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This electronic cigarette is definitely one for the girls. With the introduction of more manly e-cigarettes, such as the Phantom Starter Kit offered by White Cloud, it was only going to be a matter of time before an electronic cigarette was released especially for the ladies out there. It’s beautiful purple and gold website, pretty fonts and delicate looking e-cigarettes, it’s the Barbie world of electronic cigarettes!


We loved the packaging that the Vapor Couture starter kit came in – it’s a long thin box with purple foam inserts, gold and purple in color and very luxurious-looking. This is a rich girls e-cig; a style statement, if you will.

There are a couple of starter kits that you can choose from:

VC Essentials Kit at $55.20 – you’ll get 2 automatic batteries, 5 cartridges, a wall charger, USB charger and a manual. The chargers are a very simple white color with the VC logo on the side, and the batteries come in one of four colors – we will investigate this in a moment, alongside the colored cartridges you can get as well!

VC Deluxe Kit at $84.95 – this was the one that we went for. With this starter kit, we got:

  • 2 x automatic batteries
  • 2 x 5-packs of cartridges
  • 1 x clutch/carry case
  • 1 x Lanyard with a charm
  • 1 x wall charger
  • 1 x USB charger

We would just to point out a few things – firstly, the carry case/clutch is amazing for a woman. We found that there was enough room for the e-cig stuff we needed to carry around, alongside money and cards. The mirror in the clutch certainly helps things along too! It’s luxurious and definitely designed for the women out there. It certainly appealed to the ladies within our team!

Two starter kits doesn’t seem like an awful lot to offer, but you do need to remember that this is a small side-brand offered by V2 Cigs, and is a small range specifically targeted at looks-conscious women.

The prices are very high, especially when you compare it to other brands, and even other e-cig supplies offered by V2 Cigs. You can see from our review of V2 that for under $150, you can get a pretty impressive kit that contains one whole load more than what you would get in the Vapor Couture kits. It seems like an awfully high price to pay for what appears to be a rather basic kit. This doesn’t bode well in such a competitive industry as the electronic cigarette industry.


This is where things start to get a little funky. You have four options to choose from when it comes to the batteries:

  • Deep purple
  • Brushed platinum
  • Rose gold
  • Signature

They are only available in one length so far – 80mm (excluding cartridge). It’s very thin as well – it’s half the size of e-cigarettes such as Green Smoke. It’s a nice looking piece of kit but overall, it’s just awkward to hold. It’s too thin to give you a very realistic version of smoking, and you will find that your lips will struggle to adjust to the thinner e-cig when you have been using something like Green Smoke or V2 Cigs for a while.

A replacement battery will set you back $19.95. You will find that most companies charge about this price, although this is on the higher end of things.

The battery does last a while – around 3/4 hours, maybe a bit more when you don’t chain-puff. This is only a 150mAh battery – it’s one of the smallest ones that you can find in the world of e-cigs. When you compare this to the higher price, it hardly seems worth it.

The good news is that it charges very quickly – this is probably down to its small capacity.

Flavors & Cartridges

Vapor Couture offers you six luscious sounding flavors in your cartridges:

  • Bombshell (Tobacco)
  • Rodeo Drive (Rich, All-American Tobacco)
  • Fresh Mint
  • Passion Fruit
  • Strawberry Champagne
  • Arctic Mint

Four strengths are also available:

  • 0%
  • 0.6%
  • 1.2%
  • 1.8%

A five pack of cartridges will set you back $12.95, which amounts to around $2.60 per cartridge. You will generally find that one cartridge will last for almost the full day if you don’t chain-puff. A 40 pack on the other hand, will set you back $74.95, approximately $1.88 per cartridge, so you do have the potential to save when you buy in bulk.

The flavors weren’t great. We did have high hopes with the fancy packaging and high quality feeling e-cigarette. The mint was a good mint but the passion fruit had more of a faint aftertaste than a proper fruity tang. All in all we found the flavors to be rather boring in nature. For such a high price with such a fancy e-cigarette, we had expected a lot, lot more.


Another “Lifetime Warranty” that doesn’t actually mean life time, Vapor Couture offers the same warranty as V2 Cigs – five replacements. You do need to remember that you need to have made a purchase in the last 90 days before making your claim otherwise it will be classed as void. We hate it when these e-cig companies offer these lifetime warranties that aren’t actually warranty at all, and we are annoyed that V2 Cigs kept the same warranty with their feminine range, especially when you considered the price that you would be paying for them.

Added Extras

Being a ladies e-cigarette brand, you would expect there to be a lot of accessories and you won’t be disappointed – bracelets with charms to hold your e-cig, lanyards and necklaces to do the same, clutch style carry cases with mirrors inside, EU adapters and a pretty impressive array of designs are to name but a few. You do need to ask yourself a question though – are the accessories really worth the money you pay for them? Would you really be that bothered if you didn’t have a cigarette holder in the form of a bracelet or an e-cig that had a brushed silver finish?

The ends don’t “burn” like other e-cigs do – you have V2 Cigs that burns blue and white, SmokeTip that burns orange, Green Smoke that burns orange…. Vapor Couture has gone with a diamond-style crystal finish that glows in a complimentary color to the battery. It looks good, that’s for sure but is it really worth it? Do these things really make a difference to you?

There is no charging case at present but their website does state that they are in the process of creating this to make life easier for you. The one thing that we were massively disappointed by is the fact that none of the Vapor Couture stuff is compatible with the V2 Cigs stuff, and seeing as we already had a lot of the V2 stuff, we didn’t continue with our Vapor Couture journey because of how expensive it would have been to start replacing everything. As much as we loved the fashion-conscious style of things here, the e-cigarette wasn’t good enough for us to turn to it full term. We would probably consider using it for nights out and parties, but not for everyday use.

Sticking with the fashion theme, we just thought that we would drop into the conversation that Vapor Couture is planning on releasing its own clothing line very soon…. (Really?)

The loyalty and rewards scheme is much the same as V2 Cigs – you refer and get $15 vouchers back, plus a discount for them, when a purchase is made under your referral code. At the moment, you can only use the vouchers for money off V2 Cigs stuff, rather than Vapor Couture stuff, and this doesn’t make a lot of sense to us, especially when you consider that the two products are not compatible in any way…

Also, you should remember that Vapor Couture doesn’t sell e-liquid and it is not very clear whether or not refilling with V2 Cigs liquid would void the warranty. Things don’t seem very clear at all here, to be honest.


In conclusion, we were not all that impressed with Vapor Couture. They look good and that goes without saying but the high price tag, limited amount of flavors, and the fact that nothing is compatible with the “Mother” e-cig, V2 Cigs but you can only redeem your points on that website just doesn’t bode well for the new fashion-orientated brand of e-cig.

We would not advise buying this e-cig for long term use, but for a party or a night out, it would probably help to complete the look better than a bigger, bulkier electronic cigarette. It was too expensive, didn’t satisfy our need to smoke all that well (very little throat hit and not enough vapor when exhaled) and all in all, we were rather disappointed.


  • Liz March 22, 2016 at 3:23 pm - Reply

    Both orders I paid for next day delivery and they didn’t have what I ordered in stock and suprise suprise they didn’t offer to refund the extra delivery charge

    Firstly the Vapour Couture is rubbish, no vape no taste and actually burnt my lip (first time in over 2 years of vaping) this was within the first 3 draws – I wouldn’t want them in a lucky bag.

    The next purchase (I should have known better was the Sheesha – this has a very small battery and hardly produces any vape either, I am going back to the cigees majestic now, it is still the best, longest lasting and most vape I have found with no fiddling with liquids either, I did try Greensmoke too originally and these are also much better both service and product than V2 Cigs, I wouldn’t touch them with someone else’s barge pole.

  • Sascha January 22, 2016 at 9:24 pm - Reply

    Be aware of this company!

    I have ordered something out of stock and they need ages to get it back in stock so I decided to go with an alternative.

    The fun part starts now. I have choose Passion Fruit as flavor with Signature White. However, they send me Rodeo in Rose Gold. The made a mistake and as soon as I have pointed out, they changed the saved communication on their database. Now the communication history shows that I have ordered what the wrongly send to me.

    Lucky I got a screenshot to proof this and I can suggest anyone who is ordering from them to make a screenshot of each communication as you do not get a duplicate in your email and the whole communication is saved on their end and can be changed as they like.

    This is not trustworthy and I would not purchase from them at all!

  • Heather July 8, 2015 at 3:49 am - Reply

    So, i’m a long time V2 customer and they send me great gifts now that they totally screwed us on the points earning program. So, today they sent me a free VC battery in rose gold and a charger, one passion fruit 1.2 cart and a pack of Champagne grape carts, but unfortunately those were zero nicotine! But, i popped the cap and filled one with red 2.4 and it tastes awesome. I LOVE the battery color, size and tip. i like how it charges fast and it lasted 3 hours before i needed to recharge. Since I only have the one battery, I wouldn’t buy a case and since they sent me the charger, i can insert the usb into my v2 wall plug so it is pretty convenient. I prob would consider buying like a 20 pack of carts and maybe even another battery for going out. I wear a lot of rose gold and gold, and am a blonde, so i like the color choice a lot. I love the fem look of this product as i am admittedly something of a girly girl! I did not buy them when they came out because of all the drawback in price and lack of compatibility. But now that I have tried it, I do like it. Again, not as an every day, I use my 2 charging cases a lot, and I have about 8 or 10 V2 batteries so i’m too invested to start a new, but awesome for what it is. A note re the reviews that the batteries don’t work…..if this the case, V2 actually is awesome about replacing overhand over and over and over! I’ve been a customer for years and i trade in my batteries all the time. I’ve never been held to the 5 trade rule. Plus, the send the new one overnight shipping with an postage paid return envelope to send back the defective one and you get 30 days to do it (if you don’t they claim they would charge you… and I would guess probably would – for what they fronted) Not a perfect product (V2) but great customer service and if I ever (very rarely) run into a jerk, I just call back, and all is well!

  • Holly November 30, 2014 at 11:23 pm - Reply

    I loved these for the three minutes that they worked. The batteries simply do not last more than a few days and I’ve tried numerous nes (and yes, only used the approved chargers with them.) Too bad, as I loved the Passion Fruit and Strawberry Champagne flavors and have multiple cartridges that I will likely just throw out since they do not fit any other brand of battery. I love V2 and have used them for years.

  • Alyssa November 7, 2014 at 12:17 am - Reply

    One of the worst products I have ever purchased. Barely worked from the first time I charged. Returned one of the batteries and the new one never worked. Got busy with life so the 90 day return period was long over. Wasted a lot of time chatting online trying to resolve the problem but the reps always told me to do the same things (blowing into the end) which never worked. They definitely don’t care about customer service and I am out $75+ and it kills me to just throw it all away but it has NEVER WORKED. LOUSY PRODUCT, LOUSY COMPANY.

  • LEna Smith August 9, 2014 at 5:33 pm - Reply

    Vapor Couture customer service is VERY POOR! I ordered 5 disposables first. I was relatively happy with the Arctic Mint. I ordered a Passport Kit and a 20 cartridges…then the fun began. I had a dead disposable so they sent me a replacement which took a week and a half to arrive. Upon arrival, I took a puff of the replacement and got a MOuthFUl of Burning Arctic Mint liquid in my mouth. Then while both my cartridges and starter kit were ordered on the same day, I received my cartridges within 7 days but it took 17 days for the starter kit to arrive. when i reached our to vapor Couture for a remedy they had the attitude that there was nothing that they could do… they wouldn’t even entertain the idea of extending themselves in any way to fix the situation. Once my kit FINALLY arrived, the portable charging case did not work. I never did receive a replacement disposable for the second bad one either. And despite the defective product I was told that I would have to pay to ship the item back. I am do DONE with this place. Vapor Couture customer service is VERY POOR!

  • Lynn June 3, 2014 at 6:50 pm - Reply

    I tried them and love the nicotine and passion fruit ones. Lots of charging options and Ive had no problem with the batteries. I smoked very light cigs so these provide satisfaction for me. Plus, they are pretty 🙂

  • Kyla Clayton March 27, 2014 at 12:54 am - Reply

    Gotta agree with the above… I actually love the smaller size, they last a long time, the batteries charge SUPER FAST (less than an hour), I like the cartridge flavors, and the girlie colors (although I can definitely do without the silver plastic necklace that you can supposedly wear your cig on or the cheap faux-leather purse-I’d pay 3X more for quality accessories).

    Buuuuttt… the batteries don’t last. I’ve had 6 and only 2 have made it three weeks in- to be frank THESE TWO could be ones that were sent as replacements and are therefore only a week or so old. I stubbled upon this site as I go to order about 10 batteries- knowing that they wont work and will need replacing

    Customer service has been super friendly about replacing and I’m self indulgent enough to deal with over paying and shipping back. Good to see Im not crazy and that these batteries really do just suck!

  • Fox1 November 26, 2013 at 9:27 pm - Reply

    After having a horrible time with Blu e-cigs I decided to try the Vapor Couture line from V2. Strait out of the gate the website wouldn’t work so I called in to VC and ordered through a rep. First he charged my card for $400 which is crazy then he put in the wrong order and since I’m paying for 3 day delivery they said that they couldn’t send me the right order until I receive the wrong order. They refused to correct the problem and now it will be a week before I get this product. A product I paid to be here in 3 days.I sent good money and since they got paid they don’t care about the customer. DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE. I just have to warn you..

    • fox1 November 27, 2013 at 11:34 pm - Reply

      So, I have an update. I called customer service today because I had a question about the shipping. I told her (I will now call her angel cus she is amazing) what happened and about the other rep that treated me poorly. She apologized and corrected the entire issue. I have the correct order shipping now and I just send back the other kit when I get it. I am very very happy with VC and I’m a customer for life. I am so excited about this product. Thank You VC.

  • Jennie November 12, 2013 at 4:20 pm - Reply

    I had the same problems. I returned 5 sets of batteries and the charger just to be safe. Nothing worked so I returned everything and got a refund. However, the 5 packs of cartridges I ordered could not be returned. So, if you have cartridges, (which can not be returned even with the battery problems) the 777 ecig Ladies series fits the VC perfectly. Have had my 777 battery for 3 weeks with no problems. I will be ordering a couple more soon.

  • CHARITY November 8, 2013 at 6:09 pm - Reply

    I love the look i love the flavors but i have returned 8 batteries. and still they blink, they stay on, i used it for pen light.lolvc did send me new ones with extra 15 day return, but all 8 went back. i was not mad or disgruntled and the people were fine but why doesnt mine work.well found out from rep. that purple was giving them a bad time then the platinum. gesh. i got about 3 4 drags and blink blink again.yes i know how to charge them no i wasnt in a hurry to smoke them they just dont stay charged for me. ive tryed them on wall pc car. hmmm. the disposibles are great, but for me the other ones are a pain in the ass. to much back and forth shipping it took weeks.I give up.

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