bronchitis, shortness of breath, or stinky cigarrette smell. It works, just keep trying the vape and resist cigarettes those first few months of vaping. Way more effective than trying to quit cold turkey. Now, to go to no nicotine vaping might be my next step. Or just leaving my vape at home.

  15. I’ve just started Vaping. I’m only 24. I roughly smoke between 5-10 a day. I started smoking when I was at uni. It’s mostly when I drink that I smoke a hell of a lot more. And I’m worried that I stick to Vaping but when I’m out having a few drinks with my friends I’ll smoke again!! Any suggestions?

  16. Great reading. I have been smoking since 17yrs old, now 32. Did try everything (gums, nicotine plasters….) until I first found out about ecigs. My friends already had some but never really worked for them – so I was hesitating. But I decided to try anyway. Did try plenty of them but no results and always came back to cigarettes. Last I´ve bought Vapour2 and it seems really work out for me – it has been 5 months without cigarettes and hopefully it will last:-).It was probably more expensive than others but it is worth to try it.

  17. Hi
    I just stumbled on this site and reading all your stories has made me feel so positive about giving up nasty cigarettes by vaping.
    So thanks everyone!!!
    I have only had two cigarettes in the last week …both times, I was with friends that smoked, and so I had one of theirs, because the smell set me back to my 30 year habit…..
    But both times, I actually can say that they tasted horrible compared to the e liquid….
    I still find myself craving the habit and ritual at times during each day, but I use the vape, and the feeling passes…..
    I never thought that I would ever be a non smoker….. and I am starting at 12mg and all your advice has made me realise that I can step down in stages to being nicotine free…

    1. Been smoking 20 cigarettes a day for 8 years [since i was 15.
      I am use electronic cigarette 6mg but stuggling any ideas How i can quit buying tobacco?

  18. I have had my vape for almost 3 months and started with 7mg nicotine which didn’t really work out I still found myself having a cigarette 5 times a week(which two or three cigarettes 5 days a week doesn’t sound like it’s too much, I was doing both at the same time and just really wanted to quit). Today marks 4 days cigarette Free and I already feel better. I up’d my disease to 9mg and that seems to have helped a ton. Sure, I still crave that cigarette and am half tempted to get one off of coworkers (via asking them or them offering) but I am determined to quit and make it to the end of this nicotine addiction. Wish me luck and so wish luck on to all of you as well! We can do this!

  19. Everytime I wake up, ‘I need to smoke’ is ringing in my mind. Only thing is this is just being addicted. I started smoking about age 13 in school due to peer pressure. Back then it was considered ‘cool’. Only thing not cool about it after 21 years are my lungs. I was out of breath after only a short walk from my apartment to the shop and back. As I realised this I knew that it’s time to try to shake the habit. I’ve been vaping now for about 2 weeks. I did slip back to smoking regular tobacco for a couple of days, but now I’m committed, and of course I know that it’s well worth knocking the habit, as it’s a nasty one that only robs you from your health. So I am hitting the vape hard this afternoon in faith that if I don’t light up today I can resist the urge to light on tomorrow as well as after that. Don’t you know that smoking is expensive as well! All the tobacco purchases add up over time, and you are literally paying to destroy your lung health with the possible risk of cancer down the line, if you unable to quit the habit in time! My support is out to all the people that posted on this page. I know that you can all succeed to kick the habit for good, just be strong in your mind and realize that you don’t need smoking! Come on I know that you can do it!

  20. Been smoking a life time now two weeks on vaping 6% and going well soon going on 3% then 0% cravings are still a problem but determind to stop

  21. i had been experienced tow way story and i will explained down, But Just to know i am 34 Yrs. I had start smoking 16 yrs ago a pack each day at starting and latter “very recent latter ” a pack was stay for 2 days , any way let talk a bout my experience :
    1. I bought my E-Cig last year , and i start vaping instead of Regular smoking , but my mistake was i start with High nicotine for one week and i converted to Zero , but i used the e cig for 3 months and i backed to regular smoking , so as showing above go with is step by step.
    2. i had backed to my e cig since 3 month but now with new plan new way i started with high nicotine and gradually change , Now i am with the low One
    sand my plan to change to zero in 3 month.

    so be sure that e smoke is better that regular one in many many ways .
    and since i get back to e smoke even my skin colar starting change to better
    any way i wish a very good luck for every one

  22. I’m 2 weeks and 3 days since I quit smoking and started vaping. My goal is to get off the nicotine completely. I’m using the nicotine patch at the same time. I started with a 0mg but still craved the cigarettes so I bought some 3mg and 6mg to use as well. After a week I had already moved to the middle dose patch and now I’m at the lowest. I tried a cigarette after a week and found it tasted gross. I don’t ever want to go back to smoking. And bonus…the sweet tasting ejuice has curbed my sweet tooth too!

  23. been smoking since i was 15 and today is my first month cigarette free since i switched to vaping.. started at 3mg so far so good. i feel a good about myself. hope this will also inspire others.

  24. I am trying to help a friend quit. She is getting really sick. To complicate things she lives out of the country Cuba so they are stuck in the 50s they don’t have any of this stuff over there.

    Can someone please tell me how and where do I buy it and how much do I buy because I plan to send it to her next month when a friend is going.


  25. I just started yesterday and looking very forward to the day I no longer depend on cigarettes to get me through the day. I bought a vision spinner and highest strength liquid and I have not smoked a cigarette since yesterday before I bought it. This realty helps control cravings! I was looking up info for tips to help me quit and happy that I came across this…I will definitely take this advise! Thank you!

  26. Super post.I just started my transition. For the first time in 42 years I don’t have a cigatette hanging from my mouth. Christmas my son bought me a starter kit. He meant well but sent fruit n candy flavors with 18 nicotine level. It killed me as it was burning my throat n causing more coughing. So I concluded vaping was not for me.Then in late February I got ill and need oxygen for a few weeks. Enters, my darling friend she was a life time smoker, like myself and she had quit smoking (2 years in)by vaping. She explained to me, as your post did..You need to start vaping at the nicotine level u r comfortable at (which for me was 24)…also a purer form of tobacco flavor. She also purchased me a different model tank and battery, so I can adjust the air flow. From the day I started I was able to put down the cigarettes completely. I was smoking almost 2pks a day. It has been 2 weeks..I still find myself looking to see where I left my pack or if I have left a cigarette burning but habits will die. I have taken the first stepts to becoming free of nicotine and already am so comfortable without cigarettes. I will take my time as you suggest and I will succeed. Your article is so candid and helpful. I will continue to refer to it in the months to come. Best of luck to u and all who are on this journey <3

  27. Hello everyone! At 12:30pm tomorrow I will be 3 weeks tobacco free!! WOOT WOOT! I had smoked 35 years. About 3 years ago I was diagnosed with COPD. I needed to quit badly. I used 12mg for a week and now I’m on 6mg. Which I plan on staying with for as long as it takes. I smoked a pack and a half a day. Didn’t understand the nicotine levels, just sort of winged it. Still crave the unhealthy way but refuse to go back. I am lucky to have an awesome support system. Most days I only have to fill my tank once. We got this everyone. Vape on!

  28. On day 4 of my e-cig. No regular smokes so far. Was doing some research to see if they could actually help me kick the habit all together. I have been a smoker for at least 20 years. 18 of those were maybe a pack a week to every 3 to 4 days. In the past two years I am up to a pack a day. I stopped before for about 8 months using patches. Eventually picked it back up. I’m definitely over smelling like an ashtray. Ready to kick this nasty habit for good. Enjoyed reading everyone’s comments they gave me hope. I bad want to go buy some real cigs but just keep puffing away on this little electronic replacement until the urge goes away. I had to get a back up as the panic and fear that comes over me when the battery dies is almost enough to make me run to the store for a pack. The back up was a great idea. Anyways thanks for everyone’s posts they are helpful.

  29. @ Tracie: I would not do both! You overdose on nicotine, depending on the strength of the patch and the liquid used. But as suggested in this blog post, start with a higher mg per ml, like a 12mg juice. Here in Nepal, all that was available when I decided to quit (after 15 years of chain-smoking) was 6mg, and that is/was like torture. I feel like I am getting barely enough nicotine to stay alive. And if I had patches laying around, I’d feel like doing one. It’s a tough slog, good luck!

  30. Hi can anyone tell me if they have tried patches and a vape cause I have lots of boxes of patches still in date left over from the last time I tried is it safe to use both????

  31. Thank you so so much for your article! I’ve been smoking for the better part of 40 years and I’ve never been able to quit. Like so many of you, I’ve tried everything: gum, patches, mints…even hypnosis. Nothing ever worked. When e-cigs hit the scene, I tried that, too. I started with a Blu, but it just didn’t taste/feel like a real cigarette, so I moved onto a vape pen. I didn’t really like it and it leaked into my mouth and all over the inside of my purse. I gave up for a while and then stumbled on this site. I’m so glad I did! I read all the reviews and decided on the V2 (the cartridges, not the liquid). I’m really surprised at how much it tastes like an actual cigarette. It’s very satisfying! Per your advice, I’m going to take my time with this. I’ll step down the nicotine level when I’m comfortable doing so. It’s been 2 days since I’ve smoked a real cigarette, which is longer than I’ve ever gone before. I figure by this time next year, I’ll be completely nicotine free. Again, thank you so much for your article…you may have saved my life!

  32. I started e cig a week and 2 days. I’ve been getting the 6 mg nicotine but I see alot of people was on higher mg but 6 is working for me. But I was wondering if I should wait to drop it down to 3 mg.

  33. I have been smoking since I was 14, now 53 and am now on day 3 of vaping only. I went through life thinking ‘I’ll be ok, it won’t kill me’. I was told last year to stop smoking as I had lung damage but until your mind overpowers what your body craves you’ll carry on smoking. I have tried the patches etc in the past with no success, I tried champix and ended up in hospital with an allergic reaction but still managed to stop for 2 years until I went on holiday and started smoking again. The feeling I am having at the moment is ‘I’m free’ no need to work out if the pack will last until I go out the next day! My purse feels the same way too! I have a long way to go but thanks to vaping I know I will get there x

  34. I’m one the fence on buying one. Picking the right one is scary for me. I went in a store and there were so.many you choose from and I got overwhelmed and left. Then I found this online. I have hopes to figure out what to buy to start

  35. I am/was a hardcore smoker. Depending on the day I could smoke up to 3 packs (75) cigarettes. I’m 52 and have smoked for close to 40 years. A week before Christmas I came down with strep throat. I could barely swallow yet I still forced myself to try and smoke. I had only been able to smoke 3-4 cigarettes per day so I decided I should try vaping to finally kick the habit.

    Being sick for a week greatly reduced the amount I smoked so I started off with 12mg of nicotine and a few bottles of 6 mg. I haven’t had a cigarette in 16 days now and I can honestly say I don’t miss it at all. In the past I have tried patches, gum and prescriptions and always went back to smoking. I think a lot of it was the habit of having the hand to mouth as much as the nicotine.

    I love not smelling like a dirty ashtray, I’ve finally stopped coughing up the gross brown phlegm and I feel like I have endless energy. My sense of taste and smell are improving, the stains on my fingers are gone and the best part? My wife has followed my lead and started vaping and hasn’t smoked for 4 days now.

    Like some people I worried about the health risks of ecigs/vaping but then thought about known risks of tobacco products and decided I need to dump cigarettes and this seems to be the way for me to do it. As I mentioned above, I haven’t smoked in 16 days. The money I would have spent on cigarettes has covered all my supplies.

    If you want to quit smoking tobacco products this is the way.

  36. Hi,

    I can relate to a lot of the posts here, but will share my story as well. In a couple of weeks I will be cigarette free for 2 years. I smoked a pack of Marlboro Lights (Gold) a day for 24 years.

    I had numerous quit attempts using nicotine replacement therapy to include gum, patches and lozenges. I also tried Zyban and Chantix.

    In a last effort attempt, I tried using an e-cigarette. I really enjoyed smoking but the realization of health risks and the many restrictions regarding places to smoke where very detrimental on my addiction. I would often forego events and places because I could not smoke. I hated the lingering smell in my car, clothes and home.

    I purchased a vape pen with the intent to quit smoking cigarettes as soon as I finished my current pack. I smoked my last cigarette prior to going to bed and began using the vape pen the following morning. I started with 12 mg nicotine of fruit punch flavored e-juice. I was actually travelling by car all day and used the vape pen as needed to curb my nicotine cravings. When I arrived home I continued to use the vape pen before going to bed, early. Day 1 – No cigarettes!

    The following day, I went to work and used my vape pen as often as I could. It was hard, the cravings were intense and the relief from the e-cig helped. These intense cravings continued for about two weeks. Then the urge to smoke cigarettes went away. I still wanted to vape often, but I no longer wanted to smoke cigarettes. I ended up purchasing a new battery and a new tank because the vape pen was pretty much a waste of money. The Vape pen constantly needed to be charged and the tank often needed to be refilled.

    After a couple more months, I bought a bigger battery and another tank because my current tank had a tendency to leak. I also lowered my nicotine strength to 6 mg. I still had the urge to vape but I could easily sit through a 2 hour movie without once thinking about vaping. I don’t recall having much difficulty stepping down from 12 mg to 6 mg. I had very little desire to smoke a cigarette. I could however, smell a burning cigarette a mile away!

    About 3 months later, I continued to vape and the desire to smoke a cigarette went almost entirely away. I then went down to 3 mg. I used 3 mg until I ran out (about a week) and went back to 6 mg. I found that I vaped more trying to replace the missing nicotine. I tried using 3 mg again 2 months later.

    I switched completely to 3 mg and after about 6 months I upgraded to a sub-ohm tank and 200 watt battery. My vaping experience totally changed at this time with my new set-up. Massive clouds of vapor and great hits. I bought a 6 battery charger and vaped frequently. The e juice tasted better and I felt much more satisfied. I have heard that 3 mg liquids are quite often used with sub ohm tanks because of the amount of nicotine that is absorbed.

    Several times in the past few months I have switched back and forth from 3 mg and 0 mg. I would buy 1 bottle of 3 mg e juice and 1 bottle of 0 mg and mix them together, or I would alternate filling the tank with 0 or 3 mg.

    The past four weeks I have been using 0 nicotine. I leave my ecig in the car during work and only use it a few times a day. I have very little cravings and a 30 ml bottle lasts two weeks. I hope to be completely done with vaping in the next few weeks.

    To summarize – If you want to quit smoking try the e-cigarette. Start with 12 mg for a few months, step down gradually to zero – It has taken me almost 2 years to be nicotine free.

    If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t buy the cheaper tanks and batteries. I would buy a sub ohm tank, large battery and charger.

    Plan on spending approximately $200 to get started. Coils are about $5 and last about 2 weeks. E-Juice costs about $25/week – Cheaper than cigarettes, you will feel and smell better!

  37. After 17 years of smoking today is the first day I have never had a cigarette and I’m not even missing it. I have a new vape and it’s doing the trick

  38. Hello Everyone,
    I have not smoked a cig in 5 days now. I did go get a vaporizer just for back up and only started out with 6mg and I am shocked that I am doing very well and the urge is for sure controllable. I will not return to smoking!

  39. Dear all

    After being a one pack a day smoker for 35 years, 5 months ago I quit. As they say here, start slow, don’t expect too much from yourself too early. I dual used for a month 2 cigs a day on 18mg vape juice in a tobacco flavor, this allowed me to get my vaping technique right first. Then moved to just vaping 18mg for 3 months, no cigs at all, very pleased with myself, woke up in the morning like I had slept with a coat hanger in my mouth, big cheesy grin. Over the last month I have moved to 12mg liquid and will stick with this for another couple of month and so on and so forth. What has struck me is how easy the whole process has been, I don’t have any medical reason to give up, was just tired of being ripped off for the price of cigs, I mean in 5 months I have saved a couple of thousand dollars, and of course the long term heath benefits are well established if not a little overblown.

    Best to all

  40. I’ve been smoking since I was 15 I’m 26 now. I bought a mod at the beginning of the year hoping to finally kick the habit but, to no avail.I bought new ejuice that has no tobacco flavor and is at a 9 nicotine. So far in 24 hrs I’ve found that I’m pretty much attached to my mod but, the worst craving so far is when I wake up in the morning. So, just gotta fight it and remind myself why I’m quitting cigarettes.

  41. Hello, I am a smoker who smokes about a pack a day. Newport 100s Menthol. I have Vape pens and an Ecig. I been trying to quit, and yet even while I am using the Vape pen, I crave cigarettes even while taking a vape. I often go hours with the vape fighting off the urges to go buy cigarettes and yet I end up failing eventually. I have one of the higher vape juices from vape connexion,18mg. Any tips to help me and why I still crave cigarettes? I don’t know cigarettes just seem more enjoyable, maybe it’s stress related or something but I’m trying at least.

    1. Hey Matthew. Maybe your “vaping technique” needs to be improved? It’s somewhat different from smoking, sometimes smokers find it difficult to get enough vapor…

  42. I have been a smoker for 32 years. I haven’t had a cigarette for 3 days since my trip to the ER for chest pain on 9/19. Thankfully it was a non cardiac event. Bought my vape on Tuesday and purchased the 6mg of nicotine. I had been considering quitting for a year now and am finally going to do it. The vape is helping me tremendously. I’ve got my mind made up and believe I will be nicotine free by Christmas. Good luck to all who are trying to quit!

  43. All I can suggest to those looking to quit those cancerous, smelly, noxious, disgusting, wheeze inducing, miserable real cigarettes is to VAPE. DO IT. Spend a bit on a decent vape, spare coils and good tasting liquid and say goodbye to evil cigarettes. YOU CAN DO IT. I did, and it feels great.

    It wasn’t even that hard.

  44. I quit smoking June 28. I am 60 and been smoking since 14. I bought a vaporizer with two tanks. I started with 6 mg of nicotine and now down to 3 mg of nicotine. On the first day using the Astec I smoked approximately 10 cigarettes. The next day I quit the cigarettes and have done great.

  45. The main thing to remember when trying to vape to quit smoking. You are doing 2 things at the same time. Trying to stop cigarettes and stop nicotine. First thing you should do is not worry about the Nicotine and use the highest level. You should first be trying to stop smoking cigarettes, Use a combination of cigarettes and vapors using mostly vapor cutting down on the uses of cigarettes. Since the nicotine is not the most harmful part of smoking don’t worry about how fast you get to 0mg Nicotine. Focus on getting off the Cigarettes.

  46. Hello!!!

    it is good to know that I am not alone on this . 🙂

    It is my first day without smoke any cigarette. I am using Cool Fire IV with tank Aspire. (flavour Heisenberg). I have been smoking 1 pq of cigarette per day over 10 years , maybe more.

    I feel ok today , it is just my first day but I miss my cigarette already. I dont know why. I am using 18 mg . I think is more an psychological issue more than anything else.

    I will try, it is being ok but a bit hard. I would like to know if the first week it was hard for you too ??

    Thank you 🙂

  47. I had my last cigarette on Dec 5, 2015. I’ve been vaping since that time. Started at 12 mg then went to 9 (mixing 12 and 6). Now I’m at 6 and am having a hard time adjusting to this level. I find myself hitting the vape more and am constipated now which is how I was when I quit for 3 weeks with chantix but stopped because I was constipated. I thought it was the chantix that was constipating me but now that I’ve dropped to 6mg of nicotine I believe it wasn’t the chantix but the nicotine withdrawal. Anyone else have this problem?

  48. This article is fabulous – great sound, empathetic advice. I have also read every single message following it. All have helped me one way or another. I am on day 10 of being smoke free – with my vape 12mg – keeping me okay. I still feel loss and some form of grief about the smoking person I am (used to be)and I find it hard at times. But the vaping is definitely helping me a huge amount.
    Thank you to for all your stories – so helpful
    It helps not to feel alone despite the loneliness – But I will kick the horrid smoking habit – I have to

  49. Went to a vape shop they asked how many cigarettes I smoke. I said a pack a day so they put me on the 6 MG great haven’t smoked a real cig since.
    If vaping gives you a headache your nicotine MG is to high.if your puffing on it all day nicotine MG is too low

  50. I was a smoker for probably 20 years (20 smokes/day), stopped for 2 years at one point and then started again. Tried the patch, gum, and lozenges…they helped but didn’t get me to quit. On July 7 I purchased an aspire ecig with RY4 12 mg nicotine. I have not had a smoke since July 9, that’s almost 20 days. It’s amazing, I have zero cravings, and am on the road to being nicotine free. Thanks for the great article and all the comments all very encouraging and supportive.

  51. Tammy Robertson

    I have been a smoker for 30 years, have been on the vape for 3 weeks and 4 days now, started from 18mg, now on 6 and 3, plan to go to 3, 0, next time, gotta say, really proud of myself… I hope I can continue with lowering the dosage with no problem, a little scared though…

  52. Hi
    Six weeks now for me I’m so glad I did this.
    I have a question, I bought a few12mg liquids and they have no throat hit at all is this normal? I would have thought it would have at least some?

  53. Hi

    I am now seven weeks in to vaping and in that time I have gone from 24 mg down to 3 mg- which I started today.. so far I havent felt an urge to puff more but I am prepared for this, I am aiming to give it all up by christmas.

  54. Like Ellie,
    I also bought a Endura T18 paper and I must say it has to be one of the best purchases that I have made in a long time.
    Like many of the people on here I have been a long time smoker of rolling tobacco, I have over the years tried all the different ways of trying to give up, which like many people had failed. However having tried vaping I really feel so positive and I am 3 weeks in. I know this is’nt a long time at all but small steps at a time.
    Best of luck to every one who are trying to give up or even cut down, just stay positive and stick with it.

  55. I have tried everything to try and quit smoking – patches, gum, inhalators, lozenges, non smoking prescription pills. Nothing has worked. After seeing a man outside using an Endura T18 vaper I asked him what it was and then ordered one online. I then located a shop which sells the eliquid and I have not had a cigarette in five weeks now. I am on the 12mg liquid but really feel that I will be ready to stop using the ecig in another month or two. I really would recommend using ecigs to try and quit regular cigarettes. They have worked for me so far and it is great to no longer smell like an ashtray!

  56. Great write up, I’m so glad I finally did it. I tried to vape about 2 years ago, bought the highest strength e-liquid that my local shop carried (24mg) but just couldn’t get going. Bought a better vape pen(?) this time and things are going swimmingly. I can’t stress the importance of a quality vape pen enough.

    25 years of 2+ packs of Camel filters.

    If you’re a heavy long term smoker – I consider the following to be muy importante:

    Variable voltage – dial it up if needed.
    2 batteries preferably 1600 mah (keep one charging)
    Strong nicotine e-liquid

    Do NOT keep cigarettes in the house. If I get desperate I’ll walk down the street and bum one. Remove easy access to temptation. Put your lighters in a kitchen drawer and quit carrying one in your pocket.

    It’s been a week. My breathing is already better.

    Thanks, David

  57. i started smoking when i was around thirteen years old and now im forty five years old. i smoked forty plus roll ups a day.

    i did manage to give up smoking just over ten years ago and it lasted about eight months, but at xmas i had a cigar and that was it, i was back on the habit but even worse than before.

    just a week ago i decided enough was enough, i was fed up of being out of breath just making the bed and having the flem build up on my lungs etc.

    i bought a small vape to try and i have to say it was the best thing i ever did. i havent wanted to pick up a normal cig and feel great even thou its only been a week.

    i can breath alot better already and my sense of smell is coming back really quick.

    i would recommend anyone to dump the cigs and go buy a vape, you will not regret it.

    not only will you quit them nasty cigs but you will save yourself a fortune, vape juice is so cheap compared to cigs.

    i wish everyone who is trying to quit success.

  58. Well I said I’d keep you updated, it’s a week and seven hours now and I have no desire to smoke. My chest has cleared admin I think maybe it was the switchover or the stopping smoking, only problem I have now is my taste and smell has improved and all I want to do is eat 🙂
    Jess I think your nicotine levels are too low if you’re not feeling the benefit or you’re not using it for long enough, don’t give up, you’ll find what works for you even if you have to practically eat your ecig at first.
    All I have is the egot and it does the job, and yesterday I bought another cheapy an 88vape. 18 strength nicotine and I use it as I need. Cheap and effective.

  59. Well tomorrow I start my ecig journey. I am almost 40 been smoking since I was 15 so way over half my life. I am now starting to cough all the time and need to make a change NOW. I have slowly bought supplies, have ego-t and about 15 different flavors of ejuice starting at 24mg’s all the way down to 6mgs. Got a V2 and some cartridges and the v2 ejuice 1.2% and funny today I got in the mail a free thingy for another brand of ecig so I just got that too. I think now is the time. For good. Thank you for this article it just affirms what I should be doing to quit this nasty ugly habit.

  60. Hi great to hear about others experiences. I’ve been smoking for 26 years and started vaping 2 days ago. I didn’t plan to give up but found that vaping was just as satisfying so just don’t fancy a cig. The trick is to buy a good device and get some advice from an expert on how to use it properly. They do take a bit of getting used to. I do use it a lot but already reduced nicotine levels. You need to puff differently, bring a good amount into your mouth and just take a bit to give u a hit, don’t suck it down like a normal cig. Recent research is confusing re health benefits. What I have found in this 1 it’s a much easier way to smoke, no smell, no need to cover smell, no disappearing acts, no planning your day around escaping, no lighter, 2 you have a few puffs and your satisfied no need to commit to a whole cig 3 you don’t feel your causing the same level of damage 4 giving up completely feels far less scary. Good luck everyone

    1. Hi. I’ve smoked for about 15 years. I’ve quit several times in the past without using anything but didn’t stick for more than a few months. I’ve just started with an ecig and I’m finding it just as hard as I did before without using anything! Its just not a tab is it?! Lol. I’m reluctant to go up in strength as I smoked light cigarettes anyway so what I’m using now is nearly twice as strong. Any tips?!

      1. Hey Jess. You might not be getting enough nicotine from the ecig then. Vaping technique is a bit different from regular smoking. Check out the video I’ve posted in some of the previous comments. Or maybe you don’t have a very good product? You shouldn’t be afraid of using 24mg or even stronger juice. The good thing about e-cigarettes is that you can take just a few puffs to satisfy your addiction. It’s better to start with stronger juice and then going down gradually.

  61. started e cig two months ago haven’t had a cig since reduced level for the second time, yes having mild symptoms gained some weight but solving that issue has also began

  62. Hi again I just have a question, my throat feels a bit raw and I’m starting to cough now, especially with the throat hit and I feel a bit congested in the chest is this normal? I’m sticking at it no way am I staying on cigarettes! Over 30 hours to me means I’m now a non smoker lol

    1. It should get better soon. What you could try is improving your vaping technique or other juices. Good luck!

  63. Hi
    I got my first starter kit yesterday, had my last cigarette and set the kit up and it’s now 29 hours without a cig. The thought of stopping made me feel ill, I’ve smoked for 36 years and tried once years ago and lasted through a month of hell. I know it’s killing me but I thought this is my lot I’ll never be able to stop.
    Well this little vapour pen was a cheapie from b&m (uk) and I can’t believe it I’ve not had a cig since setting it up. I haven’t even craved one. I’ve started with tobacco flavour liquid 18 mg strength.
    I always said if I could get past a morning without a cig I could stop because I was that hooked on smoking.
    Who knows where I’ll go from here, hopefully off the nicotine for good and definitely I don’t want to smoke. Wish I’d tried this long ago. Good luck all of you trying to quit, I’ll keep you updated.

  64. Started vaping Tuesday and had my last ciggerette last night, I have just gone throught the 24 hour barrier and it was PAINFUL lol but thank god for this vape.. as there is no way would I have gone this long without a ciggie otherwise. I hope I dont have one tomorrow either. xx

  65. Do it people. I’ve just moved on to low liquid and im managing. Give yourself targets and tell yourself you can do it. It really works. Good luck to people trying to quit!

  66. Hey everyone, I’m 23 years of age and have been smoking for 10 years. I have tried stopping before and have managed from sheer will power for 1 year and with an e-cig 9 months but I think I came off the e-cig too fast back then. So I have decided that enough is enough I’m kicking this filthy habit and I bought myself another e-cig on Wednesday. So far I haven’t had a cigarette which in my case is pretty good as I was smoking up to 40 cigarettes a day. I hope I can pull this off and make a change for the better!

  67. My last cigarette was Sunday night and I am currently using 24mgs of oil. I have since been standing next to a tobacco smoker and have no desire to return to tobacco/cigarettes tho I do have cravings using the ecig lol. I will no longer return to actual tobacco as am only 38 so want to live for years yet lol

  68. Hi. Cool site. I just wanted to share a tiny bit of my experience with eSmokes. I had been a somewhat heavy smoker since I was 15 (that’s a Long time!). I didn’t really want to quit smoking… Thought it was a nice idea but I didn’t have any willpower whatsoever so I didn’t bother trying after a couple halfhearted attempts years ago.
    When eSmokes came out they kinda looked like fun, I tried a few but they had no punch to them, ya know, couldn’t get a satisfying hit. There’s still a lot of those kinds around, they’re about the size of a cigarette. I didn’t like them. But then a new eSmoke shop opened up a block away from my house so I checked them out. I spent a bit of money then (they are SO much cheaper now!) But ended up with a great eSmoke. I don’t like the weird flavors, mine is supposed to be tobacco flavored. Once I finally got a big satisfying hit I was hooked. I didn’t intend to stop smoking. It just happened by accident actually. Little by little my eSmoke just tasted better than cigarettes. I’m so Damn happy about that I tell everybody, lol. They’ve helped so many people I know quit smoking, that’s freakin awesome! I only wish they were invented much earlier, before my teeth became nicotine stained, lol. My lungs are in much better shape now, I can walk upstairs without getting winded. And my apt only smells of cat litter box instead of cigarettes AND litter box.
    Thanks for listening, lol.

  69. Greetings from England. There is a lot of good advice here. I’d considered turning to vaping for a while before finally taking the plunge. Smoke-free for one week now and not missing it one bit.
    I have a question… when switching to lower nicotine does this lessen the throat ‘hit’?

    1. Hi Neil, in the stuff I use there’s no difference at all, so maybe it just depends on what brand you use..? I use Lounge Lizard flavor by Sublime and I can’t tell the difference. Good luck

  70. This Was very informative, I’ve recently bought my first vape pen but quickly went back to cigs since I the liquid I bought was only 15mg so it didn’t satisfy my cravings. but since reading this post ill try the higher doses. Ive been smoking since I was 15(22 Now) My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and she really wants me to quit now before the same fate happens to me, so im really doing this for her besides my own sake. Goodluck to the rest of you on quitting a nasty, harmful habit!!

  71. I’m 64 and smoked since I was 16. I bought an e cig , I stick, along with filters, the pot and started with a 15 mg of nicotine. I didn’t last long on the 15 mg and jumped to a 12mg. Quick jump to a 6mg and stayed there for quite awhile. Got the 3mg and stayed with that for a month and then started mixing with a 0 nicotine, the last 10 days I’ve been on a 0 not.

    Started September 02, 2015 and one a 0 feb 20, 2016.

    No I need to get rid of the hand to mouth habit or just put on a shelf or keep for my little security blanket. I have no desire to taste like peaches or margaritas or cola. I want to continue to taste like shit.

    What are some tips to toss the e- cig? The reaching for it, the urge to suck, the urge to suppress sad thoughts…all our reasons. How did you finally throw away the Vape?

    Buy the rid way. IMO this has been a great way to do this and I’ve done them all.

    I’d like to also ask about chest wheezing….this something new. Any of you had this?

    Thank you in advance for your help. Chris

  72. I just started vaping yesterday. I bought a KangerTech Subvod with 12mg juice.
    My problem is this; every puff I take makes me cough my fool head off like a kid trying a cigarette for the first time. How long does this usually last?

    I am a 2 pack a day smoker and did manage to cut back to 1 pack the first day using the e-cig, but I can’t see me getting off the smokes completely until I am able to inhale the e-cig without coughing.

    Does anyone else have the same problem? Am I doing something wrong?

  73. Hi, I’m another heavy smoker, 50 yo, 20/day thinking I should try quitting via ecigs /Vaping. I have an 18mg liquid.

    But when I inhale the ecig makes me cough. (My Marlboro reds give me smokers cough, but I don’t cough when I inhale). Is this common? Will it stop?


  74. I am enjoying reading everyones experiences of changing to vaping and their success stories. I started 2 days ago and have only just realised that the liquid I have bought says 0% nicotine but I’ve been convinced Im getting a hit when I use it and no cravings at all. Im totally ignorant when it comes to vaping so dont know whether I should stick with this or increase to one with nicotine in case the cravings hit me later. The last thing I want to do is go back to cigarettes. If anyone could advise me I would be most grateful.

  75. started smoking at 13 years old, now 24. i love smoking and never thought id be able to give it up but i knew it was time to quit smoking because things were just becoming out of hand, breathing wise and overall discomfort with planning my days around when i got to smoke and when i couldnt.

    had a friend introduce vaping to me not to long ago and i never really took it into consideration. I had tried the crappy ecigs from corner stores and pharmacies and they didnt do anything for me. i then spent some cash on a good vaporizer ($75) higher end models are cool but i really dont plan on it being a hobby so i didnt need to spend $200.

    its now day 5 that i havent touched a cigarette. breathing is better, sleeping is better, everything is better.

    i had read online that theres no real “side effects” known yet to vaping the ingredients that are technically meant to be digested, not “vaporized and inhaled” but i can most deff say its better then tobacco and you can set your own nicotine amount.

    in the end i wish i woulda started vaping a long time ago when it came out.
    but better now then never.

  76. Very nervous. I ‘ve been smoking since I was 18. 50 now and only my way to buy my first vap. I plan to throw my cigarette s away tonight!! I m a nervous wreck at just the thought of quitting. But excited about vaping. I just hope today is my last day of smoking cigarette!!

  77. Really good article and really good posts. Congrats to everyone and keep fighting the good fight. My girlfriend and I have switched to the vapor (today is day 7). It really works. I thought I couldn’t do it, and at first I was still getting withdrawal symptoms. I imagine that this was from all the nasty crap in the marlboros I was smoking. Those have now subsided, and I feel great. It’s really worth getting a good setup, the ones they sell at the gas station may work for some, but for me they didn’t. It’s really satisfying getting a good plume from my nautilus.

    Tonight I played soccer and have already noticed a difference in my endurance and lung capacity. I believe in this movement, and believe it can have a powerful impact on the world.

    Keep it up everyone!

    PS: props to the admin for answering people’s questions.

  78. Great article and very encouraging thank you. I switched to e-cigs about two months ago 18mg strength only resorting to occasional regular light cigarettes at weekends when I was out drinking socially. I feel so much better physically on the e-cig to the point where regular cigarettes actually make me a bit cig now and feel disgusting.

    Trying to avoid them completely now and only use the electric. Hopefully soon I’ll drop to 12mgs for a month or two and then down to zero. ☺️

  79. i stared out with 18 meg nicotine and regular cigs then stopped the reg cig’s slowly went down to 0 over 1 year i am 60 years and had smoked for over 40 years. now i just use my e-cig when i have a strong urge. (and that’s going away) i call it my pacifier. tried the patches, gums, pills,and always went back. that junk didn’t work for me. then if you think about it. WHO owns the gums, patches, pills ? the pharmaceutical companies the ones that are behind putting down e-cigs. why ? because they don’t get the money. my son also quit the same way . dose e-cig work to quit smoking YES !!!!

  80. I didn’t nwant to give up nicotine. Nicotine is just as dangerous as caffeine when it comes to the health effects and the addictiveness. On top of it all an 8 yr old can walk into a gas station and buy a cup of coffee (might get weird looks but nothing illegal here). I wanted to give up the smoke and the carcinogens honestly. I switched almost two weeks ago and feel way better already. On top of it all my e pen helped literally “vaped out” all the crap in my lungs. I feel pingy with how much energy I have. I don’t plan on using it as a cessation device but as a complete alternative to cigarettes. I smell smoke and it actually sickens me (feel bad for all those non-smokers I tortured with my second hand smoke). I don’t even mind not being allowed to vape in a restaurant or store. Do mind that my lung capacity is back, may tongue is pink, I smell better, my complexion is already better, and I still get my nicotine. I realize putting anything in your lungs is bad, but the major question is ; 4 chemicals or 7000 (69 being carcinogenic). I’ll take the 4 and keep my nicotine!

  81. I smoked for ten years. When I bought my e ciggie I combined it with regular cigarettes for a few days. I didn’t want to put too much pressure on myself. after about 3 days I didn’t want anything to do with normal cigarettes anymore! The key is to get a flavour that you really like and to make sure you always have your charger! I really enjoy smelling good and my lungs have cleared up significantly. I was a really heavy smoker, 30 + a day, and started with 18mg. So far so good! (now smokers smell bad to me, I am such a hypocrite)

    1. I know exactly what you mean lol. I feel like real bad after smelling it again. All we can do is spread the word. Big tobacco hates this too.

  82. I’ve been vaping 2 weeks today and loving it. Been smoking for 25 years. Not even had an urge for a cigarette.feeling addicted to my e cig though am only on 6mg and will stay on this for a while until I move down to 3mg and eventually zero!! Am not giving myself a time frame will just do it when I feel ready.really feeling positive I know I can do it this time . Good luck everyone x

  83. Hi. I started using my e cig on Wed 4th Nov. It’s now Sunday 8th Nov. It’s only been 5 days and already I feel so much better and quite proud of myself. I have found that sticking to the same routine has helped. I didn’t smoke in my house, I went out to the back garden and I do the same thing now with my e cig, though I do find myself not going out as much as when I actually smoked. I am 50 years old and I have smoked almost every day since I was about 13, the exception being when I was pregnant. I have every faith in myself that this time I will succeed. My children have already told me they are extremely proud of me and this means a hell of lot to me. Believe in yourself and you can do anything xx

  84. hey quick question ive heard that 2 ml of 12mg e juice is closely equivelant to a pack of smokes but from what ive noticed has more of an equivelancy to half a pack of actual smoking,i have an istick and nautilus mini, how much juice can be used for a pack a day smoker

    1. Hey Casey. When you get used to vaping, you’ll start using less and less juice. Newbies don’t take the long draws and don’t absorb all the nicotine (it takes time to get used to vaping, but also because lungs are still damaded from the tobacco). So, use as much liquid as you need. You’ll notice that you’ll be using less in a month or so. Happy vaping 🙂

  85. I have just read all the posts and it has really spurred me on. I had no intention of stopping smoking, but bought and evod as I knew a few people that had them. I smoked 20+ roll ups a day for 15 years. I purchased a few e – liquids in various flavours at 18mg. I have not had a cigarette for over a week now and reduced to 12mg e – liquid today. My 11 year old has told me how proud he is of me. I have today treated myself to an eleaf 40W to upgrade to.might give my evod to my hubby now as I can’t stand the smell when he has a ciggies.
    Well done to everyone who has quit.

    1. Good on you Sarah! I have just started using an e-cig after deciding to quit smoking once again (on and off for 30+ years). I wanted the gadget to look like a cigarette so I can hold it like one and bought the VIP which has flavoured cartridges – it seems to give me the hit I need and the cravings are short lived at the moment I intend to stick to the stronger dose and wean myself on to the lower dose in a couple of months. One thing I have noticed is that my nose is pretty blocked up since stopping the cigarettes and I hope this reduces with time. Apart from that, I am doing ok.

  86. Hi, I need good solid advice urgently. I smoked (non-stop) heavily for 36 years, the past 15 years only tobacco pipe. I am now 53 years old. I stopped smoking 7 weeks ago, using nicotine gum for the first 4 weeks and nothing for the last 3 weeks. I can feel that I’m losing the battle though. For the past 3 days the cravings for nicotine are driving me nuts. Is this normal? Any advice out there? Should I now, after 3 weeks of zero nicotine, try e-cig? It will feel like going backwards…..

    1. I was a bit reluctant switching to vaping. At first, I saw it more of a trend that 18 year olds were picking up to be hip. I’ve been a heavy smoker for the past 15 years (1.5+pack of Newport 100’s/day). I’ve tried to quit on multiple occasions for health reasons. After noticing a few people at my job I stopped into a local vape store and they set me up with exactly what I needed. They matched me with a high nicotine menthol flavored juice and a great starter kit (Kbox mini)… showed me how to use the thing and, offered recommendations as to different juices. I’m on my second month of being cigarette free.

      It worked so well for me that I purchased my mother the same setup. She has been a smoker for well over 40 years- she has been using it for the past few weeks and loves it (I had to play around with different juices to find the best one for her).

      Victor, you are not going backwards…. I’m not advocating that vaping is better than quitting but, can say that it is better than giving into a cigarette and starting all over again. The delivery system mimics smoking if you find the right setup and the nicotine enters your blood system in the same manner as burning tobacco would. I will say that it helps to invest in a proper setup- I’ve tried e-cigs and those pen looking vapes…. If you do decide- a complete vape kit is my advice to you. You can play with different watts and different juices to tailer your taste exactly. My setup cost under $100 for everything. Please don’t give up.. I wish these things were around 10 years ago when I lost my father to emphysema.

  87. Hi I have smoked for 25 year and was on 40 cigarettes a day until I bought an e cig with the medium strength but I found this made me cough and choke a lot so went down to low which has worked and have now been off cigarettes for 4 weeks now. Hopefully I will be free of the e cig in a few months 🙂

  88. I came to the hospital on September 21st for coughing and chest pains and was admitted in the hospital with a upper respiratory infection and fluid on my lungs. I’m still in the hospital hoping to be released in the morning on the 25th during my time in the hospital I’ve been advised to quit smoking I now have a patch on my arm and I had just purchased the starter kit and it’s at home with some 18mg liquid in my kit. I plan on going home and get some 0mg liquid and stop smoking completely. Does anyone have any suggestions. I need to do this because my health in declining and I have a 6 year old son that needs me.

  89. I’ve tried to stop smoking numerous times. I always failed as I felt like I was losing my friend, my ciggies were always my comfort. I’d smoked for about 25 years, got up to a pack a day for a while. I bought a starter kit and a range of different flavoured eliquids in 18mg, and within 2 weeks I was down to one real cigarette each night. I’ve now stopped the real ones completely, and have dropped the nicotine level in the ecig down to 12mg now. I haven’t given up my ‘friend’ but at least I’m not sucking in all that chemical garbage AND it’s so much cheaper. Once I got into the mindset that the electronic cigs are still technically still having a smoke and that I’m not missing out on my fix, then it was an easy transition.

  90. I stopped smoking the analogs 8 weeks ago last Friday with the help of the digitals. Was a 1.5 pack a day smoker when I quit and had been smoking a total of over 30 years. It’s not easy but is much more so than patches or gum which I’ve tried and failed with. I’m using the cheapie “starter” kit they sell for almost nothing, or free in some cases with purchase of liquids. I’m still on 18mg juice and found your story very helpful I. Planning to be vape free at some point down the road! I’m hoping to switch to 12mg juice maybe week after next and see how it goes. My wife quit the same day I did using cold laser therapy and is doing fine and hasn’t smoked so that could be another possible alternative. Neither the laser or ecig are supported by American Cancer Society or American Heart Associatian as effective smoking cessation plans but I’ll tell you neither of us would have been as successful as we’ve been without our individual approaches. I think you have to truly be tired of the analogs and the whole “underworld” aspect of being a smoker to give anything a fair shot at making it work. I’m happy to tell everyone I’m a quitter and I’m even happier not smelling like a rank ashtray anymore! Good luck everyone, you can do it too!!

  91. Hi folks,

    I started vaping 2 weeks ago from years of regular cig. From a pack a day I went down to 2 cig/day within 2 days with 24mg/ml juice. I am exercising in the mean time. While suffocating after running a quarter of a mile, I am now running 3 miles/day plus swimming without suffering. Now, I am not smoking cigs anymore and my first goal is to stop thinking of them as a response of stress, anger or whatever else. It seems that when I want to smoke, vaping takes the need away even when I have some cigs available next to me (other smokers around me). It’s been working so far but still a work in progress. As far as decreasing the nicotine concentration, I am still thinking which strategy to use… For instance, if I use 12mg/ml juice and vap twice as much as I would with 24mg/ml juice, then the amount of nicotine I would get in my system is similar. I like the idea of loosing/forgetting my vap device because that would decrease my vaping frequency. For example, vaping 2ml of 24mg/ml juice would be equivalent of vaping 4ml of 12mg/ml. So if I decrease my 24 mg/ml vaping to 2ml then I could switch to 4ml of 12mg/ml and progressively decrease to 2ml of 12mg/ml before switching to 4ml of 6mg/ml and so on and so forth until I get to nicotine free juice. The principle in this approach would be to manage the volume of vaping after each switch to a lower nicotine content juice, which sound like smooth transitions. Another approach I am thinking of is to perform my own juice dilutions using a 0mg/ml nicotine with for example a 24mg/ml juice. I could thereby decrease the amount very progressively rather than having big switches. This method would require a good control of volumes distribution and consumption for the sake of consistency. At the end of the game, I think that the most important is to not relapse into smoking. So, I am guessing that a handy ecig back up plan in case the common triggers show their nozes would be the best to protect myself.

    I hope this helps. Please, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  92. Hi….my father is smoking from the past 40 years…I would like to gift him e cigs….can anyone suggest me which is best……bec now he is 65 years old and still smoking daily upto 4 packs…….

      1. Hi, I need good solid advice urgently. I smoked (non-stop) heavily for 36 years, the past 15 years only tobacco pipe. I am now 53 years old. I stopped smoking 7 weeks ago, using nicotine gum for the first 4 weeks and nothing for the last 3 weeks. I can feel that I’m losing the battle though. For the past 3 days the cravings for nicotine are driving me nuts. Is this normal? Any advice out there? Should I now, after 3 weeks of zero nicotine, try e-cig? It will feel like going backwards…..

        1. Hi Victor. If the choice is wether to go back to regular cigarettes or start using e-cigs, you should certainly use e-cigs. If you can’t manage without nicotine any more, maybe you should try e-cigs, and start reducing the nicotine level really slowly.

  93. I have been a smoker for 42 years. I have effects of smoking in my rt. lung, diabetic and many,many health issues. It is time to give up and I am vaping. I’ve found that I never get that back of throat sensation from ciggs. I have come to conclusion that something to do when on phone, in stressed times. I am not really craving but am going down to 12mg this week. 18 seems to be to much. It has been interesting to read what you’ve all written and wish everyone success. I can’t stand the smell any longer. So I have to quit and will succeed.

  94. Bought a kit three weeks ago and began experimenting.first two weeks vaped and smoked alot.this week I decided to really make a concise effort. It’s working……from 35 cigs a day I came down to ten…… I did seven!bought a bigger kit and its seeing me tru…….I’m just concerned about all the negatives u hear bout e cigs.but for me I’m feeling different and proud.usually my pulse rate is bout 96 now it’s down to 82 ,,,,,,and that’s wit alot of vaping!I think its 100 times better than cigarettes!!!!!!!!!

  95. Heavy smoker for over ten years, I made the switch to vapor 14mg menthol/red hot. Heavy duty battery mod and tank working fantastic going on two weeks. My mother and father made the switch before me got me interested. Vaping wasnt what it is now compared to when i first experienced it. Stop by one of those shops they’ll fill you in on how it works and how to make the switch.


  96. Thank you so much for this information. My boyfriend is trying to stop smoking. He’s pretty good at not doing it when he’s with me, and can go a few hours without smoking. He wants to start using an E-cig, but there’s so many types that it can be overwhelming. I was wondering if there is a brand of E-cig you might recommend.

    1. Hey Serena, sure I can. Go to the home page of this site and choose any of the top products either for newbies of advanced users 🙂

  97. Hello all… today has been day 1 using kanger vape w/ 12mg of Nicotine. So far so good?! I’m not craving yet, and I hope this works well for me. I have a history of lung and respiratory problems with in my family and also some mental health problems which makes it that much more difficult to quit. But, today was a good day! not only did they jack the cost of our Cigs up $20 dollars per carton this month, I have been smoking a Carton per week… $400 per month and that is putting me over the edge and pissing me off, financially. I can use that $400 in some other healthier aspect of my life.

    I feel good about this and a big thanks for your article, I really enjoyed it!! Good luck everyone!!

  98. Can i also add the savings!!!
    I thought there was something wrong with my bank account lol could not for the life of me understand why i had as much money as i did in my account…took me about half an hour to work out it was because i didnt buy any cigarettes!!
    so – i purchased a vape kit
    x2 tanks (the part the e juice sits in)
    x2 batteries
    x1 charger
    $49.95 NZ Dollars (I am from New Zealand)

    10ml E Juice 18mg nicotine strength ($18)

    Weekly packet of 30gm rolls ($45 NZ Dollars)

    Guess what…
    For me to use my vaporizer as much as smoked it costs me $3.00 per week 🙂

    You see my plan of attack (makes perfect sense to me)has been, no matter what – when i need a dose of nicotine i am going to have a vape, i will not monitor and make sure i stick to when i was smoking etc in my first few weeks. i wanted to succeed and i truely believed if i just allowed myself to have a vape whenever i wanted, it would stop me from going and buying a packet of ciggies – and it worked 🙂
    i have found that after only 2 weeks of using this and not smoking that my 18mg nicotine e juice is already now too strong for me!
    The next bottle i purchase is definitely going to be the next lower dosages (16mg here in NZ is the next lower dose but im going to go to the next lower one after that which is 12mg)
    I also found that i am actually starting to use it alot less. so before as soon as i wake every morning, first things first, slippers and robe on and straight outside for my ciggy…now its get up, have a shower, get the kids ready, drop everyone off, start making my way to work and then i pull it out – and not because i am making myself do this…its because i no longer crave/want/have the urge to have a dose of nicotine as soon as i wake anymore…

    I reckon by the end of this year i will be on 0% nicotine – if im even still vaping at all 😉 wohooooooooo

    This thing works!!! This is the way the world is going to stop…we just need everyone to catch on!!!

  99. Id like to share 🙂

    I am 29 years old.
    I have smoked since the age of 12.
    Average 10 a day smoker (used to be about 20 but over the last couple years of trying to stop lol i have managed to reduce down to around 10 a day)
    I have not gone 1 single day in the past 17 years without atleast 1 cigarette a day.
    I am one of those stubborn smokers! Patches do not work, gum does not work, cold turkey does not work, cutting down does not work and so on….
    4 weeks ago i ended up on bed rest for a week after contracting a very nasty virus and after a few days i started to get very bored.
    I started looking up on e cigs and looking for reviews from ex smokers who had succesfully stopped smoking with e cigs.
    You see, last year i decided to give it a go, i bought one of those ones that looks like a cigarette – it was horrible!!! i did not get that “hit” in the back of my throat that i needed, and it felt like i was sucking through a straw…i put it in my bag and never used it again (used it for like a day along side cigarettes)
    then after staying home from that virus and reading up, i discovered the one that uses E Juice – a vapurizer…and the amount of ex smokers who had a similar story to myself (in being a stubborn smoker) who had initially bought the vaporizer to help in cutting down…these guys all eventually fully stopped smoking without the intention to 🙂
    i thought ok, im gonna give it a go – whats there to loose but $50..i happily throw my money away without thinking buying ciggys so i can Atleast do this.

    I bought that vapuoriser and my high strength nicotine apple flavoured e juice on saturday 25th July 2015. Since Tuesday 28th July 2015 i have been smokefree!!! 🙂 2 weeks today!!!!

    I am happy to say that i definitely know i will never touch another cigarette ever again and i am now sharing my knowledge with anyone who wants to stop smoking but are at their wits ends and cant do it on their own, or with patches and gum. i am even letting smokers try my e cig out (of course i clean it before and after)to dispell “but ill just waste money, it wont give me the hit i need”

    i have succesfully aided another 2 fulltime heavy smokers in stopping smoking since i have 🙂

    you have no idea (ok you probably do lol) how happy i am.

  100. Me and the wife have decided to quit smoking using ecigs

    We both started on 18mg liquid which I found too much the wife still has the odd craving and has had a cig or two

    From the minute I picked the ecig up with 18mg juice I never wanted a cig at all and some days just sensed the 17 was too much all day so I swapped to 12mg within a week (and I smoked 50 roll ups a day !! )

    Everyone is different and you may j end higher or lower then adjust as you need to

  101. Just got my ego one mini and am excited to try to get off these smokes. Smoking my very last cigarette in the last pack of my carton. Feels mg hopeful!!!

  102. I went from 2.5 packs a day, 20 years to 18mg nicotine (medium) in 30 hours. It’s been 6 weeks so far. Quit date was May 31st, 2015 9:00am.

    I use the Sigelei 30W with Atlantis Aspire, and I also have the Kanger KBox-Mini. I put the mini vape on the Sigelei, and I got “The bomb” rebuildable dripper (cloudcig).

    I live in a rural location and I can’t wait for shipping if I burn out 3 coils fast. (never happened yet.) I wanted all rebuild-able stuff, wire and cotton. Works for me as I can hang out with smoker friends, no problems – just hit the dripper. For driving or whatever, I just pop on the Atlantis Aspire top, it is very leak free.

    One tip for people trying to quit. Switch to additive free cigs or just shred/roll some whole leaf organic tobacco for a few months. Get off the chemicals, then hit the e-cig. I’ve quit before with the patch (3 months), chantrix (weeks), cold turkey (4 weeks). This is so mellow and calm. It’s clean. (Juice is sticky though.)

    I got the dripper for stress events so I could crank it to 50 watts and do a huge cloud. Very satisfying. I just ordered a liter of 0% nicotine to mix in, so will see how that goes. 18,17,16% … 0%. I think I’ll still end up vaping 0 for a long time though.

    I feel great. No coughing now. This is the way to go!


    Nevada USA

  103. After smoking 10 light cigs a day for the last 12 years or so I have managed to quit smoking by switching to a vape pen, the cigs were 12mg nicotine and I’m using a 18mg liquid…. It’s a bit more than the brand but I haven’t craved a cig since I’ve started…. I haven’t stopped my patterns I use it like you would when smoking…. I’m going to take it easy with it and reduce the levels over time like earlier suggestions… I’ve tried everything else… But for once I feel like I’m winning… Very happy with results so far. Good luck everyone

  104. Hi soulrebel46, I found the best way to quit cigs was to gradually cut down every few days whilst still vaping as often as required, eventually getting to one cig a day, I rememember when I was on 11 cigs a day thinking it was going to be impossible to get to zero, it did take a few weeks until eventually I got to one a day which I longed for all day clock watching until I could puff that one cig, then I thought right I’m just going to quit, next step is very very slowly reduce nic strength over a few months but not too quick or you will get a few cravings I’m still on 3mg after a few months but I’m getting there, your body let’s you know when to reduce the nic cos it kinda tastes a bit strong , hope this helps you a bit .

  105. Thanks for the article! I’m getting my e-vape tomorrow and your article answered a lot of my questions….but I still have one.

    At one point do you quit cigs completely? Is it once you start to vape regularly and are comfortable making the switch? I guess I’m asking at what process do you toss the cigarettes?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Most people who want to quit regular cigs make the switch at the moment they get their hands on the e-cig. And then slowly start reducing the nicotine level. If you still crave for tobacco after making the switch, you probably are not getting enough nicotine, so you should temporarily increase the nicotine level. Toss the cigs away right now 🙂

  106. I just started e cig yesterday and I only started because I was having many complications with trying to get pregnant and and it was messing with my immune system and throwing my body chemistry off I am 36 and now me and my fiance want a baby before its to late so I need to be healthy for this never knew that cigs could cause so much damage even when trying to get pregnant..I’m glad to say this is my second day and so far only had one reg CIG last night I hope to quite soon to have my bundle of joy

  107. Blacksheepannie

    I recently quit smoking cigs with use of an Aspire cf mod and Samaurai drip. Im not sure of all the technical terms yet but im sure about loving not smoking and vaping! Its been a month now and vaping 6mg nicotine e liquid didnt cut it for me. I wish i read your advice first. I switched to 24mg and now to 18mg after 3 weeks. I can go 2 to 3 hours before needing to vape again. I do get s bit dizzy sometimes and may consider 12 or 16 e juice. Im so glad i didnt buy a cheap device as i dont think i would have been satisfied after being a smoker for 34 years. Thanks for your awsome advice!

  108. Flower from Mongolia

    Hi admin,
    I want to ask one question? Is it possible to use long time? If no how long should be use this vapor?
    If use it long time, is there any bad affects for health?

    1. No time limit 🙂 People vape years and years. Can’t give you any health claims, but my opinion is that if they are harmful, they just can’t be as harmful as regular tobacco.

  109. I am currently using a vapor stick to quit smoking after smoking for 42 years and it is going great haven’t smoked a real cigarette in 7 weeks.

  110. I’ve just recently moved onto an E – cig after having smoked for 20 years. The first 2-3 days were hard and I found myself having the odd cigarette in between vaping. I’ve now gone 2 days without a cigarette. I was smoking menthol cigs and I’m currently on the lowest e – liquid. How long should I perhaps leave it until I go to zero nicotine? I was thinking perhaps a month but after reading this post, I ain’t sure wether to leave it longer.

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Thank you.


    1. Hey Lisa, just listen to your body. Try out the non-nicotine ones and if you start crawing for nicotine, you can always switch back to the nicotine one. I guess if you are on the lowest level of nicotine already, you can easily switch to zero nicotine soon 🙂

  111. I’m 72, smoked full time since I was 18 but now have stage 4 emphysema. And was STILL SMOKING until two weeks ago I said enough already. I went cold turkey the first 10 days, had a stressful day and got me an e-cigarette. Now I find I am replacing one bad habit for another. It’s not like e-cigs are cheap, either. I’m not sure as I see much difference than lighting up or grabbing for my e-cigarette. But for now, my e-cigarette is keeping my face out of the candy dish and since I don’t want to gain 100 lbs, I think I will keep trying it for a while. Doesn’t matter what you do to stop smoking, just do it because emphysema is hell.

  112. Started smoking when i was 14, now I’m 30 been on e cig for 1 year then 1 month into the year of being on the e-cigarette I went 20 milligram for 2 weeks then stoped. it is more effective than the pills patches or gum.

  113. In thinking about the nicotine level I was I hope a pack or sometimes 1-1/2 a day, and just realized if the cartridges are the same as a pack a day indeed that maybe some of the problem. I really didn’t say much in how to use the ecigarette.

    Thought I share this with the team. Thanks!

    1. Hey Susan, I found out the strength has more to do with how many cigs you smoke a day and not the strength of one cig. I tried to start at 1.2 also, finally figured out at a pack and half a day I needed 2.4 to start to get the equivalent nicotine in a day.

  114. I started on the ecigarette yesterday, I have smoked 25 years (Salem slim lights) so I went with 1.2. Yesterday I felt agitated and as if wasn’t getting nicotine. I don’t know if it’s because I am not utilizing it as if my real cigarette or not the right strength. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I was so out of sorts my spouse bought me a pack of cigarettes so I could have a puff or of one during the day and put it out and rely more on the ecigarette till I feel more at ease with it. I’m thinking this probably is not the best route. Oh good and bad news I recently retired so and find this a challenge as no work structure which as you know helps to prevent all day smoking.
    I’m not giving up but need some thoughts from someone whose has been through it a all and was very helpful reading the questions and replies.

  115. After several failed attempts (gum,patch,inhaler and wellbutrin) I just bought my Evod starter kit…..when I ordered online they only gave you 0mg flavor….I went three days using that no smokes….kinda placebo effect….then I cracked n bought a pack which turned into two….but I finally got my 12mg ejuice (which I probably should have bought stronger but I already weened myself to ultra lights so I thought it’d be ok) two days so far….and I’m liking this so much better than that other stuff….no pills no patch’s no gum …… The odd craving for a “real smoke” but this is still by far the best I’ve felt trying to quit.

    1. I have been on my e cig for four months, i have tried giving up many times on patches but never worked. This is the first time that it is worked and I don’t want a real cig even in bad situations when I’m stressed which normally if I was on a patch I would end up smoking. The only problem I have now is bad bleeding gums and very dry itchy skin on my face, so I am going to go to a lower strength, I started on medium which I am still on. I do feel I am attached to it too much now so it is time to reduce the nicotine. It still stopped me from smoking which I am so grateful for, I have had breast cancer in the past and I think smoking may of contributed to this. So good luck to everyone your doing the right thing !

  116. Hi I’ve been using the liquid filled e cig since Jan, I smoked for 42 years and my habit had reached 30 a day, I managed to eventually quit smoking 3 months ago, I started on 24mg, and gradually reduced it to 3 mg, the problem I find is withdrawal symptoms, sometimes I,m puffing away quite a lot to feed my nicotine addiction, I just wondered if its normal to still have cravings as I’m nervous about just dropping straight to zero, do you think I will have the same cravings as someone who’s just quit normal cig, I’ve tried upping the nic dose very slightly but I think it makes me crave more, just wondering if anyone else has gone through nic withdrawal when going from 3mg to zero and if so, how long they lasted.

    1. Hey Kath, first of all, it’s great you’ve stayed away from the regular cigarette so long. For some the quitting process is easier, for some it’s harder. From 24mg to 3mg is a long way as well. Just listen to your body, it might take some more time. But you’re on the right path, you’ll get to 0mg soon 🙂

      1. Thanks to the admin for replying back to me, I’ve stayed on the 3mg and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that eventually my body will just naturally let me know , if and when I need to reduce the strength, I see other people staying on quite high strengths for years which made me wonder if I needed to reduce the strength so my body gradually gets used to no nicotine, just can’t cope with cravings.

  117. I started smoking high school back in the 1980s. Through all the years I never even tried to quit. I ended up using e ciggs from pure chance. I was having extensive dental work done and my dentist did not want me smoking. My friend bought me a disposable e cig in hopes that it would help. He doesn’t smoke and never has. I was not thrilled with the taste or the lack of vapor, but it was not too bad and I felt if I got a better quality e cig maybe I could switch over. So I did my research, got my starter kit, found the flavors I liked etc. It was a bit of a financial investment. From the start the e cigg cartridges of 1.8% nicotine made me feel sick. And so I dropped down and down again to 0.6%. The most important thing I learned is that smoking for me is much more about the process of playing with the cig in my hands and such. I may not be totally off the nicotine but I am close. My lungs don’t feel congested anymore and that is priceless. Now I can smell smoke on other people and find it a bit yucky. My clothing and car and such no longer smell, I don’t have to worry about offending my housemates/family/etc. with my habit and can sit through a double feature film with out needing to smoke at all. In closing, I am so grateful to my friend for making that one purchase on a lark. This is so much better! 😀

  118. I have just bought my first e cigg today. Fingers crossed that i never have to buy regular ciggarettes again

  119. Congratulations to everyone who is trying to quit smoking. I have never been a smoker but I have personal experience with the results of smoking. My wife had cancer of the larynx. As a result she lost her voice box and due to radiation treatments she cannot swallow or barely open her mouth. She gets her nourishment through a feeding tube and is in constant pain. All as a result of smoking for 40 years. To all who are trying to quit I wish you all the luck and encouragement in the world.

    1. Wow man sorry for you and your wife 🙁
      Thank you for sharing this, I hope it helps others to make the decision to quit with whatever method. Though I have now quit twice and ecig was a far easier journey than patches and gum. Last time I lasted 7 years. I’m on 3 mths now and will never go back.

  120. i just started using a vapor pen yesterday. I’m using 12 mg nicotine. I started this besides obviously wanting to not smoke anymore, because my coughing has gotten terrible. I’m really curious as to how long it will take to stop the coughing?

    1. Congrats Traci! It can take up to a month for the coughing to stop (sometimes even more). Your lungs are recovering, but it takes time. Just make sure not to pick up regular cigs any more. And drink plenty of fluids (herbal tea is great), increase humidity in the room, this will help to fasten the recovery process!

  121. I’ve smoked from 14-32 years old. I’ve tried to quit so many times in the past that a friend would always joke and say, “quitting again?”

    I’ve been a non-smoker for a year now and just use a atlantis tank and a 30w subohm battery. I went from 12mg nicotine strength to 3mg, which I am on now. I have some 0mg juice saved up to slowly mix with the 3mg. Been on 3mg for 2 months now. So far so good. Looking forward to being nicotine-free. I’ll heed your advice and take this phase slowly. Perhaps I’ll stay on 3mg-1.5mg (by mixing) for awhile longer. Thanks.

  122. Smoked a pack of Winton a day for 35years. I have no intention of quitting. Have never tried.

    Having recently moved to NZ, Winston is not available and cigarettes costs $25 a pack, I have decided to get a starter kit with the 555 and Banana Gone Nuts eJuice.
    555 was ok but its nothing like Winston which I could not get in NZ anyway. Ordered some tobacco flavoured juice, including the GWRY4 which I preferred.

    Now ordering other eJuices with various strength and new devices to try.

    I have no urge to buy an analogue.

    Had my last cigarette on the 15th of March 2015.

  123. I’ve been a smoker for over 30 years. I bought an ecig yesterday. I am hopeful that this will work. Your article is very encouraging. Thank you. 🙂

    1. Hi Stephanie, I just bought a vapur ecig today for the first time and ive had my first cigarette in 1968 but these e-cigs make me hopefull that quitting can be a reality so good luck to you and anyone else that has smoked for more than 25yrs its tuff breaking a habit we’ve had for most of our lives but if one of us suceeds they will inspire us all.

      1. Adrian,

        Thanks for your post. I’ve been a heavy smoker for 26 years and tried to quit so many times with zero luck. I have been unsure if this route will work, but seeing it works for you gives me hope. Thank and wish me luck!!

    2. Hi thank you for your honest account of using e-cigs. I have been using mine for 5 days (tomorrow) and feel really pleased that I have not (yet) had the urge to go and buy a pack of ten cigs like I have done so many times before when attempting to give up smoking. I have smoked cigarettes on and off for 30 years and using the e-cig so far, has been the best alternative compared with patches and nicotine gum (yuk!) I am optimistic that this really is it now and will do as you suggest, wean myself off the higher strength, s l o w l y…

    3. hi Stephanie
      how did it go with the e-cig??
      I am a new ‘starter’ and am finding it an easier alternative to patches, gum etc. so far…
      I hope that you succeeded in quitting!

  124. I would like to note that I am currently 50 yrs. old and I had smoked since I was 13 yrs. old and I had tried patches, gum, and chantex and none worked. I think chantex would have it I could have kept it down. Anyways I have been a none smoker for 2 years and tobacco free for 1 year and 5 mo. thanks to an E-Cig. I am thankful for them! With any product a person has to want to quit and will with the adage different strokes for different folks. What I did was got the lowest mg of e-juice and combine a 0 mg until I was down to just 0 mg. shortly after I didn’t even use e-cig at all. It took 6 mo. but it worked for me! And I am SO thankful!

      1. I’ve been using my vapor off and on for years. I recently made the decision to quit smoking completely. My question is I’ve seen here that people are quitting using a 12 mg vapor. But I have 24 mg and one 18 mg, are these too high?

        1. Hey there! Not necessarily atm. But the idea is to reduce the amount of nicotine over time. If you are comfortable at 24mg now, start using 18mg. If you get used to 18mg, switch (slowly) to 12mg. And so on until you don’t need any nicotine at all 🙂

      2. I’ve found that “over buying” supplies works much better for me.
        I’m new to e cig, smoked 40 years, so far, so good, but habits die hard.
        Getting to the last of my e cig supplies, was, for me, like getting down to the last cig in my pack … Not good, stressful.
        Will I use it all before I am off e cigs? Who knows, but it’s not a waste, I’m quitting such a nasty habit

    1. Congratulations! My husband just got his e-cig in today and tested it. He is scared to death of quitting. This is his second time. The first time lasted 10 years and someone offered him a cigar and he took it and smoked and bamn! he was at it again. He is 60 and smoked since age 14. I will tell him of your success and stay smoke free.

      1. Your husbands story is close to me, I just bought an E cig yesterday. Couldn’t be leave I haven’t craved a smoke today, believe me I have been puffing away I look like a train engine at this thing but I don’t miss a cigarette, believe me I am a die hard smoker, I drive truck and smoke around 2 packs on a good day. So with smoking this and it is making it surprisingly easy so far. Oh and when I bought this E cig I had 6 cigarette left in my pack I tried smoking them with my coffee this morning long story short there in the garage. Pushing on tomorrow is day 2 let’s see what happens.

    2. Hello all! I’m just starting out and appreciate all of your thoughts and encouraging stories. I’m very pleased to hear about all of the success each of you have endured. Keep on keeping on, live life to it’s fullest.

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